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Balinfern Balintore Abby
(Balinfern Collies/Holly Groth)

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VIC Robgai Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Aust. Ch) (R & G Doe)
QLD Robgai Dearly Beloved (Aust Ch) (Miss B A Lines (Lease))
VIC Robgai Dearly Beloved (Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai I Did A Bad Bad Thing (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Jamaican Sunset (Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
NSW Robgai Kissme Onth Dance Flr (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Prime Time (Multi BIS / RUBISS Grand Champion) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Sierra Sunrise (BISS / Multi RUBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mr & Mrs R Doe)
WA Robgai Tangerine Dream (LochWind Kennels. G M Jones.)
VIC Robgai Ticks All The Boxes (Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Whispa Sweet Nothings (BISS / RUBIS Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Whispering Jack (RUBISS Aust. Ch.) (R & G Doe)
SA Rogbai Eveningsong (Ch.) (Mr S & Mrs M Almond)
NSW Rosneath Tombraider (Pauline Worthington)
QLD Roxedo Black Raven (BIS - Multi BISS Australian Supreme Champion) (Miss B A Lines (Kilcoy Kennels))
QLD Sandicourt Don't U Lover her Madly (Australian Champion) (Nerina Rizzo)
NSW Schiehallion A Dream Within (Mrs T S Ryles)
NSW Schiehallion Beautiful inblack (Tracy Ryles)
NSW Schiehallion Beauty Within (Mel)
NSW Schiehallion Moon Mist (Aust Ch) (M/S Tracy Ryles)
NSW Schiehallion Stylish Girl (Mrs T S Ryles)
NSW Schiehallion Won FDad (Aust Ch) (Mrs T Ryles)
VIC Scottlyme Prelude To A Kiss (imp Belgium) (BISS Australian Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
QLD Sea Of Love Of The Holy Mountain (Imp SLO) (K Wright)
NSW Shanelg Finders Keepers (Aust Ch) (A & L Cochrane / W Shipman)
NSW Sherfre Little Ray of Sunshine (Kirsten & Richard Leech)
NSW Sherfre Sent From Heaven (Kirsten & Richard Leech)
NSW Sherfre Shower of Stars (Aust Ch) (Richard & Kirsten Leech)
NSW Steadwyn Fire Caster (Imp Sweden) (Aust Ch) (Kathy Drew)
VIC Steadwyn None More Majestic (Imp Swe) (Australian Champion) (SG & IA Wallace)
NSW Stormypine Briagha (BIS, Aust. Ch.) (R K Hardy)
NSW Stormypine Celtic Dancer (RUBISS) (R K Hardy)
ACT Stormypine Connors Destiny (R K Hardy & L Martin)
NSW Stormypine Snow Dancer (BISS, RUBISS, Aust . Ch.) (R K Hardy)
NSW Stormypine Summer Rain (Ruth Hardy)
VIC Strathaven Beauty Of The Dance (Australian Champion) (SG & IA Wallace)
VIC Strathaven Highland Prince (AI) (Sandra Wallace)
NZ Strathaven Maker of Dreams (Imp Aus) (NZ Ch) (Kathryn Debenham)
NSW Strathaven Prettiest Star (AI) (Louise Thomas-van der Weide)
NSW Strathaven Royal Command (Ms. Susan Ryan)
NSW Strathaven Southern Belle (Ms S Ryan)
VIC Strathaven Supreme Beauty (Mrs S & Mr I Wallace & Mrs L Humphries)
VIC Strathaven The Beauty Of Ebony (AI) (Sandra Wallace)
NSW Sunnyhurst Silk Touch (IMP UK) (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Ch) (Mrs Gaye Jones)
NSW Swinbrad Arctic Spirit (Aust Ch) (J & M Peterson)
NSW Swinbrad Arctic Spy (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Do It By Knight (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Game Breaker (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Invisible Touch (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Jamaica Fantasy (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Jamaica Sensation (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Just Do It (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
QLD Swinbrad Keep In Touch (Aust Ch) (Robert & Chloe Armatys & Donna Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Paper Moon (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Ring Side Gossip (Aust Sup Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Secret Agent (Morris/ Peterson)
NSW Swinbrad Secret Ambition (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Secret Weapon (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
QLD Swinbrad Secrets Lies N Alibis (Robert & Chloe Armatys)
NSW Swinbrad Shut Up N Do It (Aust Sup Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Swinbrad Unleash Your Ambition (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
VIC Talcott Hallelujah CD RM TSD (T. Ch) (Clare Hodges)
WA Tamaron's Arranbrae Tradition (Imp Can) (Can/Aust Ch) (Gail M Jones - LochWind Collies - WA.)
WA Tartanside Tryst (Imp USA) (Gail M Jones)
SA Tasgall Blaze Of Glory (M&J & D Ryan)
SA Tasgall Skyes The Limit (AUST CH) (M&J & D Ryan)
SA Tasgall Son Of A Rich Man (Aust.Grand Ch.) (M&J & D Ryan)
QLD Trenwyth Cherish The Blues (Sue Paige)
QLD Trenwyth Cherish The Love (Aust Ch) (Sue Paige)
QLD Trenwyth Lord Of The Dance (Sue Paige)
QLD Trenwyth Love in The Mist (Aust Ch) (Sue Paige)
QLD Trenwyth Ooh La La (Sue Paige)
QLD Trenwyth That Ol Black Magic (Sue Paige)
QLD Trenwyth To Be Sure (Sue Paige)
NSW Triblu Burning Fire (Tracy Rosenkranz)
NSW Triblu Catching Fire (Australian Champion) (Tracy Rosenkranz)
NSW Triblu Flames Ov Gold (Australian Champion) (Tracy Rosenkranz)
ACT Triblu Gold Dust (Graham Fitzallen & Patricia Vivian)
ACT Triblu Hearts Afire (Australian Champion) (Tracy Rosenkranz)
ACT Triblu Star of Gold (Australian Champion) (Tracy Rosenkranz)
NSW Triblu Sweet Romance (Australian Champion) (Tracy Rosenkranz)
NSW Triblu Up in Flames (Australian Champion) (Tracy Rosenkranz)
NSW Tyronelea A Suitable Boy ADX JDX GD SPDX GDX (Dot Drescik)
SA Tyronelea Ace O Grace (Aust Champion) (Belinda Hales/ Sally Arnold)
NSW Tyronelea Blu Moon Ofkentucky Gen Clear CEA (Aust Champion) (Belinda Hales)
NSW Tyronelea Dark Side Of Moon (Ch) (Mrs SJackson)
WA Tyronelea Everygirlovesasaylah (Mrs Wendy Fancote)
NSW Tyronelea Gazed Upon Thmoon CEA Clear (Belinda Hales)
NSW Tyronelea Gonewith Thewind CEA Carrier DNA (Aust Champion) (Belinda Hales)
NSW Tyronelea Lite Upth Sky (Aust Champion) (Belinda Hales)
NSW Tyronelea Moonglow Carrier CEA DNA (Aust Grand Champion) (Belinda Hales)
NSW Tyronelea Pride And Prejudice (AI) (Aust Champion) (Belinda Hales)
NSW Tyronelea Saylah Moon Gen Clear CEA, MDR1 Clear, DM Carrier, Von Willebrands Clear (Belinda Hales)
NSW Tyronelea Time Flies (Aust Champion) (Belinda Hales)
VIC Vedamea Double Fantasy (CH) (Sue Kennedy & Leah Ryan)
NSW Vedamea A Lil Sinsation (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Vedamea About Last Knight (Ch) (J Wilkinson)
WA Vedamea Art Ov Gold (Aust Ch) (Gail M Jones - LochWind)
NSW Vedamea Be My Alibi (RUBISS Aust Champion) (Barry & Leah. Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Broadway Star (Barry & Leah Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Fantasy By'Knight (Aust Champion) (Barry & Leah Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Heir All About Me (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Vedamea I Spy My Fantasy (Aust Grand Ch) (V & D Morris)
NSW Vedamea I'm Nobody's Alibi (Aust Champion) (L.C & B.J Ryan & J. Wilkinson)
TAS Vedamea Just A Fantasy (Champion) (Mim Bester)
NSW Vedamea Knight O Fantasy (RUBIS/RUBISS Aust Ch) (Barry & Leah Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Light My Fire (Aust Champion) (B & L Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Sheer Fantasy (RUBIS Ch) (Barry & Leah Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Smoke N Mirrors (Australian Champion) (B and L Ryan)
NSW Vedamea The Diamond Beau (Champion) (Barry & Leah Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Walk Into My Spell (Aust Champion) (Barry & Leah Ryan)
NSW Vedamea Walkin On Sunshine (Aust Champion) (Barry & Leah Ryan)
VIC Vimtar Lightning Flash CCD TSDX HT (T CH) (Brafferton Kennels - Vicki & Noel Brown)
VIC Vimtar Thunder Lord TSDX HT (Dual. CH. (T)) (Brafferton - [Vicki and Noel Brown])
NSW Wiru Laird of Balintore (Australian Champion) (Balinfern Collies)
ACT Xanzaree Heir To The Throne (Paula Gleeson)
WA Yambari ForLuv Not Money (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Heather Hawkins)
WA Yambari Mirror of Dreams (Aust Ch) (Heather Hawkins)
WA Yambari Silent Wish (Aust Grand Champ) (Heather Hawkins)
WA Yambari Sudden Impact (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKay)
WA Yambari Sweet Revenge (Multi BIS/ RUBIS Aust Neuter Ch/ Aust Grand Ch) (Heather Hawkins)
SA Yaxeka As Nice To Pie (Ms M Almond)
SA Yaxeka International Velvet (Ch) (Ms M Almond)
QLD Yaxeka Kashima Shima (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jane Armatys)
VIC Yaxeka Midnight in Miami (Ch) (Brentland Kennels)
VIC Yaxeka Road to Rio (Ch) (Brentland Kennels)
SA Yaxeka Surfers Paradise (Ch) (Ms M Almond)
ACT Youanmi Cruisin The Highway (AI) (Aust. CH) (Elizabeth Regan)
WA Youanmi Juslikachoclatmlkshake (Mrs S Wildman)
WA Youanmi Leavamesage Aftathbeep (AI) (Shelley Wildman)
WA Youanmi Thinking Out Loud (ai) (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Wildman)

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