Ourgang Untold Gold

Muriel came out screaming and basically hasnt stopped her vocalisms since. She loves to let the world know she is here by always talking whether it be to herself or to someone / something else. She is the clutziest puppy I have ever had, coordination is definitely not her thing so she gives us plenty of laughs along the way.

I waited 14 years for another red girl and though she wont be a show stopper, I am more than happy with her body conformation, I can honestly say one of the best we have had in years, her head is not her fortune but we will see how it finishes. We will watch how she progresses before we decide anything. She really is a cluey girl and has this showing thing down pat.

Loved her first critique from the Victorian SBT Show, I think it is spot on:

Mrs Lynn Casswell - Wavemaker (USA) - 3rd Baby Bitch
Red with White Toes & Chest Markings, dark pigment, tight lips, a bit larger than first two placements, correct front with strong pastern, beautiful level topline with correct low tailset and good rear angles.

Photo at 4.5 mths, 5.5mths

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Sire : Ch Borstaff Never Ending Story S: Ch Linwest Thunderbird S: Supreme & UK Ch Koendidda Umrum
D: Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted
D: Borstaff Huneesukl Rose S: Ch Stanbury Strike The Stars
D: Ch, Neuter Ch Borstaff Hey Heather Hunee
Dam : Grand Ch, Dual Ch (F) Ourgang Dirty Bang S: Ch Bxact Ridin Dirty S: Ch Challenger Dirtie Bertie - Imp NZ
D: Ch Joden Temptress
D: Supreme Ch, Neuter Grand Ch, Dual Ch (F) Ourgang Bang On JC - AI S: Multi Ch Angelic Staff Bang Bang Boogie - Den
D: Ourgang I'll Do What I Want

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