Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Abela, Mrs Nellie NSW
Abraham, Mr Brett QLD  
Ackland, Mr Mark SA        
Ackland, Mrs Bronwen SA        
Ackland, Ms Michelle VIC         
Adamopoulos, Miss Anthea QLD  
Adamopoulos, Ms Alicia QLD         
Adams, Mr Adrian QLD   
Adams, Mrs Linda VIC    
Adams, Miss Kimberly SA         
Adams, Miss Tania SA         
Adamson, Mrs Melissa SA      
Addicott, Mr Alan QLD  
Ainscow, Ms Janet TAS     
Aitchison, Mr Daniel TAS  
Akers, Miss Julana QLD         
Albion, Mrs Ingrid TAS  
Alexander, Ms Glenys VIC
Alexander, Ms Annette VIC    
Allcock, Mrs Alison VIC        
Allitt, Mrs Jo NSW     
Allnutt, Mrs Camilla VIC      
Anagnostis, Mrs Annette TAS    
Ancell, Miss Anna NZ  
Anderson, Mr William VIC      
Anderson, Ms Jane VIC       
Anderson, Mr Bruce NZ
Anderson, Mr Allen SA  
Andrews, Mr Peter SA  
Arkell, Mrs Gail NSW  
Armatys, Mrs Jane QLD
Armstrong, Mr Shane VIC      
Arthur, Mrs Jennifer NSW  
Arthur, Mr Myron NSW
Ashton, Mrs June SA
Aspinall, Miss Julie VIC
Atkinson, Ms Amanda NSW         
Atkinson, Mr Tyron VIC   
Atkinson, Mrs Mary NSW  
Atkinson, Mrs Jennifer NZ   
Attridge, Mr Jason QLD
Attridge, Mrs Nadia QLD  
Attridge, Miss Melaine QLD   
Avery, Mr Shane QLD         
Ayre, Miss Elizabeth WA         
Azzopardi, Ms Kimberley VIC