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BIS Aust Ch Anduril Robbie Burns
(Avril Stoffels)

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VIC Allina Celtic Queen (KE Currell)
SA Anduril Ailsa Craig (Aust Ch) (Avril Stoffels)
NSW Anduril Caile (Aust Neuter Ch) (J M Kernot)
SA Anduril Culzean Caledonia (Avril Stoffels)
SA Anduril Deer Abbey (Aust Ch) (Avril Stoffels)
SA Anduril Greyfriars Faith (Avril Stoffels)
SA Anduril Isla of Glamis (Avril Stoffels)
ACT Anduril Ravenscraig (MULTI BISS AUST GRAND CH) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
SA Anduril Robbie Burns (BIS Aust Ch) (Avril Stoffels)
ACT Anduril Tam O Shanters Meg (Aust Ch) (Avril Stoffels)
ACT Anduril Usquabae Barleycorn (Rob McDougal/Avril Stoffels)
NSW Ardtalamcu Embers (Aust Ch) (Sandra Waugh)
NSW Ardtalamcu Yuma (Aust Ch) (Sandra Waugh)
NSW Argowan Anfalas (Aust Ch) (Anita Bugges)
NSW Argowan Angharad (Aust Ch) (Anita Bugges)
VIC Ballincrea Yeoman (Bhealaich Kennels)
VIC Bhealaich Aurora (Bhealaich Kennels)
VIC Bhealaich Cruise Control (Aust Ch) (Chris Howard & Glenda Danger)
VIC Bhealaich Destnys Child (Ch) (Chris Howard & Glenda Danger)
ACT Bhealaich Devil May Care (AUST CH) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
ACT Bhealaich Gotta Luv Me (MULTI BIS/BISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
VIC Bhealaich Insanely Loved (Aust Ch) (Katrina Hillier)
VIC Bhealaich Just A Gigilo (Aust Ch) (Katrina Hillier)
VIC Bhealaich Major Tom (Aust Ch) (Ms C Howard & Ms G Danger)
VIC Bhealaich Prettyprecosus (Aust Ch) (Aisha Bierman)
VIC Bhealaich Quest For Glory (Ch) (Bhealaich Kennels)
VIC Bhealaich Quest For Glory (Aust Ch) (Ms C Howard & Ms G Danger)
SA Bhealaich Rider On The Storm (Bhealaich Kennels)
VIC Bhealaich River Stone (Bhealaich Kennels)
VIC Caberfei Eachtrach Storin (Melissa Kirkham)
VIC Caberfei Endar Eishken (Ch) (Cameron Kirkham)
SA Caberfei Innis Hagrid (Tegan Whalan)
VIC Clachtoll Tayvallich (Aust Ch) (Ahsatan Kennels)
NSW Eilrig Galena (Aust Ch) (Sandra Waugh)
ACT Fyrth Herding Cats (MULTI BIS/BISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
VIC Fyrth Three Libras (Tina & Kirk Rick)
VIC Glassonby Hylander (Aust Ch) (Chris Howard & Glenda Danger)
VIC Glassonby Lochlan (Aust Ch) (Chris Howard & Glenda Danger)
VIC Haiziedayz Talisman (Bhealaich Kennels)
SA Hamwih Tynes Legacy (Aust Ch) (Khandis Newman)
NZ Jacobite Creag Ealasaid (NZ Ch, CCh) (Dr Jenny Nelson)
VIC Jacobite Hard Yakka (Aust Ch) (Chris Howard & Glenda Danger)
NZ Jacobite Rosashorn (NZ Ch, C Ch) (Dr Jenny Nelson)
VIC Kahner Lord Tadgh (KE Currell)
VIC Lainnir Anyolite (Melissa Kirkham)
NSW Lainnir Kunzite (Sandra Waugh)
VIC Lainnir Serefina (Melissa Kirkham)
NSW Lainnir Zoisite (Sandra Waugh)
NZ Lochbrowan Blythe (CH) (Dr Jenny Nelson)
NZ Lochbrowan Carlops (Dr Jenny Nelson and Ms Veronica Culpan)
NZ Lochbrowan Daione Sidhe (CH) (Dr Jenny Nelson)
NZ Lochbrowan Elan (Jenny Nelson)
VIC Luvadeer A Beautiful Mirrahcle (Aust Ch) (Miss A Bierman)
VIC Luvadeer Ambush Attack (Miss A Bierman)
VIC Luvadeer Angel Baby (Bhealaich Kennels)
VIC Mapleridge Bramble (Aust Ch) (Chris Howard & Glenda Danger)
ACT Mapleridge Fatal Atractn (RUBISS Ch) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
VIC Mapleridge Gorjus George (Aust Ch) (Chris Howard & Glenda Danger)
VIC Mapleridge Indigo Of Cra (Aust Ch) (Ms C Howard & Ms G Danger)
NZ Mapleridge Jaguar (NZ Ch) (Dr Jenny Nelson)
SA Mapleridge Jeremy (Aust Ch) (Avril Stoffels)
NSW Nelungaloo Cullen (Aust Ch) (J M Kernot)
NSW Nelungaloo Damhsealgair (Aust Ch) (Kit Simmons)
NSW Nelungaloo Rhys (Australian Grand Ch Neuter Ch) (J M Kernot)
NSW Nelungaloo Tearlach (J M Kernot)
NSW Nelungaloo Uilleam (J M Kernot)
NSW Nelungaloo Vikings Daughter (Mariette Lees and Mark Lyons)
NSW Nelungaloo Wild N Famous (S & S Gendle)
NSW Sallytree Chi MiNa Morbheanna (Aust Ch) (Kit Simmons)
NSW Weirskints Brighid Roo (Aust CH) (S & S Gendle)
NSW Weirskints Scetis (AI) (CH) (Mr S & Mrs S Gendle)
NSW Weirskints Talisker (AI) (Ch) (S &S Gendle)

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