Grand Champion & Neuter Ch R Ch Silversuisse Dragons Serenity (AI) CCD RAE RM TK.N ET CAA WPD HTM.A HTM.I WWPD FSS

Kora lives with and is loved by Mara Herba (Mikulov Siberian Huskies) where she has enchanted all through her gentle nature, intelligence and desire to interact.

Kora and her litter brother, Tui are both Champions, both multi Class in Group winners and both dogs have performance titles - an even better test of a dog's mental attitude and stable, outgoing temperament.

The award of CC on 9 December 2016, aged 7 months and 21 days, meant that she became the youngest White Swiss Shepherd in Australia to gain her Championship title, up to that time.

14 May - Rally O Novice title gained with 2 x 1st Places to follow up the Passes earned on the day she turned 10 months old

Puppy of Breed - Sydney Royal Easter Show - April 2017

28 May - Kora earned her Junior Courser title with a Qualifying Certificate at the Dogs ACT meet at Yass. A breed FIRST in Australia

Rally O Advanced - 1st Place at her first 2 trials on 25 Nov 2017 & 20 Jan 2018 - (Newcastle ABTC), followed by a 2nd Place for her RA title in April. Rally O Excellent title - gained in September 2018 with a win and 2 x Places.
Endurance Test - titled on 29 July 2018
Working Pack Dog title - earned with 4 legs, each of 16 kilometres, hiking with us - 5 August 2018

Heelwork To Music - Starters - titled working to "How Do You Do It" with 2 x 1st Place and 1 x 2nd Place in competitions in Canberra and Sydney

CACIB & Best of Breed - Dogs NSW Spring Fair - 31 August 2018 - Judge: Mr K Chuah (Malaysia)
Heelwork To Music - Novice - titled working to "Come And Get It" with 2 x 1st Places in Feb 2019

RAE title - gained in March 2019 - with 10 x 1st Places over 5 trials - a FIRST for the breed in Australia

2019 - Runner Up to Best of Breed - Canberra & Sydney Royal Shows
9 June - Kora earned her Coursing Ability title with her 10th Qualifying Certificate at the NSW Lure Coursing Ass'n meet at Orchard Hills. A breed FIRST in Australia

28 September - Kora earned her 7th Pass for her Rally O Masters title, all with scores of 90+ / 100. She became the FIRST female WSSD in Australia with a RM title.
19 October - Kora became the FIRST WSSD in Australia to earn a Freestyle Dancing With Dogs title (FS) - earned with 2 x 2nd Places to "It's Ponytime". This was followed with her Freestyle - Novice title on 21 February 2021, danced to "Let It Snow".

18 January 2020 - 2 titles within 4 hours - each a breed FIRST - Trick Dog Starters in the afternoon, followed by a 1st Place for her Heelwork To Music - Intermediate title

January 2022 - Kora earns the final few of 1 000 CC Points needed for her GRAND CHAMPION title. Soon followed by her Neuter CH title (with Best Neuter in Show - 7 May)

2023 saw these title reached:
February - the FIRST and ONLY White Swiss in Australia to earn her HTM - Advanced title to "Hold Me Close" - the pinnacle in achievement and one which no other will reach (unless I get really motivated with my other dog)
March - her Working Weight Pull Dog title has come through - a breed FIRST in Australia
5 March - her 5th Pass for her Trick Dog Novice title - another breed FIRST
2 April - Her last Pass needed for her CAA (Coursing Ability Advanced) Lure Coursing title - a breed FIRST in Australia
September - The last Pass for her Rally Champion title - the FIRST female White Swiss to earn this

We look forward to Kora continuing to shine in the show ring and in a range of dog sports. Enjoyment all round!

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Pedigree for Grand Champion & Neuter Ch R Ch Silversuisse Dragons Serenity (AI) CCD RAE RM TK.N ET CAA WPD HTM.A HTM.I WWPD FSS
Sire : Dragon la Blankpapilio (CZE) S: Banshee Boy Vom Hause Zenz (CZE) S: SK Gr Ch/CZE Ch African-Jambo From Old Vienna (CZE)
D: Melory Of White Condor (CZE)
D: CZE Ch Apolena U Panaka (CZE) S: Falco Z Vrchanova (CZE)
D: Healthy Od Liskutinky (CZE)
Dam : Ch Eiramor Jasmyne Snowflake S: Snoweyriver Rain Spirit (Imp Zaf) S: Sth Af Ch Snoweyriver Luck Dragon (Zaf)
D: Sth Af Ch Snoweyriver Magnolia Star (Zaf)
D: Ch Edelvalley Crystal Clover S: Perseus Abko-Parchovany (Imp SVK)
D: Royal Lily Akbo-Parchovany (Imp SVK)

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