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Judge Name : Miss Sarah Wheatley (QLD)

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I obtained my first show Rhodesian Ridgeback in December 1997 and commenced showing her in February 1998 at the encouragement of her breeder. I fell in love with showing at that very first show. Over the years I have been very fortunate to exhibit many dogs to various levels of success, from Best in Group/Classes in group through to Runner Up to Best in Show/Class in Show awards. I have titled many dogs to Australian Champion and Australian Grand Champion level. From the limited number of dogs from my 16 years of breeding being shown, I have bred 12 Australian Champions with one Grand Champion.
In 2000 I was asked to help handle dachshund starting a love for this breed also. After many years of handling many varieties of dachshunds I obtained my first Standard Smooth bitch in 2009 to become my foundation bitch for dachshunds. Honour has given me a wonderful litter to start off with. Of the three pups that were shown, all were titled by the time they were one year old. Two of these puppies have obtained their Grand Championship title. I have been very fortunate that I have been privileged to handle most breeds in the Hound group, as well as many other breeds across the board.
In 2013 I attended the World Dog Show in Budapest and again in Helsinki in 2014, where I had the opportunity to see some lovely dogs and spend time with other Ridgeback exhibitors and breeders.
Whilst in the United Kingdom I attended the Birmingham National dog show (one of the biggest shows held in the UK) where I co-handled a Rhodesian Ridgeback to Hound Group 1 which was a highlight of my UK holiday. This dog went on to become the top ridgeback in the UK for 2013 and Hound Group 3 at Crufts.
I have had the privilege to judge Rhodesian Ridgebacks at the ELSA club show in Germany, the 20th anniversary show for the Slovakian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Ireland. Whilst in Ireland I also had the opportunity to judge numerous hounds at Clonmel and District Kennel Club. More recently I judged the Hound Club of Western Australia Championship show in September 2016. I have also recently obtained my championship licence for the Gundog group and being privileged to judge both Hounds and Gundogs in Melbourne and Adelaide.
*Member of Dogs Qld
*Member and currently President of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Qld Inc (Previously been Secretary for 12 months and minutes secretary for two years)
*Queensland representative on the NRRC (National Rhodesian Ridgeback Club) for nine years and currently secretary
*Treasurer of the Hound Club of Queensland for the past twelve years.
*Previous Show Secretary and Treasurer at an all breeds club (Waterloo Bay Kennel Club)
*Previous Committee member for Maree Kennel Club for 5 years.

ANKC Licensed to judge HOUNDS and GUNDOGS

I am currently in training for
*Working dogs
*Non Sporting

Miss Sarah Wheatley
Adbesare Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Dachshund Smooth Queensland Australia
Championship Show Judge - Hounds and Gundogs
Breed Specialist Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Dachshund Smooth
Phone: 0419 782 334
e-mail:[email protected]

Judging Appointments (Australia and NZ Only)

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Pine Rivers AH & I Assocation (QLD) Group 4, 6
Gympie & District Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
18-Apr-21 Junior Kennel Club of QLD (QLD) Group 2
31-Dec-20 Dogs QLD Festive Fiesta (QLD) Group 6
13-Sep-20 Beagle Club of Queensland Inc (QLD) General Specials
2-Aug-20 Conformation Judges Committee (Show 1) (QLD) Group 6
28-Jun-19 Redcliffe A H & I Society (QLD) Group 3, 4
12-May-19 Brisbane Valley Kennel Club (QLD) Group 2
6-Apr-19 Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
7-Oct-18 Western Suburbs Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
26-May-18 Maryborough Kennel Club Inc. (QLD) Group 2, 5
20-May-18 Metropolitan Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 3
19-May-18 Metropolitan Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 4
16-May-18 Ipswich Show Society (QLD) Group 3, 4
11-Mar-18 Great Dane Society of Qld (QLD) General Specials
17-Feb-18 Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club (QLD) Group 2
31-Dec-17 Dogs Victoria New Years Eve Amenities Show (VIC) Group 3
30-Dec-17 Dogs Victoria Amenities Show (VIC) Group 4
25-Nov-17 Caboolture Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
28-Oct-17 Ipswich Kennel Club (SHOW 1) (QLD) Group 3
28-Oct-17 Ipswich Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
23-Jul-17 Kennel Association of Queensland (QLD) Group 7
30-Jun-17 Rosewood Show Society (QLD) Group 4
14-May-17 Brisbane Valley Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
18-Feb-17 Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club (QLD) Group 3
28-Jan-17 Gold Coast Canine Club Inc (QLD) Group 2
16-Oct-16 West Highland White Terrier Club Qld (QLD) General Specials
17-Sep-16 The Sporting Spaniel Club of Qld (QLD) General Specials
11-Sep-16 Hound Club of WA (Inc) (WA) Group 4 & General Specials
7-Aug-16 The Setter Club of Queensland (QLD) General Specials
3-Apr-16 Pine Rivers Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
20-Feb-16 Cocker Spaniel Club (QLD) General Specials
15-Nov-15 Sunshine Coast Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
17-May-15 Sunshine Coast Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
2-May-15 American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Qld Inc (QLD) General Specials
28-Mar-15 Gladstone Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 2, 3, 5
8-Mar-15 Old English Sheepdog Club of Qld (SHOW 1) (QLD) General Specials
14-Feb-15 Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club (QLD) Group 2
28-Sep-14 Western Suburbs Kennel Club (QLD) Group 2
13-Sep-14 Hervey Bay Kennel Club (QLD) Group 2, 3, 5
6-Sep-14 Pine Rivers Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
31-May-14 Lockyer Valley Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
9-Mar-14 Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Qld (QLD) General Specials
1-Feb-14 Beenleigh & District Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 3
30-Nov-13 Lockyer Valley Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
19-Oct-13 Ipswich Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
8-Sep-13 Pine Rivers Kennel Club (QLD) Group 3
31-Aug-13 Gold Coast Show Society Inc (QLD) Group 4
31-Dec-12 Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 4