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Aust Ch Yarrowfell Fyrebird CD ET RN CGC
(Lt Col, Mrs, Mr T, Miss P Hurst)

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NSW Adalia Dream Girl Of India RN (Sandra Schrumpf)
NSW Adalia Weekend At Chads CD RE TD ET (RUBIS Aust & Neut Ch) (Sandra Schrumpf)
SA Beachspots Renaissance RN TD TSD (Ch) (Sharon Gahan)
VIC CCDals CalvinKlein Iconic Fame RN TDX ET CA WPD (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr A & Mrs S Gallo)
NSW Dimadal Ella Enchanted ET (Aust Ch) (Sandra Schrumpf)
NSW Dimadal Kenya Live The Dream CD RAE RM ET TD (Aust Ch. & Neut Ch.) (Sandra Schrumpf)
NSW Dimadal Obvious Obsession (AUST NEUT. CH.) (L & M Osmond)
VIC Edelevlek Daughter of Love ET RN JC (Aust Ch) (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek First Lady of Hope ET RN CA (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek Gypsy Warrior ET JC (Ellenah Anders)
VIC Edelevlek La Princesa Grace RN CA (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek Past Present Future RN JC (Aust Ch) (Miss Alisha Van Vliet)
ACT Gemcourt Anadot Regal ET TT (Ch & Neut Ch) (Patricia Williams & Rebecca Woiwade)
VIC Jaidee Princess Pirate RA ET WPD (M. Kiel and J. Lodington)
VIC Jalorca Dreaming of Neverland ET (CH.) (Gary O'Donnell)
VIC Jalorca Spirit of Never Land RN (BISS Ch) (Lorraine Mitchell)
VIC Jendally Shakespeare In Love ET TDX TSD (Aust Ch) (Jenny Delmenico)
NSW Krystaway Polka Dot Bikini JC (BIS BISS SUP CH) (R & D Harbin)
ACT Lukius Beam Me Up ET FME (Dual Ch (AF)) (Ms R Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Draco Malfoy ET CGC TT (AUST CH) (Rebecca Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Razin Mayhem CCD ET CGC (Aust Ch) (Rebecca Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Solar Flare RN ET (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Rebecca Woiwade)
SA Paceaway Top Rumour (AI) RN TSD JD ET (Dual Ch (T) Neut Ch) (Sharon Gahan)
ACT Pokadot Coco Chanel ET (AUST CH) (Rebecca Woiwade)
VIC Trudals Perdita RN TD ET WWPD WPD (Aust Ch) (M. Kiel and J. Lodington)
QLD Varewell Crystal Bloom ET JC CA (BIS BISS Aust Sup Ch) (Dr Julie Beeby)
VIC Whytewood Midnight Romeo ET CA (Aust Ch) (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Wonderdal First Avenger RA TD JC (Australian Champion) (M. Kiel and J. Lodington)
ACT Yarrowfell Gold Sovereign RN CCD FDCH FM ET CGC (Dual Champion (FD)) (Rebecca Woiwade & Philippa Hurst)
VIC Yarrowfell High Society CD ADM ADO2 JDM JDO3 GD SD ET (AG CH 600) (Ms Sally Haynes)
ACT Yarrowfell Keep On Looking RN ET (Ch) (Miss R Woiwade)

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