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CH Wildenfox Rubys Gem
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NZ Accolade A Little Bit of Irish at Zoendy (Wendy O'More)
NSW Accolade He'll Break Hearts (IMP NZ) (NZ CH) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Aidan Bayleys N Ice (IMP NZ) (NZ CH/AUST CH/AUST NEUTER CH) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Aidan Red Sambuca (IMP NZ) (NZ CH) (Kelly Hooper and Paula Mitchener)
QLD Amzact Bellflower M.E (Aust Ch & Master Earthdog) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
QLD Amzact Hunters Pick (Aust Ch) (Stephen & Carolyn O'Connor)
QLD Amzact Krafty Krusader M.E (Aust Ch & Master Earthdog) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
QLD Amzact Leap o Faith (Aust Ch) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
QLD Amzact Ride N Shotgun (Aust Ch) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
QLD Amzact Working Wonders M.E (Aust Ch & Master Earthdog) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
NZ Ashlands Mastercard (Ch) (Wendy O'More)
SA Atorae The Alter Ego (Atorae Kennels)
NSW Barloggio Lotti (Ted Cullen)
WA Battlestar All Or Nothing (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Cop This (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Courage Under Fire (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Flaunt It (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Fleet Comanda (Australian Champion) (Sharon Hay)
WA Battlestar Let Em Dream (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Let Em Whispa (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Now Or Nothing (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Preachn Tothe Choir (Ms V E White)
WA Battlestar Spoilt Bitch (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Take Metothe Church (Ms V E White)
WA Battlestar Truly Madly Deeply (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Truly Scrumptious (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Truly Special (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Wannabe The One (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Working Class Man (Australian Champion) (Vicki White)
NSW Baylock Fire and Ice (Miss Samantha King)
VIC Baylock Heart of Fire (Am Gr Ch Sup Ch) (Kimberley Azzopardi)
VIC Baylock Master Brew (AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (Kimberley Azzopardi)
VIC Baylock Midori Splice (CH) (Ms. Kimberley Azzopardi)
VIC Beaconway Malung Memory (Aust Ch) (Alicia & Michael Mann)
VIC Beaulieuhill Piccasso (Sophie Scott)
NSW Bekmar Al Jolson (AUST.CH) (Sheryn & Wayne Muir)
NSW Bekmar Cila Black (BISS -MBIG Aust Ch) (Mrs.J.J.Clifford)
NSW Bekmar Edith Piaf (Sheryn & Wayne Muir)
NSW Bekmar Eric Clapton (Aust.Ch) (J.Clifford)
NSW Bekmar Kim Wilde (RU-BISS Aust.Ch) (Mrs.J.J. Clifford)
NSW Bekmar Ricki Lee Jones (AUST CH) (Kelly Hooper - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Bekmar Russell Morris (RU-BISS-MRUBIG Aust Ch) (Mrs.J.J.Clifford)
NT Bekmar Sophie Ellis Baxter (AUST CH) (Ms Enid Zaglas)
NSW Bekmar Starley (MRU-BISS-BIG-MRUBIG CH) (Mrs.J.Clifford)
QLD Belljacks Believe In Magic (Aust Ch) (S & K Whyatt)
QLD Belljacks Lou Lou (AUST,CH) (S.K Whyatt)
QLD Belljacks Luck Ov The Draw (Aust CH) (Kathy Whyatt)
QLD Belljacks Shadow A Masterpiece (Aust,CH) (S & K Whyatt)
NSW Bernloch Dollar Dazzler (Kerrie Griffis)
NSW Bernloch Elizbeth Taylor (Kerrie Griffis/Lorraine King)
NSW Bernloch Fergie NE (Kerrie Griffis/Lisa Shannahan)
NSW Bernloch For Luvor Money (Aust Ch) (Kerrie Griffis)
NSW Bernloch Honey Bee (Kerrie Griffis)
NSW Bernloch Isabellas Smile (Kerrie Griffis)
NSW Bernloch Miss Cashmere (Kerrie Griffis & Belinda Essery)
NSW Bernloch Northern Doll DNA Clear (D I & A M Aldridge)
NSW Bernloch Nothin But Trouble (Kerrie Griffis)
NSW Bernloch Smart And Sassy DNA Clear (Griffis/Aldridge)
NSW Bernloch Under The Influence (Kerrie Griffis)
NSW Bernloch Xcuse Me Mr Bond (Kerrie Griffis)
NSW Bjorsatters Peer Gynt (Imp SWD) (DK.CH. GER.CH. HUN.CH. INT.CH. NOR.CH. NORD.CH. SE.CH. & Multi BISS & BIG) (Anita-kaye Malby)
VIC Blazeaway Banquo (BIS Multi BISS Multi RUBISS Supreme Ch) (Alicia & Michael Mann)
NSW Bonnyjack Leonardo (Mrs T Morgan)
NSW Braperemi Whatamajig (AUST CH) (Mrs Elizabeth Pennesi)
NSW Brenwick Brother Bart (Robyn Taylor)
NSW Brenwick Heavens Missing Angel (Robyn Taylor)
NSW Brenwick Reign of Power (Australian Champion) (Robyn Taylor)
NSW Brenwick Splash of Moët (Australian Champion) (Robyn Taylor)
NSW Brighthelm Bewitched (Mrs Jennifer Bayliss)
NSW Brighthelm Cantarta (25/2/97- 28/11/2011) (Aust Ch) (S Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Cressida (Ch) (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Delilah (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Figaro ET (16/2/1999- 11/12/2017) (Aust Ch) (S Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Giselle (Aust Ch and Neuter Ch) (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Harriet ET NE (Aust CH) (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Madrigal (Ch) (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm No No Nanette (Ch) (Sarah Gaffikin(David & Julie Cockerill))
QLD Brighthelm Rhapsody In Blue (Aust. Grand Ch.) (Jeanette Noel)
NSW Brighthelm Simply Strauss (2010-2018) (Sarah Gaffikin(David & Julie Cockerill))
NSW Brighthelm Spellbinding (AUST CH) (Jennifer Bayliss/Libertybrook)
NSW Brighthelm Spellbound (AUST CH) (Jennifer Bayliss/Libertybrook)
NSW Brighthelm Unchained Melody (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Wish Upon A Star (Mrs Jennifer Bayliss)
NSW Brighthelm Witches Britches (Aust Ch) (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Burbunya Actor Jack (Aust Ch) (Ted cullen)
NSW Burbunya Claude Rockney (Aust Ch) (Ted Cullen)
VIC Caddarra Just Fearless (AUST CH) (Truhaven Kennels)
VIC Calleigh JR Khaleesi (Julie Callaghan)
NSW Carisbrooke Casablanca (Aust & NZ Ch) (R. Francis-Little)
NSW Carisbrooke Drums Song (Aust Ch) (R. Francis-Little)
NSW Carisbrooke Earl o Essex (CH) (Miss Elizabeth Sykes)
NSW Carisbrooke Jade (R. Francis-Little)
NSW Carisbrooke Marie Claire (Aust Ch) (R. Francis-Little)
NSW Carisbrooke Mary-Anne (R. Francis-Little)
NSW Carisbrooke No Regrets (Aust Ch) (R. Francis-Little)
NSW Carisbrooke Yule Tide (R. Francis-Little)
QLD Casmara /JR Mani (Ch.) (Miss Lucie Noel)
QLD Casmara /JR Tivoli Star (Ch) (Mrs Jeanette Noel)
QLD Casmara Mani (CH) (Jeanette Noel)
QLD Casmara Tivoli Star (CH.) (Jeanette Noel)
NSW Casmara/JR Beau Brummel (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Beau Monde (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Brodie N.E. (CH) (F D Kinnear)
QLD Casmara/JR Cadence (Jeanette Noel)
NSW Casmara/JR Commander (CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Connery (Aust Ch    ) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Cornelius (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Flamenco (Aust Ch) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Gold Flame (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Gold Rush (Aust Ch    ) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Lipstick (Aust Ch) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Magnum (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Majenta (Aust Ch) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Marlena (CH) (F D Kinnear)
NT Casmara/JR Miah CCD (Aust. Gr. Ch.) (Deborah Anderson)
NSW Casmara/JR Saddle Up (CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Top Command (Aust CH & Neuter CH) (Fran Kinnear)
TAS Chaswyck Alfa Romeo (Mrs S T Wickham)
TAS Chaswyck Just De Vine (Mrs S T Wickham)
QLD Classicyds BustaMove (CH) (J,N & M Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Cum Nc Th Real Thing (MBIS, Royal BIS Australian Supreme Champion) (Jason, Nadia & Melaine Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Destinys Child (Australian Champion) (Jason, Nadia and Jenni Attridge)
VIC Classicyds Get Smart (Sup Ch) (Jason,Nadia & Mel / Kimberley)
QLD Classicyds If I Ain't Got U (J, N & M Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Im Sexy N I Know It (Australian Champion) (Jason & Nadia Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Just Havent Met U Yet (J, N & M Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Keepn Up Wth The Ks (Australian Ch) (Jason, Nadia & Melaine Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Let Me Entertain U (J, N & M Attridge)
NSW Classicyds Let Me Entertain U (Joanne Symonds)
QLD Classicyds Never Break Th Chain (Aust Ch) (Sam King & Jason/ Nadia & Mel Attridge)
NSW Classicyds Neverbreak Th Chain (Aust Ch) (Sam King / Jason & Nadia & Mel Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Revenge Is Sweet (Jason & Nadia Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Ringside Romance (Australian Champion) (Jason, Nadia & Mel Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Rude And Aloof (Australian Champion) (Jason & Nadia Attridge)
TAS Classicyds Wreck It Ralph (CH) (Mrs S & Miss A Axton)
VIC Coominya Calender Girl (Janice Russell)
VIC Coominya Conan (Janice Russell)
VIC Coominya Crystabelle (Janice Russell)
NSW Covejack Crystal Cylinder (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Kelly Slater (Aust Ch) (Doug and Janet)
NSW Covejack Killalea (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Mambo (Jayne)
NSW Covejack Mystics (Aust Ch) (Leah Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Opal Sands (Jean & Tony)
NSW Covejack Sea Sprite (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Seaside Dreams (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Shes A Beach (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Surf Power (Jayne Hawkins)
QLD Covejack Surfy Chick (Aust CH) (S & K Whyatt)
NSW Covejack The Duke (Aust Grand Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)

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