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AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION Tealpoint ExcaliburTheMagician ET CA
(Heather Reynolds)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

NSW 14-Jul-2012Moruada Californication (AM CH / INT CH / Multi BIS & BISS SUPREME CH) (Moruada Kennels)
SA 27-Jul-2012Flower Creek Takn' Care Of Business ( Imp. USA ) (Multi. BIS & Multi. BISS ,Australian Supreme Champion & Canadian Champion) (Heiderst Kennels)
NSW 12-Aug-2012Edelhof AimTrak for Beretta (BIS CH) (Jo Roberts)
SA 10-Sep-2012Heiderst Klassic Poetry (BIS Aust. Supreme Ch) (Heiderst Kennels)
SA 31-Oct-2012Atorae Da Vinci Code (BIS NRUBISS RUBIS RUBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Atorae Kennels)
SA 16-Apr-2013Heiderst Risky Business (MULTI BIS, & BISS, SUP.CH.) (Heiderst Kennels)
SA 19-Sep-2013Heiderst Wind InthWillow (BIS, & MULTI RUIS, SUP.CH.) (Heiderst Kennels)
NSW 16-Jan-2014Tealpoint RedCloud Chief (AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (Susan Brown)
SA 21-Mar-2014Woodwych Tommy Hilfiger (NBISS, MBIS Supreme Ch) (Woodwych Kennels)
SA 11-Jul-2014Arosa UR A Class Act (AI) (Imp.NZ) (Multi BIS & BISS Aust.Sup.Ch.) (Heiderst and M Reichmuth)
WA 26-Sep-2014Kobidan Grand Inquisitor (Supreme Champion) (S Nichols & J Cattell)
SA 3-Dec-2014Sevoier Heart Breaker (Multi BIS, RUBIS, Supreme Ch) (Sevoier Kennels)
SA 23-Sep-2016Woodwych Globetrotter (MBIS, RUBIS Supreme Ch) (S, R & L Schwerdt)
SA 18-Aug-2017Heiderst Sailor Moon (BIS & MULTI.RUBIS, SUP. CH.) (Heiderst Kennels)
NSW 1-May-2018Germanicus Arko (Multi Best in Show, Multi BIG & RUIG, Aust Supreme Champion) (Lara Haynes)

Australian GRAND Champions

SA 17-Jun-1998Heiderst Latest Style (Grand Ch) (Mrs R H Smith)
SA 17-Jun-1998Heiderst Chantilly Lace (Aust.Gr.Ch.) (J Drew and Heiderst Kennels)
VIC 15-Jan-1999Heiderst Atouch O Klass CD (Multi BIS BISS GRAND CHAMPION) (Jenny Cattell - Kobidan Kennels)
NSW 19-Mar-1999Valache Top Marques (Grand Champion) (Valache Kennels)
NSW 6-Oct-1999Minado's American Express (Imp USA) (NAT BISS MULTI BIS Grand & Am Ch) (Sue Wright & Joan Maxwell)
SA 26-Mar-2001Heiderst Peer Gynt (Grand Champion) (Heiderst Kennels)
SA 4-Apr-2001Heiderst Cointreau On Ice (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs.R Smith & Mrs. S Webb)
SA 8-Aug-2001Heiderst Mohican Sunrise (AI) (Grand Ch) (Heiderst Kennels)
NSW 11-Sep-2003Moruada California Dreamn' (Multi BISS & BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Moruada Kennels)
VIC 30-Oct-2003Heiderst Sunbird (Multi BIS GRAND CHAMPION) (Jenny Cattell - Kobidan Kennels)
VIC 25-Aug-2004Heiderst Kahlua On Ice (BIS BISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Jenny Cattell - Kobidan Kennels)
SA 9-Sep-2004Heiderst Tempt Me (Aust Grand Ch) (Heiderst Kennels)
QLD 21-Sep-2004Tealpoint Dark N Stormy (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Heather Reynolds)
QLD 22-Mar-2005Tealpoint Hunt Underfire (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Heather Reynolds)
VIC 31-Dec-2005Trupoint Hierarchy (MBIS / BISS Supreme Champion) (Heidi Hartig / Mark Nielsen)
VIC 27-Jul-2006Kobidan Caught N Bowled (BIS BISS Australian Grand Champion) (Jenny Cattell - Kobidan Kennels)
QLD 9-Oct-2006Tealpoint the Ice Dancer (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Heather Reynolds)
NSW 10-Mar-2008Silvagun Blond Over Blue (MULTI RUBIS AUST GRAND CH) (Silvagun Pointers)
SA 13-Aug-2008Woodwych Mustang Sally (NBISS, BISS, RUBISS, RUBIS Grand Ch) (Woodwych Kennels)
VIC 31-Aug-2008Kobidan Devil In A Red Dress (Australian GRAND Champion) (Jenny Cattell - Kobidan Kennels)
VIC 7-Dec-2008Atorae Mikimoto (BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Atorae Kennels - R & M Bush)
NSW 1-Feb-2009Edelhof The Bar Fly (RUBISS AUST GRAND CH) (J.Roberts/D&J Norman)
QLD 11-Jul-2009Klugerhund Bell Bottoms (NBISS MBIS AUST SUP CHAMPION) (A. West / Mr. & Mrs. J. Maxwell)
NSW 10-Aug-2009Knusprig Plum Tukkadout ET (RUBIS RUBISS Grand Champion) (Christine Cunningham & Peter Serle)
VIC 5-Aug-2011Kobidan Flower Power (Australian Grand & Neuter Champion) (S Nichols & J Cattell)
NSW 6-Jan-2012Moruada Madison County (Grand Champion) (Moruada Kennels)
NSW 12-Jan-2012Tealpoint Power Broker (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Susan Brown)
QLD 5-Jun-2013Tealpoint Uptown Dancer (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Heather Reynolds)
VIC 24-Jan-2014Kobidan Faustus (GRAND. CH. GRAND. NEUT. CH.) (Mrs S Nichols & Mrs S Wills)
SA 3-Feb-2014Olde Ridge Wishing On A Star (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Gr Ch) (Atorae Kennels)
TAS 29-Jan-2016Macantsaoi Highland Legend (Aust Gr Ch) (Sally Ratttle & Todd Sproule)
VIC 13-May-2016Pointsure Storm Chaser (Australian Grand Champion) (Ms Raelene Trimble)
TAS 9-Jun-2016Macantsaoi Irish Rhythm (Aust Gr Ch Neut Ch) (Sally Rattle & Todd Sproule)
VIC 8-Dec-2017Canawindra Ru Serious (Australian Grand Champion) (Ms Raelene Trimble)
QLD 5-Jun-2019Tealpoint Dances With Diamonds (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Heather Reynolds)
VIC 24-Jul-2019Canawindra Storm In A Teacup (Australian Grand Champion) (Raelene Trimble)
SA 29-Jul-2019Sevoier The Lightening Thief (Multi BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Sevoier Kennels)
SA 31-Jul-2019Sevoier Fanning The Flames (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Sevoier Kennels)
QLD 28-Oct-2019Tealpoint ExcaliburTheMagician ET CA (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Heather Reynolds)
VIC 13-Dec-2019Canawindra Buck N A Half (Aust Gr Ch) (M J & F L Park)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

NZ 21-Jan-2017Arosa Ur Upperclass (UK SH CH &GR CH & SPL GR CH) (M L Reichmuth)

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