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CH Jendally Luv In The Mist
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NSW Adalia Dream Girl Of India RN (Sandra Schrumpf)
NSW Adalia Weekend At Chads CD RE TD ET (RUBIS Aust & Neut Ch) (Sandra Schrumpf)
TAS Adstaff Black Caviar N/hu (Ch) (Mstr William DP Booth)
NSW Adstaff Black Opal (Ch) (Miss Rebecca Woiwade)
TAS Adstaff Frankie Falzoni (AI) (MBIG MRUBIG Aus Ch) (William Booth)
TAS Adstaff Liberty Belle (AI) (MBIG Aust Ch) (Mrs Michelle A Booth)
TAS Adstaff Lyte My Fyre N/hu (Mstr Andrew BA Booth)
TAS Adstaff Robert Schaible (AI) (MRUBIG Aust Champion) (Adam Booth)
QLD Adstaff Spot a Dolly (AI) (Mr R & Mrs S Hessling)
NSW Amoeluce Heres Looking At You ET (Ch) (S & B Barr)
VIC Audax Hokey Pokey For Almanzor (imp NZL) (AUST. CH.) (Desley Reid-Orr & Greg Orr & G Butcher)
SA Beachspots Renaissance RN TD (Ch) (Sharon Gahan)
QLD Brewen Kandy Kar (Australian Champion) (Ms W. Johns)
WA Carijlyte Dancn Inth Moonlite (Aust Ch) (Candice Jackson)
VIC Caroche Return To The Hamptons RN (Ch) (Caroche Kennels)
VIC CCDals Astro Wonder Boy (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Bonleigh Golden Mile (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Bright Diamond Design (Aust Ch) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals CalvinKlein Iconic Fame RN TDX ET CA WPD (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr A & Mrs S Gallo)
VIC CCDals Daisy Like The Wind (Aust Champion) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Delta Royal Cleopatra (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Domino Dreams Come True (Aust Champion) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Elvis The Wonder Of You (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Eva Eye Of The Tiger (Aust Champion) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Flash Dance (Aust Champion) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals From Paris With Love (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Gucci True Elegance (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC CCDals Isabella Idyllic Beauty (AI) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
NSW Choccaspot Dare To Stare (Kathy Cooper)
NSW Choccaspot Show Stopper CCD RN (Kathy Cooper)
NSW Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose (Aust ch grand neuter) (Melissa O'Brien)
NZ Cristabo Elusive Dreamz (NZ Ch) (Carla Peck)
NZ Cristabo Fire Cracka (RBIS/RBISS CH) (Carla Peck)
NZ Cristabo Golden Girl (CH) (Bronwen Munro)
NZ Cristabo I Am Legend (C Walsh & B Munro)
NZ Cristabo Magic N Mayhem (Carla Peck)
NZ Cristabo Midsumma Ntes Dream (Spec GR CH/CH) (C Peck)
NZ Cristabo River of Dreamz (CH) (C Peck)
NZ Cristabo Street Hustler (CH) (Carla Peck Suzanne McKandry Steve Greer)
NZ Cristabo Summer Fantasy (Carla Peck)
NZ Cristabo Sweetest Sin (CH) (C Peck)
NZ Cristabo Tails By Candlelite (NZ SUP CH.) (C Peck & S McKandry)
NZ Cristabo Urban Legend (NZ CH) (C Peck (Cristabo))
NZ Cristabo We Got The Bling (Bronwen Munro)
NZ Cristabo Xfire Hurricane (Carla Peck)
QLD Dalillu Honey Pie (Mr R & Mrs S Hessling)
TAS Dalillu Landslide Atad Staff (BIS MBIG Aust Ch) (Andrew BA Booth)
NSW Dalillu Voodoo Charm RN ET (Ch) (S & R Brown)
VIC Dalsue Th Black Tyga at Dalbas (Ch    ) (A Lenne)
NSW Darlinghill Hashtag Dot Com (Aust Ch) (R & D Harbin)
WA Darlinghill Stereosonic (Aust Ch) (T Palmer)
WA Darlinghill Woodstock Hustle (Tyne Palmer)
NSW Dimadal Jazzie Jade (AUST NEUT. CH.) (L & M Osmond)
NSW Dimadal Kenya Live The Dream CD RAE RM ET TD (Aust Ch. & Neut Ch.) (Sandra Schrumpf)
NSW Dimadal Obvious Obsession (L & M Osmond)
VIC Dimadal Time Tshine (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Wild With Dotz (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Zzimrah (D.Brearley/D.Boyle)
VIC Edelevlek First Lady of Hope ET RN CA (Alisha Van Vliet)
VIC Edelevlek Soul and Spirit (AI) (Ellenah Anders)
QLD Firebrook Ebony At Lotzadotz (Mrs T Bale)
NSW Hillofsilver Quantum of Solace (Ch) (Tabrett/Smith/Luttrell)
ACT Icspots Gotta Catch Em All (Sacha Morrissey)
ACT Icspots run to paradise (Aust Ch) (K/M Britten/Morrissey)
ACT Icspots Son ofa Gigolo (Ch) (K Britten & M Morrissey)
SA Instride Awsum Speed (Aust Ch.) (K Harvey & K Ricketts)
SA Instride Im A Rock Star (AUST. CH.) (Kerryn Harvey & Kyra Ricketts)
SA Instride Im Addicted to Love (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride The Hot Favourite (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Wish Upon A Star (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey)
SA Instride Xceptional (AI) (AUST.CH.) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
VIC Jalorca Dallas Dubois (Jalorca Kennels (Carol Brady))
VIC Jalorca French Fire Chaser (Aust Champion) (Carol Brady)
VIC Jalorca La Copa De La Vida (Aust Grand Ch) (Carol Brady)
VIC Jalorca La Nina La Copa (Jalorca Kennels (Carol Brady))
VIC Jalorca Moonlite Messr ET (Aust & Neuter Ch) (Nicole Smith)
VIC Jalorca Takin Care Of Business (RUBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Jalorca Kennels)
SA Jazzanda Lethal Weapon (Aust. CH) (Sheree John)
SA Jazzanda Made In Heaven (Aust Ch) (Sheree John)
VIC Jendally Age of Aquarius (Aust Ch) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC Jendally Shakespeare In Love ET TDX TSD (Aust Ch) (Jenny Delmenico)
NSW Kamea Let Em Talk (Aust Ch.) (S. Lovett-Laverty)
VIC Kamea Thyme For A Kiss (A Kelly & S Lovett-Laverty)
VIC Kandyspot Kasandrah (BISS.Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)
ACT Kirindal Happy Jester (Australian Champion) (Mrs Jan kirin)
NSW Krystaway All That Glitters (Aust Ch) (Emma Allen Baker)
NSW Krystaway Bling It On (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Glitterati (BIS BISS AUS SUPREME Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Imagine Dragons (Ch) (R & D Harbin2100474567)
WA Krystaway InstaFamous (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Make Me Yr Toyboy (AUST CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Polka Dot Bikini JC (BIS BISS SUP CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Remote Access (Ch) (R & D Harbin)
VIC Krystaway Wicked in Silk (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC Lendalbas Blk Ur My Mackenzie (Ch   & Neut Ch ) (A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Gold Tygalily (Anne Lenne)
QLD Likadyce Secret Rebel Rose (Mrs E. Pickles)
QLD Liteflite Betty Blue (David Staines)
QLD Liteflite Buckshot Blue (Aust. CH) (L&D Blumel & D Staines)
QLD Liteflite Texas Tea (Aust Ch) (David Staines)
QLD Lotzadotz Aperfekt Optimist (AI) (Toni Bale)
QLD Lotzadotz Aphancy Brand (AI) (Ch) (Mrs TL Bale)
TAS Lotzadotz Dropsov Jupiter (Ch) (Mrs M Bennett)
QLD Lotzadotz Truth About Love (AI) (Ch) (Mrs TL Bale)
ACT Lukius No Rest For The Wicked (Rebecca Woiwade)
NSW Lukius Rainbow Warrior (Miss R Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Solar Flare RN ET (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Rebecca Woiwade)
NSW Lukius Wicked Charm (R & S Brown)
NSW Lukius Wicked Voodoo (Miss Rebecca Woiwade)
VIC Neehi toppspotts to shine (Jenni O’Connor)
TAS Neilros Ethereal (Ali Tabrett)
TAS Neilros First Edition (Aust Ch/NZ Ch) (Alison Tabrett)
TAS Neilros Freedom Fighter (Ali Tabrett)
NSW Ottatella All Eyes On Me (Lee-Anne Osmond)
NSW Ottatella Moorish Idol (AUST CH) (Mrs JM and Miss SM Barnett)
TAS Ourdals Can You Keep A Secret (Ms Y Smith/Ms K Smith)
TAS Ourdals The Perfect Storm (Ms Y Smith/Ms K Smith)
QLD Ozzispot Sinners N Shadows (Sup Ch) (Mr. T. and Mrs. S. Irving)
NSW Paceaway Sabari (Ch) (Dr M & Mrs L Donald)
QLD Paceaway American Graffitti (AI) (Aust Ch) (Ms FEL Darling)
QLD Paceaway Baranger (Michelle Little)
NSW Paceaway Bergerac (S. Lovett-Laverty)
QLD Paceaway Box Office (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
SA Paceaway Casino Royale (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey & Kyra Ricketts)
QLD Paceaway Coach in Hand (AI) (Aust Ch) (Ms FEL Darling)
VIC Paceaway Coach Maker (AI) (CH) (Jenni O’connor)
NSW Paceaway Coach Man (AI) (Craig Hatzikiriakos)
QLD Paceaway Coach Master (AI) (Aust Ch) (Ms FEL Darling)
SA Paceaway Coffee Beanz (SUPREME CH) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
VIC Paceaway Dream Catcher (RUBISS AUS CH) (Jenni Oconnor)
ACT Paceaway Enchanted (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
ACT Paceaway Eye Catching (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
SA Paceaway Fun In The Sun (Kerryn Harvey)
VIC Paceaway Pendragon (Jalorca Kennels (Carol Brady))
VIC Paceaway penniwise (J oconnor)
VIC Paceaway Revenge (Aust Ch) (Caroche Kennels)
QLD Paceaway Rose Tattoo (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
SA Paceaway Skys The Limit (SUPREME CH) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
QLD Paceaway Starz in the Sky (Aust Supreme Ch) (Fran Darling)
VIC Paceaway Starz N Stripes (AI) (Jenni oconnor)
QLD Paceaway Summer Reigns (Michelle Little)
ACT Paceaway Summer Rises (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
NZ Paceaway Tearz From Heaven At Zolandia (Imp Aus) (NZ CH / SPL GR CH) (Pam Norman)
SA Paceaway Top Rumour (AI) RN ET (Dual Ch (T)) (Sharon Gahan)
VIC Paceaway Trifecta (Aust Ch) (Mr M Clarke)
QLD Paceaway Wicked Wayz (Australian Champion) (Michelle Little)
ACT Paceaway Wingz O Fyre (ai) (BISS Aust Ch) (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
ACT Paceaway Winter Chill (Ch) (Mrs P Dyer & Ms L Dyer)
QLD Paceaway Winter in Vegas (Aust Supreme Champion) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Xpensive Liason (Aust. Supreme Ch) (F Darling,)

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