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Diomede Mclaren
(Ron and Delia Wells)

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QLD Aawoo Rock On Ruby (Karen Knight)
QLD Aawoo Sno Princess (Karen Knight)
QLD Aawoo Somthin Wikid Comn Yrway (Karen Knight)
QLD Aawoo Weapon Of Mass Cduction (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Karen Knight)
NSW Adair'N'Hug Technically Advanced (imp USA) (Am Aust Ch) (Michelle White)
VIC Alaskamal Brewin Upa Storm (Alaskamal Kennels)
VIC Alaskamal Daytona Knight (Tiffany Evans)
VIC Alaskamal Gypsy Rose Lee (Sharon Easton)
QLD Annakpok Armani (Aust Ch) (Narelle Adams & Lucy Smith)
QLD Annakpok Footprints In The Snow (Narelle Adams)
VIC Annakpok Jive Bunny (AI) (Aust Ch) (Icepure Kennels)
QLD Annakpok Memoirs Of A Geisha (AI) (Aust Neut Ch) (Narelle Adams)
QLD Annakpok Once In A Blue Moon (Aust Neut Ch) (Narelle Adams)
QLD Annakpok Rumour Has It (CH Neut CH) (Narelle Adams & Lucy Smith)
QLD Annakpok Sailor’s Delight (Narelle Adams)
QLD Annakpok Stardust In Heaven (Aust Ch) (Narelle Adams)
QLD Annakpok The Devil’s Kiss (AI) (MBIS MRUBIS SUPREME CH) (Narelle Adams)
SA Annakpok The Noble Goddess (Narelle Adams)
QLD Annakpok Third Times A Charm (Aust Ch) (Narelle Adams)
QLD Annakpok ThMemoryBurnsBright (Narelle Adams)
SA Annakpok Turning Tables (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Narelle Adams/Sarah Dean)
QLD Annakpok Versace (Narelle Adams)
QLD Annakpok What's In A Name (CH) (Narelle Adams)
NSW Asleda Aced It (BIG Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda All That Fame N More (AM & R Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Bigbadwilli (BIG /RUBIG Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Chasing U (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda DoinitSolo (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Dont You Wish (Aust Ch) (R. Hodgson/AM Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Fames Bounty Hunter (AM & R Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Fames Wild Thunder (AM & R Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Feel The Steel (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Femme Fatale (Multi RUBISS/BIG/RUIG Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Ice Cool Fyre (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie & David Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Jaimakinmewet (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Krank It Up (A. Whitley/M. Whitworth/AM Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Let Me Entertain U (Ch) (A M Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Quest For Fame (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Read All About It (A M Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Stone Cold (BIG Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie & David Hodgson)
NSW Asleda Tuff As Steel (BIG Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
NSW Atupaka Ono All Spark (S. Presland & Southrnwolf kennels)
QLD Atupaka Varu Cuddle Pot (CH) (Karen Hilan & Rodney Surawski)
QLD Atupaka Varu Dream Girl (Ch & Multi NBIS Neut Ch) (Fionna Paton)
SA Bordalaska Emerald Wizrd (RuBIS RuBISS Aust Gr Ch) (Bordalaska Knls)
SA Bordalaska Faith Trst Npixidst (Aust Ch) (Bordalaska)
SA Bordalaska For my Next Trick (Aust Ch) (Bordalaska Knls)
SA Bordalaska Givn Up Isfr Rookies (Bordalaska)
SA Bordalaska Love Thy Neighbour (Aust Ch) (Bordalaska Knls (C & J Heard))
SA Bordalaska Mor Thanmeets the I (Aust Gr) (Bordalaska Knls (C & J Heard))
SA Bordalaska Party like aRussian (Bordalaska Knls (J & C Heard))
SA Bordalaska Shut Up N Kiss Me (Aust Ch) (Bordalaska Knls (C & J Heard))
SA Bordalaska Straight up No Ice (Aust Ch) (Bordalaska Knls)
VIC Chimawolv Not Negotiable (Aust Champion) (Mark Frigo/Michelle Watson/Tonya Syme)
VIC Chimo Alluka Troy (Sharon Easton, Victor Young)
VIC Chimo Beyond Everest (Tonya Syme Evette Burrows)
VIC Chimo Coalition Force (BIS & RUBIS Ch) (Tonya. Syme)
VIC Chimo Credit Wr Credit Is Due (MULTI BIS & MULTI RUBIS & RUBISS Supreme Ch) (Tonya Syme)
VIC Chimo Diamonds And Pearls (Aust Champion) (Ms Tonya Syme & Mark Frigo)
VIC Chimo Its About Time (Champ) (Tonya Syme)
VIC Chimo Perception Truth (Tonya Syme , Bree & Hayden McDonald)
SA Chimo Power & Glory (BIS Aust Champ) (Michael & Nicky Nyp)
VIC Chimo Power Of One (Grand Ch Multi BIS & Multi RUBIS) (Tonya Syme & Michelle Watson)
VIC Chimo Power Of One (GRAND CHAMP) (Tonya Syme & Michelle Watson)
VIC Chimo Reflection of Louie (RUBIS Australian Champ) (Tonya Syme)
VIC Chimo Roll Of The Dice (AI) (SUPREME CH MULTI BIS & MULTI RUBIS) (Tonya Syme & Michelle Watson)
VIC Chimo Rumar Has It (AUST CH) (Tonya Syme)
VIC Chimo Seize The Day (Evette Burrows & Tonya Syme)
VIC Chimo She Has Style N Grace (CH) (Tonya Syme)
QLD Chimo Whatever Will Be Will Be (Supreme Ch) (Ms Syme, Miss Goodwin, Mr Frigo & Ms Levett)
SA D'alkontres Raffaello (IMP ITA) (Z Fisher-Kappler & R Butler)
QLD Darksky Bounty Spirit WWPD ROA (BIS/ RUBIS/ RUBISS Grand Ch) (Fionna Paton)
QLD Darksky Hot Summer Night (Aust Ch) (Ms T Goodwin)
QLD Darksky Livin The Dream (Supreme Champion) (Karen Hilan / Rodney Surawski)
QLD Darksky Major Quake (Ch) (Fionna Paton)
QLD Darksky Real Wild Moves (BIS/RUBIS Sup Ch & Neut Ch) (Fionna Paton & Rodney Surawski)
NSW Darksky Regis Lovechild (S & T Presland & R surawski)
NSW Darksky Southern Star (MRUBISS AUST CH) (S Presland, T Parker & R Surawski)
WA Diomede Denali Dreaming (R.A & D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Drambui (R.A.& D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Footprints In The Snow (Australian Champion) (R.A & D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Kitani (R.A. & D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Legend Oziggystardust (A.I) (Australian Champion) (R.A. & D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Mclaren (Ron and Delia Wells)
WA Diomede Midori (Australian Champion) (R.A.& D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Poetry in Motion (Australian Gr Champion) (R.A.& D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Quest For Glory (R.A.& D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Talisman (Aust.CH) (Ron and Delia Wells)
WA Diomede Trail Blazer (R.A.& D.J.Wells)
WA Diomede Youll Bedazzled (R.A & D.J.Wells)
QLD Dior Star Terrano (IMP BLR) (Ch) (Narelle Adams)
NSW Firestorm's Master Chief (IMP USA) (RUBISS AUST.CH.AM.CH) (S.presland & T.Parker)
QLD Fluffy Hugs Mira for Elite Wolf (IMP RUS) (Ch) (Narelle Adams)
VIC Hamalek Cruze Control (ai) (MULTI BISS, BIS, RUBIS CIB & Aus Ch) (H. & R French-Davis & S Turner)
WA Hamalek I Am What I Am (Jordan Leybourne)
VIC Hamalek In Good Company With Kataku (Aust CH) (Mr M & Mrs S Turner/ Ms S Glasheen/ Ms H French-Davis)
SA Hamalek Maid O Gold (RUBIS AUST CH) (Hayley Davis & Rebekah French)
SA Hamalek Rumble In The Jungle (Multi BISS, Multi BIS Supreme Ch) (H & R French-Davis & S Turner)
SA Hamalek Sweet As Sugar (RUBIS Aus CH) (S. Morris, S. Hughes and Hamalek Kennels)
SA Hamalek Sweetest Thing (Aust CH) (H Davis & R French)
SA Hamalek Walking To My Own Beat (H & R French-Davis)
QLD Icepaws D Rumor Of Love (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Neuter Champion) (Linda Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Great Northern Sunset (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (L Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Kevins Cyclonic RedRay (Aust Champ) (L Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Mal Rockn In Style (Ms Linda Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Noble Heart (Australian Champion) (L Boulton)
QLD Icepaws OMG Im So In Love (Australian Champion) (L Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Red Diamond (Ms Linda Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Rockin Dahous With Reba (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (K. Knight)
QLD Icepaws Rockn Dahous With Reba (Australian Champion) (Karen Knight & Linda Boulton)
QLD Icepaws The Truth About Love (Aust Ch) (Karen Hilan)
QLD Icepaws Ultimate Fairy Tails (Aust Ch) (L Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Utopia Enternal Love (Aust Ch) (L Boulton)
QLD Icepaws Yewl Be My Baby (L Boulton)
VIC Icepure Midnite Oil (AI) (Aus Ch) (Icepure Kennels)
VIC Icepure Above The Clouds (Beth McCombe)
NSW Icepure Enchanted Man (Aus Ch) (Icepure Kennels)
VIC Icepure Springs Winta Glory (B McCombe)
VIC Icepure Steel Morganite (B.McCombe)
VIC Icepure Steel Topaz (B.McCombe)
VIC Icepure Wild Buffalow Bill (Beth McCombe)
QLD Iceriva A Perfect Storm (Jessica Weldon)
NSW Iceriva Dream A Lil Dream with Longstrider (Aust Ch) (Donna & Laurie Kerr and Jess Weldon)
QLD Iceriva Still Waters Run Deep (Jess Weldon)
NSW Icespirit Cks Iceman ET WTD WTDX WPD (CH) (N Church)
NSW Icespirit Doing Whateva I Want (Ch) (M Church)
NSW Icespirit Grand Illusion ET WTD WPD WPDX (CH) (N Church)
NSW Icespirit Intrepidus Bellator (Ch) (N Church)
NSW Icespirit Intrepidus Praelia (CH) (N Church)
NSW Icespirit Silent Assasin ET WTD WTDX WPD WLD (CH) (N Church)
NSW Icespirit Strengthnhonor ET WTD WPD (CH) (N Church)
NSW Icespirit Sweet But A Psycho (N & M Church)
SA Iglignaq Elwood Blues (Ch) (Tara Jones)
NSW Iglignaq Magenta (CH) (N & M Church)
SA Iglignaq Mahogany Magic (Ch) (T Jones & K Todd)
SA Iglignaq Souffle Girl (Ch/Neut Grand Ch) (Tara Jones)
SA Iglignaq Stargate S G One (Ch) (T Jones & K Todd)
WA Iglignaq The Girl Who Waited (N Rhodes)
WA Ilaaluq Tukim Anana (Mrs L Barnett & Mr D & Mrs M Battersby)
WA Ilaaluq Tukim Illari (Mrs L Barnett & Mr D & Mrs M Battersby)
WA Ilaaluq Tukim Kita (Mrs L Barnett & Mr D & Mrs M Battersby)
QLD Ironpride's Devil Wears Prada (Imp CAN) (Ch    ) (Narelle Adams)
VIC Kadzait Captain America (A Oliver/S Hay)
VIC Kadzait Here Comes The Sun (A Oliver & S Hay)
VIC Kadzait King Of The Court (Aust Ch) (A Oliver / S Hay)
VIC Kadzait Life Was A Willow (A Oliver & S Hay)
VIC Kadzait M I Six (Aust Ch) (A Oliver/S Hay)
VIC Kadzait Wild Honey (A Oliver/S Hay)
VIC Kadzait Winds Of Change (ai) (S.Hay & A. Oliver)

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