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Aust Grand Ch Staplechi Wild Justice
(Mrs Robyn Stapleton)

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NSW Adrahil Cosmic Law (.)
NSW Adrahil Geez Shes A Spitfire (Australian Champion) (.)
NSW Adrahil Goldfinger (.)
NSW Adrahil In The Witching Hour (.)
QLD Adrahil Lae Apollo (Michael Thomson)
NSW Adrahil Mr Firefox (Australian Champion) (.)
NSW Amara Intl Ambassador (Imp NZL) (Tracey Wright)
NZ Amara Little Charm of Trouble (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Amara Queen of Hearts (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Amara Rising From The Ashes (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ AmigoReal Ace of Spades (Belinda Stone)
NZ AmigoReal Gianni Versace (Belinda Stone)
NZ AmigoReal Louis Vuitton (NZ Ch) (Mark Stone)
VIC Bendonichi Candy Man Can Do (Glen Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Chilli Cha Cha (Australian Champion) (Ms. G. Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Hedy Lemarr (Australian Champion) (Glen Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Lee Childs (Ms. G. Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Mae West (Glen Donnan)
QLD Bocado Lord Of The Wolves (Jennifer McKell)
VIC Bonito Pride N Joy (Aust Ch.) (Sanrita Chihuahuas)
VIC Bonito Tisknickerson (Aust. Ch.) (Sanrita Chihuahuas)
VIC Bramver's Cadi (Imp Japan) (Sup. Ch) (Mrs Chizuru Kadowaki - Bramver’s Kennel)
QLD Bramver's European Gentle Man (IMP JPN) (Aust Ch) (Ann Parker)
WA Bramver's Little Bear (Imp Jpn) (Aust Ch) (Decerto Chihuahuas)
NZ Bramver's Twilight (Imp-Japan) (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
QLD Braperemi Country Cousin (Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
NSW Braperemi Shotinthdark (Grand Ch) (Peta Reid)
NSW Cairford Better Thdevil Uknow (Ch) (David & Rebecca Byrne)
NSW Cairford Childs Play (Anna & Peter Schultze)
NSW Cairford Devil Isin Thdetails (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Cairford Devils Playground (Australian & Neuter Champion) (E.Scott)
NSW Cairford Stars and Stripes (Australian champion) (Paige howes)
VIC Caliya Flash Of Ash (Miss C Bull)
VIC Caliya Lady Of The Night (Miss C Bull)
VIC Caliya Maybe Its Maybeline (Miss C Bull)
NSW Caliya Summer Addiction (Miss C)
QLD Calysta Send My Love (Ch) (Melissa Sticklen)
WA Cameogems Twinx Comet (Aust CH) (P & E Chandler)
NZ Celtic Rose of Heathcote (Petra Sims)
VIC Chaniekan Jon Claud (Miss C Bull and Mrs M Lloyd)
VIC Chaniekan Lady Baela (Mrs R Semmler)
SA Chaniekan Miss Farie Floss (Mrs s Brown)
SA Chaniekan Show Me Ya Money (Aust. CH.) (Mrs. Irene Nicholls)
NSW Chaniekan Sweet Willow (Mrs V Fulham)
NSW Cheekychi A Star Is Born (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Addicted to Love (AUST Ch) (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Best O Ze Best (INTERNATIONAL CH, Aust CH, Czech CH, R/U BISS, BISS) (Sheree Simkova)
NSW Cheekychi Blonds Have More Fun (Aust Ch) (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Fly The Banna (MULTI BISS Aust Champion) (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Ginger Rogers (Tracey Wright)
NZ Cheekychi Greta Garbo (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NSW Cheekychi Heree Comes Trouble (R/U BISS, Multi BIG, AUST CH) (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Im Impressed (Aust Ch) (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Must B N Angel (Australian Champion) (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Cheekychi N Thats How Its Done (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Pure Blonde (Tracey Wright)
NZ Cheekychi Reign of Terror (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Cheekychi Reign of Terror (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NSW Cheekychi Scarlett O'Hara (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Some Say Love (Tracey Wright)
VIC Cheekychi Sweet Lips (T Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Sweet Talker (Aust Grand Ch) (Tracey Wright)
VIC Cheekychi Sweet Talker (BISS RUBISS Aust Ch) (Tracey Wright)
NSW Cheekychi Talk About Trouble (Tracey Wright)
NZ Cheekychi The Show Must Go On (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Cheekychi Waltzing Matilda (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NSW Cheekychi Watch Me Dazzle (Aust CH) (Tracey Wright)
NZ Cheekychi Whos A Naughty Girl (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Cheekychi Whos A Naughty Girl (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
QLD Chicoletti Caramel Toff (J Mannell)
VIC Chidolls Glitzy Glam ((MULTI) BISS, RUBIS Australian Champion) (Leonie Bohm)
VIC Chitoy Cavalleria Xanadu (Nicky Kisler)
VIC Chitoy Iolanthe Xanadu (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
VIC Chitoy Orpheus Xanadu (s - CHITOY)
VIC Chitoy Viva Le Romeo (Gary, Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
QLD Countrychi Hocus Pocus (Jessica Myers)
NSW Dazzle King of the rodeo ( IMP USA) (AM CHAMPION) (Paige howes)
QLD Dazzles Some Buddy Special ( Import USA) (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
NSW Dazzles Texas Tribute (imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Miss V Morse)
VIC Dearchi Beau Washington (Multi BISS/Multi RUBISS/AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Mrs K.M. Dearness)
VIC Dearchi Brodie Washington (K.M.Dearness)
VIC Dearchi Dash Of Class (Ch   ) (Mrs Allison Rhodes)
VIC Dearchi Dimity Dancer (Aust Ch) (Mrs K.M Dearness)
NSW Dearchi Fairyfloss at Seymour (ch) (P & J Coyte)
VIC Dearchi Ghostly Moonlite (Aust Ch) (K.M.Dearness)
VIC Dearchi motown Melody (BISS/R/U BISS AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (K.M. Dearness)
VIC Dearchi Scoota Washington (K.M. Dearness)
VIC Dearchi Son O Cherakee (Australian Champion) (Mrs Kathy Dearness (Dearchi))
VIC Dearchi Sugarcandy at Seymour (Australian Champion) (Goh Mui Hwa(Singapore))
VIC Dearchi Viva Xanadu (Aust. Ch.) (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
VIC Dearchi Winx Washington (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Mrs K M Dearness)
WA Decerto Bella Donna (Decerto Chihuahuas)
WA Decerto Wicked Willow (Decerto Chihuahuas)
WA Dedrick Princess Charm (Hayley Cusato)
QLD Diamonchi Rokabili Rebl (R James)
QLD Diamonchi Russian Kosak (Aust Ch) (R James)
VIC Donecca Fire Cracker (Grand Champion) (Beth Crabb)
VIC Donecca Moonboots (Aust Grand Champion) (Mrs. Sue Vella)
VIC Donecca Quest for Fame (champion) (Mrs. S. Vella)
SA Dreistleigh Chocolate Chip (Ozstar Kennels)
QLD Eevyon Akamaru (R James)
QLD Eevyon Carnelian Umbra (R James)
QLD Eevyon Lucarios Gambit (R. James)
NSW Efectivo Fifty Shades Darker (Jane Flowers)
WA El Toro Chips Off Old Block (AUST CH/NZ CH) (P & E Chandler)
NSW El-Toro Chips Of Marble (IMP NZ) (CH) (PW and JP Coyte)
NSW El-Toro Ebony N Gold (IMP NZL) (Jane Flowers)
WA El-toro Elisabetta (imp Nz) (AUST CH) (Mr D Cappello)
NZ El-Toro George Alexander (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NSW El-Toro Hobos Sweet Melody (IMP NZL) (Jane Flowers)
NSW El-Toro Hot to Trot of Teddee (Imp NZ) (BISS Australian Champion) (Cara Hawkins)
VIC El-Toro Kiwis Billy The Kid (Imp NZ) (Australian Champion) (Glen Donnan)
NZ Eldivino Hocus Pocus (NZ CH, RBISS) (Susan Galbraith)
NZ Eldivino Misty Karma At Kitaco (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Eldivino Rio Grande (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Eldivino Rogue Trader At Kitaco (NZ CH) (Amba Waghorn)
NZ Eldivino Señor Mexico (NZ CH) (Jenny Ryan)
NZ Eldivino Señorita Nikita (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NSW Ellielane Jacinta N Wonderland (T Morgan)
NSW Elluje Mafia Kingpin (Julie and Erin Henville)
NSW Epi Crazy About Tiffany's (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Epi Easy Breezy Beautiful (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Epi Must B N Idol (Australian Champion) (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Epi Tiffany N Co (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Espero Merci Beaucoup (Aust Ch) (V Morse)
NSW Espero Onceinalifetime (Aust Ch) (V Morse)
NSW Espero u know u love me (Australian Champion) (Paige howes)
NSW Espero wouldn't it be nice (Aust ch) (Paige howes)
QLD Fayrelyn Moselle (F. Snell)
QLD Fayrelyn Quilpie (F. Snell)
VIC Forangee In. Dreams (Ms.A.Parkin)
SA Fureverchi Numero Uno Tengo (Ch.) (Angela Mindis)
NZ Golly Miss Molly of Tarere (Ms C E Walters)
NSW Grandimage go your own way (Paige howes)
NSW Grandimage little bitty (Paige Howes)
NSW Grandimage Long Cold Winter (.)
NSW Grandimage Should Be A Cowboy (Aust Ch) (Mrs P Howes and Mrs C Dobson)
NSW Grandimage Summers Little Angel (Australian Champion) (Paige howes)
WA Grandimage The One That I Want (Mrs V McKelvie)
VIC Grandimage Windsor (Miss C Bull)
NZ Harriet Taylor of Kapowai (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
QLD Helmiaisen Mambo King (Imp Fin) (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Mannell & Mrs F Snell)
NSW Helmiaisen Mambo King (IMP FINLAND) (AUST CH) (Tracey Wright)
QLD Helmiaisen Mambo King (IMP Finland) (Australian Champion) (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
QLD Incasunrise Indigo (Ann Parker)
NSW Invalhalla Angel Of Death (A & P Schultze)
QLD Jaja Bare Confessions (Janelle Mannell)
QLD Jaja Calamity Jane (Aust Ch) (W E & J M Mannell)
QLD Jaja Istas Warrior (Janelle Mannell)
VIC Jaja Kid Curry (Karine Barry)

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