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Australian Champion Cactus Snow Catch-Awave (imp Swed)
(Westobri Kennels - Jill & Liam O'Brien)

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SA Aerofee Always in my Heart (Aerofee Kennels)
SA Aerofee Dodge Polara (Aerofee Kennels)
QLD Aerofee Please Ring If Need To (Aust Ch) (Aerofee Kennels)
NSW Alderforest Down Under (Imp. Neth) (CH) (Carol Lee Dawson)
TAS Appintiki Baileys On Ice (Aust Grand Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
NSW Appintiki Gypsy Rose Lea (Aust Ch) (B & M Lennon)
NSW Appintiki Wot A Larrikin (Neuter Champion) (B & M Lennon)
NZ Baswei Damask Rose (Sally McGill and Helen Dupe)
SA Baswei U B The Pirate At Bayparque (Imp NZ) (BISS Aust & NZ Champion) (Kerryn O'Brien & Jill Brooker)
NZ Baswei U Been Here Before (NZ CH) (Helen Dupe)
SA Bayparque Filius Flintwick (Imp NZ) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Kerryn O'Brien & Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Filius Flitwick (NZ & Aust Ch) (Jill Brooker & Kerryn O'Brien)
NSW Benbowin Lieutenant Clumbo (Supreme Champion) (Kerry Cannon)
VIC Bernedale Power of Magic T.D (Aust Supreme Ch) (Faraldazar Kennels)
TAS Boroniahil Babushka (Aust Grand Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
TAS Boroniahil Balthazar (Supreme Champion) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
NSW Boroniahil Befana (Aus. Grand Ch.) (S & S Strang)
TAS Boroniahil Epiphany (Aust Grand Ch & Neuter Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
TAS Boroniahil Fools Rush In (Aust Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
QLD Boroniahil Gaspar (Aust Ch) (Lyn Durrington & Susan Teniswood)
TAS Boroniahil She Aint No Fool (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
QLD Boroniahil Snow Maiden (Aust Ch) (Tony Green)
SA Cactus Snow Catch-Awave (imp Swed) (Australian Champion) (Westobri Kennels - Jill & Liam O'Brien)
SA Clmbasu Justa Star (Aust Champion) (Aerofee Clumbers)
SA Clmbasu Patch Adams (Westobri Kennels)
SA Clmbasu Rocky Balboa (Aust Ch) (Aerofee Clumbers)
NSW Clussexx Kangaroo Jack (Imp Italy) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Phoebe McIntyre & Tracey Garvey)
TAS Dewgold Snow Storm (Aust Ch) (B W & S A Courtney)
SA Diabf Barmans Supreme (Imp SWE) (Aust Champion) (Mrs J O'Brien & Miss J Irving)
VIC Erinveine Evermore (AuCh) (Dr H & Miss J Irving)
TAS Erinveine Expert Witness (Aust Grand Champion) (Dunfriar Kennels)
NZ Erinveine Extradition (imp Aust) (NZCH) (Helen Dupe)
VIC Erinveine In Running Shoes (AuCH) (Dr H & Miss J Irving)
NZ Erinveine Jacinth Rose(Imp Aust) (Aust & NZ CH) (Helen Dupe)
VIC Erinveine Jester (AustCH) (Dr H & Miss J Irving)
TAS Erinveine Oak (Aust Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
VIC Erinveine Veni Vidi Vici (AustCH) (Dr H & Miss J Irving)
TAS Erinveine Vide et Crede (Aust Grand Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
TAS Erinveine Zala (Aust Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
SA Erinveine Zou (Multi BISS/RUBISS/ Multi BIG & RUBIG/Aust Grand Champion) (Westobri Kennels - Jill & Liam O'Brien)
NZ Farris Von Brant Siola Fantazie (Imp Czech) (NZ Ch) (Jill Brooker)
SA Goldntropics Da Buck Stops Ere (Kerryn O'Brien)
VIC Gunwise Golly Galoshes (CH.) (Dr H & Miss J Irving)
TAS Kangala Yamada (Ch) (B W & S A Courtney)
QLD KeltonHill Bear Essentials (AI) (CH) (B & M Lennon & M Durrington)
NSW KeltonHill Bear Lea There (AI) (Aust Ch) (B & M Lennon)
NSW KeltonHill Bear Necessities (AI) (Aust Ch) (B & M Lennon)
VIC Myikyi After The Thaw (AI) (Aust Ch) (Faraldazar Kennels)
NSW Painswick Ivy League (Gr Ch) (P & P McIntyre and T & J Garvey)
NSW Showfield Snow Angel (ai) (Aus Ch) (S & S Strang)
NSW Showfield Snow White (AI) (Aust Ch) (S & S Strang)
SA Sugar Loaf Comtes de Champagne (imp Swe) (Australian Champion) (D & F Bartels)
VIC Sugar Loaf Hertig Knut (impSwe) (SV 06 09 NordV06 NordUCh US Ch) (Dr H & Miss J Irving)
TAS Taniwha Arahura (B & S Courtney & A Blake)
VIC Taniwha Pounamu Kahurangi (NZ Ch & Ch) (J Patchett & C Ryan)
VIC Taniwha Robin Hood (AI) RN TD (Imp NZ) (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs C J Ryan)
VIC Taniwha Taramakau (Janet Aldous)
VIC Taniwha Te Wahipounamu (J Patchett & C Ryan)
NZ Thaxmead Harvey Wallbanger (NZ Ch) (Rob and Rosemary Weaver)
SA Thaxmead Modesty Blaise (IMP NZ) (Australian Champion) (Terri Breen)
SA Thaxmead Passion Pop (imp NZ) (BISS Australian Champion) (Terri Breen)
NSW Thaxmead Savoy Affair (imp NZ) (Multi Best in Show, BISS, Multi Best in Group, SUPREME CHAMPION) (D & F Bartels)
SA Westobri Acid Queen (Australian Champion) (Westobri Kennels - Jill & Liam O'Brien)
SA Westobri Lizou Milo (Aust Champion) (Aerofee Clumbers)
SA Westobri Paxton (AI) (Westobri Kennels)
SA Westobri Pure Envy (Australian Champion) (Westobri Kennels)
SA Westobri Sienna (Julie Smith)
SA Westobri The Who (BISS Australian Champion) (Aerofee Clumbers)
NSW Westobri Waltzing Matilda (AI) (CH.) (C L Dawson)

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