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Judge Name : Mrs Anne Howell (WA)

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After many years of training GSD's in obedience I saw a poodle fly over a jump and it took my breath away. This was the start of a whole new chapter out of obedience and into the conformation ring................

With over twenty five champions titled; many of them homebred judging seemed the appropriate course to follow. My foundation began with the Non Sporting group. My own breeds of Miniature and Toy Poodles leading the way. Others in the group that hold special favour are the British and French Bulldog. Then the other breed in my life - the Miniature Bull Terrier chose my next adventure into the Terrier Group. A few years back I decided to add the Toy Group as I have a fondness for many of the breeds therein - particularly the Pomeranian, the Lowchen and the Australian Silky Terrier. A dear friend passed away and her beloved Lagotto Romagnolo became ours........ so the household has two prefixes - Pudelian and now Trufflehunta - we take pride in presenting both the Poodles and Lagotto in the show ring.

At this stage my commitment to our Governing Council takes up enough time and so additional groups are on the back burner for now. Hopefully I will return to my Group 3 studies soon.

I have thoroughly enjoyed appointments at home in WA as well as in Qld, NSW, SA and New Zealand and had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people and their dogs along the way!

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