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Kirrbuff Blak Jak
(Audrey Vandersteen)

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QLD Octaviae The Sweetest Gift (Aust Ch) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Octaviae Ticket To Naples (Aust Ch) (E. P. Tzipori (Anyang Pugs))
WA Openova Absolute Star (Ch) (L.Taskaeva)
WA Openova Ballroom Blitz (Luba Taskaeva)
NZ Paradiz Ronado Rocky Balboa (New Zealand) (Tanya Dowd)
SA Parkhurst Gold Class (Aust Ch) (Miss K Shilton)
SA Parkhurst Touch Of Class (Aust Ch) (Mrs K Tilley)
NSW Pekeapug's Iwannahug Apuginoz (BISS Aust Ch, Can Gr Ch) (Felicity Prideaux)
NSW Pickapug At The Pinacle (BIS & RBIS Ch) (Sorenson & Williams)
QLD Pickapug Dark Warrior (CH) (Mrs T Ohl & Mrs B Sorensen)
NSW Pickapug Key to My Heart (B Beves & N Estatheo)
VIC Pitch Black Face Pugs Jack Sparrow ( IMP SWE ) (BIS Nord JV -15.CY.CH.EE.JR CH.FIN UCH.HR.CH.SE UCH. C.I.B.AUST CH.) (Mrs K and Mr K Cash)
VIC Prettipaws Jeorge ofthe Jungle (AI) (Janene Poynton)
VIC Prettipaws Warrior Princess (Janene Poynton)
TAS Puehio Princess Evie of Mordor (Beverley Benbow)
VIC Quishu Snap Krackl N Pop (Aust. Ch) (Quishu Kennels)
NSW Quom Roses Of Gold (Kathy Minns)
QLD Randuluca Miz Chief Maker (T Gomez-Walker, L Perrett & M T Lloyd)
VIC Rosnasharn Despicable Me (S Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Lucy Wilde (Sharon Buchanan)
TAS Rosnasharn Mind Ya own Beeswax (Y M Metzger)
VIC Rosnasharn My Boy Lollipop (Aust Ch) (Sharon Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Sunny Cowgirl (S Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Yippy Kiaye (Sharon Buchanan)
WA Rubixstar Up In Lights (Aust Ch) (Ms Jane King)
TAS Saxten Gold Sovereign (Supreme Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Marbrella (BiS Supreme Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Silver Bullet (Aust Ch) (R Costen)
TAS Saxten Stryking Silver (Aust Ch) (Sharon Frankcombe)
NSW Sebandee Desparado In Black (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Jabba The Hutt (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Kakadu Dream Tyme (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Kosciuszko Rider (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
VIC Sebandee Kur Ring Gai Chase (Janelle Willoughby)
NSW Sebandee Quintessential Black (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sharlea Atlantic Jewel (AUST CH) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Sharlea Black Caviar (AUST CH.) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Sharlea Emancipation (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Sharlea Kingston Town (BIS AUST CH.) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Sharlea Leilani (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Sharlea Winx. JD. (Sharon Jeffries)
TAS Spurcius Diamond Ring (Sharon Frankcombe)
VIC Strandsmedjans Charlize IMP SWE (CY JR.CH) (Karl & Kristy Cash)
VIC Strandsmedjans Edison IMP SWE (Karl & Kristy Cash)
VIC Suart Country Man (Aust Sup Ch) (Sue Phillips)
VIC Suart Country Prince Winston (CH) (Sue Phillips)
VIC Suart Princess Eleanor (CH) (Mrs Sue Phillips)
NSW Sweetess Danger Black Ice (BEST IN SHOW ~ Australian Champion) (K De Freitas)
NSW Sweetess Guess I Still Love U (MULTI BEST IN SHOW SPECIALTY ~ BEST IN SHOW ALL BREEDS ~ Australian Champion) (K De Freitas)
WA Taliekin Dust Devil (Kristy Padberg)
NSW Taliekin Pirates Apprentice (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
SA Tanyette May I Call U Jiggly (Aust CH) (T & A Beavis)
WA Toorork Betty Sue (Grand. Ch.) (Deborah & Darryl Barker)
WA Toorork Billys Boy (Neuter Ch.) (Ms H Ansell)
WA Toorork Black Rosie (AUST. NEUT. GRAND CH .) (T Quinn)
WA Toorork Chipper Gipper (Deborah & Darryl Barker)
VIC Toorork Do Good Donna (Aust.Neuter Ch.) (Tamara Robert & Deborah & Darryl Barker)
WA Toorork Friends With Becky (Ch.) (Deborah & Darryl Barker)
VIC Toorork No Joking (Aust CH) (Deborah & Darryl Barker / Tamara Robert)
WA Toorork Pablo Evans (Ch.& Neuter Ch.) (Shane Bannister .Deborah & Darryl Barker)
WA Toorork Sky Is The Limit (Ch.) (Deborah & Darryl Barker)
WA Toorork Teddie Ansell (Neuter Ch.) (Ms H Ansell)
WA Toorork Win For Tara (Deborah & Darryl Barker)
QLD Tranabby Ebony n Ivory (J & S Stephens)
QLD Tranabby Golden Home Run (Sup CH) (J & S Stephens)
QLD Tranabby Porty Pipper (Mrs T Ohl)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Ishka (Aust Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Martini (Aust Ch) (Esther Joseph & Denise MacCallum)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Neeki (Triseter Kennels)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Ninja (D MacCallum & E Joseph)
VIC Troycole Bringin The Heat (Aust CH) (Mr K & Mrs K Cash)
NSW Troycole Hot in Herre (B Beves & N Estatheo)
NSW Troycole The Last Samurai (BISS Aust Ch) (L.Johnson & J Dunn)
VIC Wochnova Devils Attitude (Samantha Wheller)
NSW Wuhana Jelousy ISA Curse (Amanda Stapleton)
NSW Wuhana Miracle Charm (Amanda Stapleton)
NSW Yarrowfell Chunky Cheese (Sharon Jeffries)
ACT Yarrowfell Deck the Halls (C.I.B & Grand Ch) (Yarrowfell Kennels)
NSW Yarrowfell Diva Las Vegas (BISS Ch / N.Gr Ch) (Yarrowfell Knls)
TAS Yarrowfell Hocus Pocus (Beverley Benbow)
VIC Yarrowfell Movingtothe Max (J Poynton)
ACT Yarrowfell Trick or Treat (Yarrowfell Kennels)
ACT Yarrowfell Wicked in Silk AFCh CCD RA CGC (Grand Ch and Dual Champion (FD)) (Lt Col, Mrs, Mr T, Miss P Hurst)
ACT Yarrowfell Wild at Heart (Yarrowfell Pugs)

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