Southern Gundog Society (Show 2) (NSW)

Date of Show : 11-Nov-2012 (Sunday)

Championship Show

The following show results have been submitted to our results system for the above show. It is FREE to submit results.

General Specials

Specials Judge: Mrs Vickie Harris (NSW)

Baby in Show: German Shorthaired Pointer
Moruada California County (Moruada Kennels)
Minor in Show: Pointer
HiPoint Under The Tuscan Sun (AI) (Hipoint Kennels)
Junior in Show: English Springer Spaniel
Aust Ch Reibey Midsummer Windsong (AI) (S Lancaster & G Render)

Bracco Italiano
BOB & Junior of Breed: Moloscyg Brunelleschi (AI) (Dr C & Y Girling / J & R Mirto)

BOB: Aust & Am Ch Magicbrit Tonan The Wizard of Auz (Imp USA) (Peter Marsh)
Bitch CC: Am & Aust Ch Magicbrit Lotties Dream (Peter Marsh)

Curly Coated Retriever
Junior of Breed: Miamba Koonawarra (K Belbin )

English Setter
BOB: Aust Ch Eireannmada Corpus Christi (Dee Jones & Greg Browne)

English Springer Spaniel
BOB & Junior of Breed: Aust Ch Reibey Midsummer Windsong (AI) (S Lancaster & G Render)
Dog CC: Aust Ch Rothley Bolero (Shannon Lancaster & Angela Towle)
Baby of Breed: Stephdie Go For Gold (Mrs Diane Seymour)
Puppy of Breed: Azucroft Th Reason For Treason (R & Y Lauder)

German Shorthaired Pointer
Baby of Breed: Moruada California County (Moruada Kennels)
Junior of Breed: Moruada In Your Dreams (Mrs S H Wright)

Golden Retriever
Puppy of Breed: Giltedge Viva La Diva (T Anderson & K Handley)

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Dog CC: Aust Ch Aprilraine Red Storm (Therese Kropman & Kerry Lynch)
Bitch CC: Aprilraine Georgia Rose (Therese Kropman)

BOB: NZ Ch Sgurr Devious By Nature With HiPoint (AI) (Imp NZ) (J & R Mirto / K Andrews)
Bitch CC & Minor of Breed: HiPoint Under The Tuscan Sun (AI) (Hipoint Kennels)
Puppy of Breed: HiPoint Here Comes The Sun (AI) (HiPoint Kennels)

BOB: Aust Gr Ch Carnmellis Jovita Ashlaren (Imp NZ) (David T Hall)
Minor of Breed: Lukedom When Yr Hot Yr Hot (Melanie Tinker)

Weimaraner (Long-haired)
Bitch CC: Aust Ch Kadma Kikin it up A Notch (Deborah Neumann)
Puppy of Breed: Happylea You Were Right (Deborah Neumann)