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Ch Chizack Inna Jam (Imp NZ)
(Andrew Hobday)

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SA Angelpark Anastasia (Roxbud Kennels)
NSW Angelpark Black Berlin (BISS RUBISS Aust Ch) (Scott Browne)
NSW Angelpark Livin The Dream (BBPISS) (Scott Browne)
NZ Bavaria Lock It In (Mr L A Couling)
NZ Bavaria Locked Out Of Heaven (Mrs Lisa Couling)
NZ Bavaria Party With The Wolves (NZ CH) (Mrs Lisa Couling)
NZ Bavaria Twenty Four K Magic (Lisa Couling)
TAS Berradell Intrepid Traveller (AI) (Trina Morris)
NSW Bocsavil La Magic Ov The Stars (Aust Ch) (M & J Carey)
NSW Bocsavil Never Doubt The Magic (Aust Ch) (M & J Carey)
NSW Bocsavil Quite Alluring (M & J Carey)
NSW Bocsavil Sunshine N Lollipops (M & J Carey)
NSW Bocsavil Tallyho (M & J Carey)
NSW Bocsavil U Know Who (M & J Carey)
WA Bokson Shake It Off (BJ & S McKie)
WA Bonsue in High Spirits (ai) (L Herd)
WA Bonsue Red Carpet Debut (Michelle Roberts)
WA Bonsue Spirited Seqeul (ai) (L Herd)
NSW Boxberry Born To Be Yours DMN (Halliday & Badman)
NSW Boxberry Catch Me If You Can DMN (Mr DW Halliday)
NSW Boxberry Cut The Mustard (AI) DMN (BPISS Aust Ch) (Ms N Tetley)
NSW Boxberry Dont Eat The Car DMN (MPIS, PIS Aust Ch) (Ms N Tetley)
NSW Boxberry Hot Chickie Babe CC DMN (Tetley & Opbroek)
NSW Boxberry I Am Your Son Mom DMN (Aust Ch) (Ms N Tetley)
NSW Boxberry La Chica Bella CC DMN (Aust Ch) (Mr DW Halliday & Mrs SJ Badman)
WA Boxberry Magnifica (Julie Peeler)
NSW Boxberry Mayonnaise (AI) DMN (Halliday)
NSW Boxberry Never Surrender HT0 (Aust Ch) (Roxbud Kennels)
NSW Boxberry Pretty Lil Precious HT0 CC DMN (Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (Halliday & Badman)
NSW Boxberry Racing Superstar (Mr DW Halliday)
NSW Boxberry Real Gone Kid (AI) DMN (BPIS MBPISS Aust Ch) (Mr DW Halliday)
NSW Boxberry Spanish Eyes HT0 CC DMN (MPIS, PIS & PISS IISS Aust Ch) (Mr DW Halliday & Mrs SJ Badman)
WA Boxberry Storm Front (AI) (Aust Ch) (Julie Peeler)
NSW Boxberry Surfing Legend DMN (Me DW Halliday)
NSW Boxberry Surfing Superstar HT0 CC DMN (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mr DW Halliday)
NSW Boxberry When I Grow Up DOM HT0 CC DMN (JISS Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (Mr DW Halliday & Mrs SJ Badman)
VIC Boxbon Brillante Skye (Anne Brooke)
NSW Boxcrest Absolute Magic (Aust CH) (E V Gordon - Pandelis)
TAS Boyer Now Your Talking (Ch) (Mrs D Nellis & Mrs L Quigley)
TAS Boyer Talk of The Town (Dianne Nellis and Leanne Quigley)
TAS Boyer Talkthetalk Walkthewalk (Mrs D Nellis)
TAS Boyer To Infinity and Beyond (CH) (Dianne Nellis)
SA Brythornrose Complete Madness (Nat Williamson)
NSW Casqueen Shady Lane (Aust Ch) (Margret O'Brien)
VIC Chizack Inna Jam (Imp NZ) (Ch) (Andrew Hobday)
QLD Chizack Mad Max (AI) (Imp NZ) (Aust CH) (Liza Cassidy/ Andrew Hobday)
WA Chizack Maxed Out At Taswest (imp NZ) (M Roberts & A Hobday)
VIC Chizack Pop Muzik ( Imp NZ) (Andrew Hobday)
VIC Chizack To The Max (Imp NZ) (Ch) (Andrew Hobday)
QLD Doha Playing For Keeps (Aust CH) (Kim Cox)
QLD Elkohe The Toy Boy (Kym Hopper)
ACT Elkyelura Audacious Dreams (Ch) (K Greenham)
NZ Everglades My Name Is Thunder of Fortress (NZ Ch) (N & C Jones)
NZ Fortress Disarm U with a Smile (Ch) (Amy Harrington-Ha'angana)
NZ Fortress Hart And Soul (B Hart & C Jones)
NZ Fortress Kiss The Rain (NZ CH (Gold)) (Norman and Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress One Cool Devil (NH & CL Jones)
NZ Fortress Spanish Rose (NZ Ch) (Norman and Chris Jones)
NZ Fortress Stormseeker (NZ Ch (Platinum)) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress Wild Hearted Son (NZ Ch) (Norm & Chris Jones)
NSW Gemcharm Double the Attitude (Ar & SJ Dell)
NSW Guntop Trumps Again (Sandra Schrumpf)
QLD Hogwartz Im On Fire (SOM) (HT0) (Ch.) (Shayne Bryant)
QLD Hogwartz Lady Of Winterfell (HT0) (Mr.S.Bryant)
QLD Hogwartz Spirit Of Ecstasy (HT0) (S.Bryant)
SA Insieme Amore Venezia (Ch) (Wendy Louis)
SA Jadenchi Roll The Dice (Roxbud Kennels)
QLD Jaksamlee Blackops Psychosis (Aust CH) (John and Maree Mahoney)
QLD Jaksamlee Moulin Rouge (John & Maree Mahoney)
WA Jetboom Let Me Entertain You (Australian Champion) (Rodney Jonsson & Emma Luxford)
QLD Jetboom Point Of Interest (AI) (Liza Mclaughlin)
TAS Johvi Duchess Charlotte (Vicki Sheppard)
TAS Johvi Kiss The Girls(AI) (Aust Ch) (Vicki Sheppard)
TAS Johvi Lady Marmalade (Aust Ch) (Vicki Sheppard)
TAS Johvi Light My Fire AI (Vicki Sheppard)
TAS Johvi Secret Kiss(AI) (BPISS Aust Ch) (Vicki Sheppard)
TAS Johvi Sir Tobias (Vicki Sheppard)
QLD Jorgia Fight Like A Girl (Georgina Svejka)
QLD Jorgia Funny Girl (Aust Ch.) (G. Svejka)
QLD Jorgia Power N Passion (Aust Ch) (Julie Aust)
QLD Jorgia Turning Tables (Aust.Ch.) (Julie Aust Porter)
NZ Kadence Ace Ace Babe (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Ace Of Hearts (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
TAS Kadence Just Pure Luv (imp-NZ) (Aust CH) (K Smith, A C Tiffin, A Downie)
NZ Kadence Kiss My Ace (AI) (NZ CH) (Aynsley Downie)
NSW Kadence Luv It At Kirravindee (imp NZ) (MBIS BISS SUP CH) (Brad & Dee Lawson)
NZ Kadence Luv N Leave Em (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Rock Your Socks Off (AI) (NZ CH) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Slam It (AI) (NZ Ch) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence The Heartbreaker (AI) (NZ CH) (A Downie)
QLD Keljamar Shes all That (Kellie poole)
VIC Kesdar Fields Of Gold (Ch) (J Davis & H Keele)
VIC Kesdar Kindred Spirit (Ch) (J Davis & H Keele)
VIC Kesdar Red Hot Rumour (BISS BPISS Aust Champion) (Jennifer Davis & Helen Keele)
VIC Kesdar Red Rascal (Australian Champion) (Ms L & Miss P Ashton)
NSW Kesdar Risky Business (Aus Champion) (Paul Salnitro)
QLD Kesdar Some Kinda Wonderful (BISS Champion) (Andrew Morrow)
NSW Kirilenko de la Finca Sapho (Imp Spain) SOM HT0 CC DMN (BISS Aust Ch) (Mr DW Halliday)
QLD Kudirka Arsons Glow (Aust Ch) (Mrs Denise Kelly)
SA Lambda Don't Ask Don't Tell (BISS Ch) (J Davis & K Cook)
QLD Lilleeb Goddess Of The Flame (Billee-lee Mclaughlin)
VIC Ludgina Luv In The Mist (Ms J Wilson & J Hodgins)
VIC Ludgina Sweet Sensation (Ms J Wilson & J Hodgins)
SA Maraquita Ready To Rock (Roxbud Kennels)
NZ Mavquade Native Dancer (TW & HJ Yeoman)
NSW Mavquade Silver Fern (Imp NZ) (June Christine Kelly)
NZ Mavquade Taking A Gamble (Terry & Helen Yeoman)
QLD Mcboxa Lil B Double (Aust Ch) (Billee-lee Mclaughlin)
QLD Mcboxa Tough Gal (Aust Ch) (Billee-Lee Mclaughlin)
VIC Milmac Hugo Boss (Ch) (Macmillan & Lawson)
VIC Milmac Lisa Ho. (Ch) (Macmillan & Lawson)
SA Milmac Tom Ford GTHO. (Ch) (Paul & Kirsten Cook.)
VIC Milmac Victoria Secrets (Lance & Sharon Collins)
WA Mollycule Storm Cell (Julie Peeler)
NSW Nija Colour MeHappy With Tell D (BPISS AUST. CH.) (L Hetherington & J Y Lawson)
VIC Niteswatch Frozen In Time (Sharon Mead)
TAS Omarella The Mercedes (Aust CH) (Kelly Smith)
TAS Omarella The Triple O (AI) (Aust CH) (Kelly Smith)
TAS Ozstralis Golden Amber (Mrs E Cannell)
TAS Ozstralis Golden Anzac (Ch.) (Elisabeth Cannell)
QLD Ozstralis Moon Dance (Neuter Champion) (Kellie Poole)
TAS Ozstralis Tessa The Undresser (Mrs E Cannell)
VIC Penzberg Make Believe (Samantha Hutchins)
SA Phoenix Dark N Trendy (M. Carter and E. Lee)
SA Phoenix Thrill Seeker (Ch.) (Miss D. Smith & Mrs. M. Carter)
QLD Phoenway Dream Warrior (Ch) (Miss L Tassan)
TAS Picamac Voodoo Doll (Aust Ch) (Vicki Sheppard)
NZ Quasar A Play On Words (Ch) (Erik de Boer)
TAS Quasar A Tall Tale (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Shannah Joseph)
NZ Quasar A Word In Your Ear (Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Flip Of A Coin (CH) (Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Heads Or Tales (Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Literary Liaison (Erik de Boer)
TAS Quasar What A Kerfuffle (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch    ) (Shannah Joseph)
NZ Rampage Bling On The Nonsense (NZ Ch) (Rachael Vincent)
NZ Rampage Follow The Dream (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Get Ya Bling On (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Livin' The Dream (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Livin' The High Life (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage No Nonsense Nancy (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Thru The Look'n Glass (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hawker)
SA Rampid Barbra Streisand (Mr P & Miss K Cook)
SA Rampid Big Bang (Aust Ch) (Paul Cook)
QLD Redbush Blood Diamond (AI) (CH) (R & S Carstens)
QLD Redbush Im a Dinkum Diamond (Serena & Robert Carstens)
NZ Ronin Click Bait (AI) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Digital Revolution (AI) (NZ CH) (Kristen Brooks / Helene Owen)
WA Ronin Dreaming in Digital TD (ai) IMP NZ (Ch) (L Herd)
NZ Ronin In With a Grin (AI) (Helene Owen)

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