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Judge Name : Mrs Melissa Starkey (QLD)

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Judging Appointments (Australia and NZ Only)

Appointments are based on shows entered in our system since 2012. Please inform us of any errors.

Gundog & Heavy Breeds Club of Qld (QLD) Group 7
27-Mar-22 Pine Rivers Kennel Club (QLD) Group 2
2-May-21 Conformation Judges Training Committee (QLD) Group 7
7-Mar-21 Great Dane Society of Qld Inc (QLD) General Specials
30-Jan-21 Conformation Judges Committee (Show 2) (QLD) Group 7
12-Dec-20 Dogs Queensland (QLD) Group 5
29-Dec-19 Festive Fiesta (QLD) Group 5
20-Jul-19 Melbourne Dog Club Inc (VIC) Group 6
23-Feb-19 Hills Kennel Club of WA (WA) Group 1
22-Feb-19 Hills Kennel Club of WA (WA) Group 6
26-Jan-19 Gold Coast Canine Club (QLD) Group 5
11-Jun-18 Ipswich Kennel Club (QLD) Group 7
10-Jun-18 Ipswich Kennel Club (Show 2) (QLD) Group 1
21-Apr-18 Sunshine Coast Kennel Club (AM SHOW) (QLD) Group 5
14-Oct-17 Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc (NSW) General Specials
24-Jun-17 Woodford Show Society (QLD) Group 6
9-Apr-17 Pine Rivers Kennel Club (QLD) Group 1
5-Mar-17 Hamilton Kennel Association (NZ) Group 6
4-Mar-17 Northern Alaskan Malamute Club (NZ) General Specials
3-Mar-17 Great Northern Siberian Husky Club (NZ) General Specials
28-Jan-17 Gold Coast Canine Club Inc (QLD) Group 5
20-Feb-16 German Shepherd Dog Club Qld Inc (QLD) General Specials
17-Oct-15 Ipswich Kennel Club (QLD) Group 7
17-Oct-15 Ipswich Kennel Club (SHOW 1) (QLD) Group 6
25-Apr-15 Junior Kennel Club of Queensland (QLD) Group 1
31-Jan-15 Beenleigh & District Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 5
3-Aug-14 Northern Classic Kennel Club (QLD) Group 7
26-Jan-14 Gold Coast Canine Club (Show #2) (5pm) (QLD) Group 6
30-Nov-13 Lockyer Valley Kennel Club (QLD) Group 1
11-Aug-13 Border Collie Club of Queensland Inc (QLD) General Specials
16-Feb-13 Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6