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CCDals Maggie You Stole My Heart
(Cecilia Langton-Bunker)

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NSW Kamea Let Em Talk (Aust Ch.) (S. Lovett-Laverty)
NSW Kamea Sheza Hot Attraction (S. Lovett-Laverty)
NSW Kamea Talk Ofthe Town (S Lovett-Laverty)
NSW Kamea Thyme After Time (S Lovett-Laverty)
VIC Kandyspot Kasandrah (BISS.Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)
ACT Kirindal Fancy Free (A/Ch) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
QLD Kirindal Golden Legend (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand Ch) (Wal & Irene McCrindle)
ACT Kirindal Klassique (Multi BIS & RUBIS A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal Leopard Magic (Mrs Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal Leopard's Moon (Multi RUBIS A/Grand Champion) (Jan Kirin)
ACT Kirindal Sumthin Special (A/Grand CH) (Mrs Jan Kirin)
NZ Kissed ZeDevil of Kalesha (BIS/RIS CH.) (Carla Walsh & Suzanne McKandry)
NSW Krystaway All That Glitters (Aust Ch) (Emma Allen Baker)
NSW Krystaway Bling It On (Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Glitterati (BIS BISS AUS SUPREME Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Glitz N Glamour (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Gloria Glamour (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Going On Safari (Sandra Schrumpf)
WA Krystaway InstaFamous (Aust Ch) (R & D Harbin & T Palmer)
WA Krystaway Instafamous (Aust Ch) (T Palmer)
NSW Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Moet Chandon (BISS Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Nikita La Femme (BIS RUBIS Aust GR CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Polka Dot Bikini JC (BIS BISS SUP CH) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Remote Access (Ch) (R & D Harbin)
NSW Krystaway Show Bling (CH) (Rob & Deborah Harbin)
VIC Krystaway Splash Of Class (A & S Gallo / R & D Harbin)
VIC Krystaway Wicked in Silk (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Cecilia Langton-Bunker)
VIC Lendalbas Black River (Aust Ch    ) (S & A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Black Serenity (Ch) (A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Blk Ur My Mackenzie (Ch   & Neut Ch ) (A Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Gold Tygalily (Anne Lenne)
VIC Lendalbas Goldn White Tyga (Ch) (A Lenne)
QLD Likadyce Secret Rebel Rose (Mrs E. Pickles)
QLD Liteflite Betty Blue (David Staines)
QLD Liteflite Just Juno (Brian Taylor & David Staines)
QLD Lotzadotz Luminous Diva (Mrs T L Bale)
QLD Lotzadotz Phancy That (Aust Ch) (Mrs T Bale)
QLD Lotzadotz Rumour Has It (Toni Greenslade)
QLD Lotzadotz Truth About Love (AI) (Ch) (Mrs TL Bale)
ACT Lukius Above Nbeyond (Neuter Ch) (Philippa Hurst)
ACT Lukius Beam Me Up ET FME (Dual Ch (AF)) (Ms R Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Flying Finish (Neut Ch) (Philippa Hurst)
ACT Lukius Flying Solo (Est Ch & Fin Ch) (Rebecca Woiwade)
ACT Lukius No Rest For The Wicked (Rebecca Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Razin Mayhem CCD ET CGC (Aust Ch) (Rebecca Woiwade)
ACT Lukius Solar Flare RN ET (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Rebecca Woiwade)
NSW Lukius Truly Madly Deeply (Rebecca Woiwade)
VIC Luvdbi Oh My Gosh (E.T) (Alisa Renda)
VIC Mistcroft Meribel (Ch) (Mr & Mrs G Wombwell)
VIC Neehi Dals Step out N sparkle (Jenni O’Connor)
TAS Neilros Ethereal (Ali Tabrett)
TAS Neilros Freedom Fighter (Ali Tabrett)
TAS Neilros Purple Haze (NZ Ch) (Alison Tabrett & Donna Abernethy)
NSW Ottatella All Eyes On Me (Lee-Anne Osmond)
TAS Ourdals Can You Keep A Secret (Ch) (Ms Y Smith/Ms K Smith)
VIC Outlook Jubilee (Debbie Bisley-Debtin Dalmatians)
VIC Outlook Take Over Control (Ch) (Outlook Kennels)
QLD Ozzispot Poise N Ivy (M Pronk)
QLD Ozzispot Sinners N Shadows (Sup Ch) (Mr. T. and Mrs. S. Irving)
QLD Ozzispot Tyme To Shine GD SDX SPD JDM ADM (Aust Sup Ch) (Terry and Sandra Irving)
TAS Paceaway Cinnamon Bun (Yanina Smith/Katelyn Smith)
QLD Paceaway Coach in Hand (AI) (Aust Ch) (Ms FEL Darling)
SA Paceaway Coffee Beanz (SUPREME CH) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
VIC Paceaway Dream Catcher (RUBISS AUS CH) (Jenni Oconnor)
VIC Paceaway Eye Catching (Jenni O’Connor)
NSW Paceaway Eye Liner (F E L Darling)
QLD Paceaway Fairytales (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
VIC Paceaway Happy Snap (Jenni Oconnor)
VIC Paceaway Heaven Sent (CH) (Jenni OConnor)
WA Paceaway Justa Gold Star (Grand Champion) (Mrs Lee Harris)
QLD Paceaway Kule Kat (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Nite Fire (BIS Aust Sup Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Party Magic (Dalillu)
VIC Paceaway penniwise (J oconnor)
TAS Paceaway Penny Royale (Ms Y Smith/Ms K Smith)
QLD Paceaway Phire Dancer (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
VIC Paceaway Pippi Longstockin (J. L. Clark-Pearman)
QLD Paceaway Pippi Longstockin (Multi BIS Aust & NZ Ch) (Mr P Gough & Ms T Chandler)
QLD Paceaway Rose Tattoo (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
WA Paceaway Rosebud (AUST CH) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Starz in the Sky (Aust Supreme Ch) (Fran Darling)
VIC Paceaway Starz N Stripes (AI) (Jenni oconnor)
QLD Paceaway Summer Reigns (Aust Ch) (Michelle Little)
VIC Paceaway Taylah Maid (J OConnor)
NZ Paceaway Tearz From Heaven At Zolandia (Imp Aus) (Multi BIS /Multi BISS NZ CH / SPL GR CH) (Pam Norman)
TAS Paceaway Ticket To The Starz (Aust Sup Ch) (Yanina & Katelyn Smith)
QLD Paceaway Top Fashion AI (Maxine Lee)
VIC Paceaway Top Knotch (Ch) (Outlook Kennels)
SA Paceaway Top Rumour (AI) RN TSD JD ET (Dual Ch (T) Neut Ch) (Sharon Gahan)
VIC Paceaway Trifecta (Aust Ch) (Mr M Clarke)
VIC Paceaway Trindigo (Mr M & Mrs R Clarke)
QLD Paceaway Wicked Wayz (Aust Ch) (Michelle Little)
VIC paceaway wingz o gold (AI) (CH) (Jenni Oconnor)
VIC Paceaway Xclusive Ticket (BISS Aust Sup Ch) (Mr M & Mrs R Clarke)
QLD Paceaway Xclusive Ticket (Aust Grand Ch) (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
QLD Paceaway Xpensive Liason (Aust. Supreme Ch) (F Darling,)
QLD Paceaway Ztardust (Fran Darling)
QLD Pleasuredot Addy (N. McPherson)
ACT Pokadot Coco Chanel ET (AUST CH) (Rebecca Woiwade)
VIC Pridal Light to Wonderland ET (Miss Aimee McLachlan)
NSW Pridal Lookinglass Black Magic (Stevie Lovett-Laverty)
NSW Pridal Lookinglass Black Magic (Aust Ch) (S Lovett-Laverty)
VIC Promisar Spirit of Spring (Alisha Regan)
QLD Robodot Secret Wish (Aust Ch) (Eileen Pickles)
VIC Rondaglen Rain Maiden (Aust Ch) (RW & JA Harrison)
QLD Rothkeal Flashstorm at Paceaway (IMP NZ ) (BIS BISS NZ & AUST CH) (Fran Darling)
TAS Sarasota Acanthus (Aust Ch) (Tull Luttrell)
TAS Sarasota Devilwearsprada (Ch) (Tull Luttrell)
TAS Sarasota Its All The Same (Alison Tabrett)
TAS Sarasota Little Houdini (Aust Ch) (Alison Tabrett)
QLD Spotadot Luna Eclipse (Mr R & Mrs S Hessling)
TAS Spotsonavon Heartbreaker (Aust. Ch.) (Mr Adam C Booth)
NSW Sprintaway Star Jasmin (Louanne and Dr Mathew Donald)
NSW Starswept Balenciaga (GRAND CHAMPION) (Davies/Wright)
NSW Starswept Black Onyx (Michelle Bower)
NSW Starswept Glamour of Sydney (CHAMPION) (Davies P/J&D Wright)
NSW Starswept Holiday Glitz (CHAMPION) (Dianne & John Wright Paul Davies)
NSW Starswept Holiday Magic (AI) (CHAMPION) (P Davies J&D Wright)
NSW Starswept Holiday with Alice (CH) (PJ Davies Mrs D & Mr J Wright)
NSW Starswept MissMollyJones (Ch) (Anne-Marie Godyn)
NSW Starswept Perfect Holiday (AI) (Anne-Marie Godyn)
NSW Starswept Rubies and Sapphires (Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright)
NSW Starswept Sapphire N Diamonds (CHAMPION) (Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright)
ACT Starswept Siri (Ch) (Ms K Britten and Mr M Morrissey)
NSW Starswept Star of Hope (CHAMPION) (P Davies,Dianne & John Wright)
QLD Talimba Too Darn Hot GD SDX SPDX ET JDX ADX (Aust Ch) (Terry & Sandra Irving)
NSW Telde Naughty But Delightful (AUST. CH.) (Mrs J Y Lawson)
NSW Telde Wicked Intentions (Mrs J Y Lawson)
NSW Telde Wicked Mischief (Mrs J Y Lawson)
NSW Texico Lonestar (Anne-Marie Godyn)
NSW Texico Miss Izzy B (AI) (Ch) (Anne-Marie Godyn)
NSW Texico Miss Joker B (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Godyn)
NSW Thunderspot flash of silver (Melissa obrien)
NSW Thunderspot I paint a picture (Melissa obrien)
NSW Thunderspot take it to the sky (Melissa O’Brien)
NSW Thunderspot violets are blue (Aust ch neut ch) (Melissa O’brien)
NSW Thunderspot Violets Are Blue (Aust Ch neut ch) (Melissa)
VIC Topspott Ballentine (Mrs L Edwards)
VIC Topspott Midnight in Mercury (AI) (Mrs L Edwards)
NSW Trudals Absolutely Fabulous ET (Aust Ch) (S & B Barr)
VIC Trudals Midnitetrain ToGeorgia (Aust. Champion) (Jenny Clark-Pearman)
VIC Trudals Perdita RN TD ET WWPD WPD (Aust Ch) (M. Kiel and J. Lodington)
WA Underfoot Disco Inferno (Aus Ch) (Tyne Palmer)
VIC Underfoot Secret Kisses (Alisa Renda)
QLD Varewell Black Orchid (Dr Julie Beeby)
QLD Varewell Crystal Bloom ET JC CA (BIS BISS Aust Sup Ch) (Dr Julie Beeby)
QLD Varewell Moonstone Mist (Aust Ch) (Dr Julie Beeby)
VIC Whytewood Georgie Gold E.T. (B.I.S. Aust Ch) (Jalorca Kennels)
VIC Whytewood Jacks Bella Vista(AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Whytewood Kennels)

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