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Starswept Scottish Monarch
(Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright)

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TAS Adstaff Black Caviar N/hu (Ch) (Mstr William DP Booth)
TAS Adstaff Frankie Falzoni (AI) (MBIG MRUBIG Aus Ch) (William Booth)
TAS Adstaff Robert Schaible (AI) (MRUBIG Aust Champion) (Adam Booth)
TAS Adstaff Your The Voice (William Booth)
VIC Blairwick Aragorn ET (Ch) (S & A Lenne)
WA Carijlyte Colours Flying (Aust Champ) (Lee Harris)
NZ Charizelle Captain Morgan (BIS/BISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Giselle Fletcher)
QLD Charizelle Captain Morgan (Imp NZ) (AUST & NZ CH) (T & S Irving)
VIC Cherrymount Sezuan (Michelle Stiirup-Prazak)
NZ Cristabo Street Hustler (CH) (Carla Peck Suzanne McKandry Steve Greer)
NZ Cristabo Tails By Candlelite (NZ SUP CH.) (C Peck & S McKandry)
QLD Dalillu Mystic Duje (Dalillu)
VIC Dalsue Th Black Tyga at Dalbas (Ch    ) (A Lenne)
NSW Darlinghill Hashtag Dot Com (Aust Ch) (R & D Harbin)
WA Darlinghill Stereosonic (Aust Ch) (T Palmer)
VIC Dimadal Weekend Warrior (AI) (Alisha Regan)
NSW Findadot Swaggie Luck (Mr B Manning)
NSW Gentry Justa Rockstar (Ch) (Anne-Marie Godyn)
NSW Hillofsilver Quantum of Solace (Ch) (Tabrett/Smith/Luttrell)
SA Ibadan Crowned Prince Of Crime (Ch) (A & J Janonis, L Edmonds)
ACT Icspots Green with Envy (K/M Britten / Morrissey)
ACT Icspots Just Google It (K Britten & M Morrissey)
SA Jazzanda Lethal Weapon (Aust. CH) (Sheree John)
ACT Kirindal Happy Jester (Australian Champion) (Mrs Jan kirin)
ACT Kirindal Happy Jester (Australian Champion) (Mrs Jan kirin)
ACT Kirindal Just Spot on (Ch) (Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal King Pin (BIS.RUBIS, RU BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
NSW Krystaway Make Me Yr Toyboy (AUST CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Minister of Magic (MBiG, MRuBiG Aust Champion) (M Thompson)
NSW Krystaway Weekend Hustler (BIS BISS Aus Supreme Ch) (R & D Harbin)
QLD Liteflite Buckshot Blue (Aust. CH) (L&D Blumel & D Staines)
VIC Loraul One in a Million (Loraul Kennels)
QLD Lotzadotz Aphancy Brand (AI) (Ch) (Mrs TL Bale)
TAS Lotzadotz Dropsov Jupiter (Ch) (Mrs M Bennett)
NSW Ottatella Moorish Idol (AUST CH) (Mrs JM and Miss SM Barnett)
SA Outlook Knotched Up A Marvel (Aust Ch) (M & R Clarke & A & J Janonis)
QLD Ozzispot Wicked T Xtreme CDX ET SDX GDX SPDX JDO ADO ADM2 JDM4 (Multi BIS, BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Terry & Sandra Irving)
NSW Paceaway At Rosemount (Multi BIS/BISS AM CH. ARG GR CH. URU CH. Aust Supreme Ch) (Darling / Vernon / Besoff)
WA Paceaway Kiwi Konexon (IID) (MULTI BIS BISS SUPREME CH) (Tony Mallia & Fran Darling)
SA Paceaway Skys The Limit (SUPREME CH) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
QLD Paceaway Winter in Vegas (Aust Supreme Champion) (Fran Darling)
VIC Paceaway Xceed The Speed (J. L. Clark-Pearman)
QLD Paceaway Xtreme Impact (Aust Supreme Ch) (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
VIC Paceaway Zaballero (BIS RUBIS RUBISS Aust Sup CH) (Jenni Oconnor)
VIC Rondaglen Magique Noir (RW & JA Harrison)
TAS Sarasota Act of Valour (Supreme Champion) (Alison Tabrett)
TAS Sarasota Fandango (CH) (Tull Luttrell)
NSW Starswept Canada Holiday (AI) (GRAND CHAMPION) (PJ Davies & D&J Wright)
NSW Starswept Coffee Club (International, Italian, Croatian, Slovinian CHAMPION) (Roberta Giulini, Italy)
NSW Starswept Iced Mocha (CHAMPION) (Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright)
NSW Starswept Just A Gigolo (Grand Champion) (PJ Davies & D&J Wright)
NSW Starswept Painted From Memory (Supreme Champion) (Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright)
NSW Starswept Scottish Sovereign (AI) (Supreme Champion) (Davies P/J&D Wright)
NSW Starswept Siriusly On Fire (Aust Ch) (Michelle Bower)
VIC Telde First Special Envoy(AI) (Dimadal Knls)
NSW Telde Naughty Choc Obsession (AUST. CH.) (Mrs J Y Lawson)
NSW Thunderspot I see the light (M Obrien)
NSW Thunderspot Right Kindof Wrong (Aust Grand) (Melissa)
VIC Topspott Firebrand (Multi BISS/Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS/RUBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Outlook Kennels)
NSW Trudals Black Harley ET (Aust Ch) (S & B Barr)
VIC Underfoot Sorcerers Apprentice (Aust CH) (Jenni O'Connor)
VIC Whytewood Bronson In Blak (Aust.Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)
QLD Whytewood Mr.Darcys Ozi Gold(AI) (Ch.) (Michelle Little)
VIC Whytewood Mr.Darcys Ozisunrise (L & P Mitchell)
VIC Whytewood Vuitton (Nicole Smith)

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