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Judge Name : Mrs Joanne Rasche (SA)

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Our family’s entrance into the world of Staffordshire Bull Terriers was quite by accident, with my brother purchasing a bitch, Cullbandie Game Judy back in mid 1980. I was then aged just 13 years old.

The next addition to our family late in 1980 was Waurstafford Jasper (Butch). I was soon showing and becoming very successful on the Junior Handlers scene. Butch went on to attain his Australian Championship and also CD title in obedience.

The next addition was Madcap Perfect Peggy who also successfully reached Australian Championship title. The breeding behind our first staffords originated predominantly from NZ and UK at that stage. It included famous names like Aust & NZ Ch Wellwisher of Wystaff (Imp UK), Aust & NZ Ch Loggerheads Puddy Pie (Imp NZ), Aust Ch Crossguns Oliver, NZ & Aust Ch Rusden Squire (NZ).

The Anvilhart prefix was registered in 1982.

In 1983 I acquired Waurstafford Harmony, and met my future husband Alan Hartnett, who at that stage owned a bitch by the name of Madcap Molly Dooka. We uprooted our lives and moved to Norseman in WA. (1900kms from Adelaide) Here we began to breed under the prefix of ‘Hartlow’, and had an active showing life between Kalgoorlie and Perth (710kms). Our time in WA saw us add the following Champions to our kennel;
Ch Hartlow Jasper Two CD and Ch Anvilhart Cloudy Mist.

Mum continued with the Anvilhart prefix in Adelaide, producing and/or campaigning numerous champions including 1 Grand Champion and 5 Champions in 4 years.
I returned to Adelaide in 1989 where we continued to breed under the two prefixes. To our kennel came Ch Anvilhart Midnite Rambla and Ch Powerhead Here He Comes. We also added a further 8 Champions; Ch Hartlow Artful Ash ; Ch Hartlow Upnatem Gal; Ch Spaceline Here She Comes; Ch Spaceline Belladonna; Ch Spaceline Charlotte’s Web
Ch Hartlow Just Cause; Ch Hartlow Born To Be Wild; Ch Hartlow De Ja Vue

I currently am licensed for Group 1 (Toys) Group 2 (Terriers), Group 3 (Gundogs) Group 4 (Hounds) and Group 7 (Non sporting) as well as being a trainee for Group 5 and Group 6. I obtained my first license (Terriers) in 1997. I have judged in South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria. My overseas appointments include New Zealand, Wales and South Africa.

I was a part of the initial membership that formed the SBTC of SA, and was Treasurer for a number of years. During this period of time mum and I also ran Obedience lessons for the SBTC of SA. I currently am on the Committee for The Adelaide Hills Kennel Club. I am a Life membership of the SBTC of SA

Due to personal circumstances I was away from the breed between 2000 and 2002 and have became involved again in 2004 with my new bitch Amshka Miss Molly who also attained her Australian Champion title.

Mum (now 88) and I again share the Anvilhart prefix. To date we have campaigned and titled over 50 Staffords including Eight Supreme Champions (four home bred) and 4 Grand Champions (two Home Bred) and we achieved Top Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Australia 2015 in Sup Ch Anvilhart Hot On Your Heels (Charlie) and also campaigned the Top Stafford bitch in Australia in Grand Champion Vanstaff Crazy In Love (Breed competition Dogzonline). Charlie also went on to be TOP TERRIER in South Australia in 2016. We also need and campaigned the Top Rising Star in Australia in 2018 and then again in 2019 with Supreme Champion Anvilhart License to chill and Ch Anvilhart Pray For The Wicked

Other breeds I have had success in include Weimeraners (1989) with our multiple Best In Show (All Breeds winning bitch) – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (2006) – also reaching his Aust Ch title and more recently my daughter and I have obtained English Springer Spaniels with the guidance and assistance of Phil and Marie Merchant.
We have campaigned and titled 4 boys and 4 Bitches of which one reached his Supreme Champion title within 12 months of joining us in 2015. – Ch Birchlands Crown Choice (IMP NZ) and Supreme Ch Birchlands Crown Royal (ImpNZ), Ch Glenkinchie Royal Choice, Ch Birchlands Royal Cadence (Imp NZ), Ch Kinsheran Monkey Business, Ch Glenkinchie Pillow Talk and our home bred Ch Truespring Carpe Diem both titled at 10 months of age

Showing, judging and breeding our dogs is a great passion of myself and my family – with 3 of my 5 daughters also heavily involved.

Judging Appointments (Australia and NZ Only)

Appointments are based on shows entered in our system since 2012. Please inform us of any errors.

15-Nov-20 Welsh Corgi Club of SA Inc ALL BREEDS Show (SA) Group 2
14-Nov-20 Adelaide Districts Working Dog Club Inc ALL BREEDS (PM Show) (SA) Group 4
20-Jul-19 Metropolitan Kennel Club Inc (SA) Group 7
7-Jul-19 KCC Park Show (VIC) Group 1
6-Jul-19 Junior Kennel Club of Victoria Inc (VIC) Group 2
5-May-19 Colac Kennel Club Inc (VIC) Group 3
4-May-19 Colac Ladies Kennel Club Inc (AM SHOW) (VIC) Group 2
4-May-19 Colac Ladies Kennel Club Inc (PM SHOW) (VIC) Group 4
20-Apr-19 North Canterbury Kennel Association (AM BENEFIT SHOW) (NZ) Group 3
20-Apr-19 North Canterbury Kennel Association (PM SHOW) (NZ) Group 2
16-Mar-19 SA Poultry & Kennel Club Inc (SA) Group 6
28-Oct-18 Adelaide Districts Working Dog Club Inc (All Breeds) (SA) Group 4
11-Aug-18 Northern Districts Kennel & Obedience Club Inc (SA) Group 2
5-Aug-18 Metropolitan Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 7
14-Jul-18 Junior Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 6
8-Apr-18 ACT & District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Inc (ACT) General Specials
17-Mar-18 SA Poultry & Kennel Club Inc (SA) General Specials
27-Jan-18 Canine Fund Raisers (WA) Group 1
26-Jan-18 Canine Fund Raisers (WA) Group 3
25-Jan-18 Canine Fund Raisers (WA) Group 2
15-Dec-17 Kilmore Kennel Club Inc (VIC) Group 3
22-Oct-17 Southern Highlands Kennel & Obedience Club Inc (NSW) Group 1
21-Oct-17 Southern Highlands Kennel & Obedience Club Inc (NSW) Group 2
20-Oct-17 Southern Highlands Kennel & Obedience Club Inc (NSW) Group 3
7-Oct-17 Auckland Toy Dog Club (BLUE SHOW) (NZ) Group 1 & General Specials
6-Oct-17 The Terrier Club (NZ) Group 2 & General Specials
29-Apr-17 Sporting Spaniel Club of Qld (QLD) General Specials
3-Dec-16 Welsh Corgi Club of SA All Breeds Amenities Show (SA) Group 3
20-Nov-16 Metropolitan Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 4
9-Oct-16 Gundog Club of Tasmania Inc (TAS) Group 3 & General Specials
9-Oct-16 Tasmanian Kennel Club (TAS) Group 1
20-Dec-15 Canine Fanciers Kennel Club Inc (SA) Group 1
18-Oct-15 Whippet & Greyhound Club SA Inc (SA) General Specials
23-Aug-15 Metropolitan Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 3
14-Mar-15 Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Inc (Parade) (SA) General Specials
1-Sep-13 Canine Fanciers Kennel Club Inc (SA) Group 1
31-Aug-13 Canine Fanciers Kennel Club Inc (SA) Group 2
26-Jul-13 Weimaraner Club of SA Inc (SA) General Specials
30-Sep-12 Kyneton & District Kennel Club Inc (VIC) Group 1