Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Haddon, Mrs Kim QLD
Hadley, Mrs Sue VIC          
Hales, Ms Belinda NSW      
Hall, Mrs Patricia NSW
Hall, Ms Kate VIC         
Hall, Mr R NZ   
Hall-O'Dwyer, Mr David NSW         
Hamilton, Mr Colin L VIC  
Hamilton, Ms Jenny NZ  
Hammett, Mr Melville NT   
Hammond, Mrs Narelle NSW
Hammond, Mrs Michelle QLD  
Hammond AFSM, Mr Ken NSW
Hanley, Mrs Maureen NSW
Hann, Miss Natalie SA         
Hannigan, Ms Sharon NSW  
Hansen, Mrs Kaye SA         
Hanson, Mrs Betty NZ    
Harbin, Mrs Deborah NSW
Harbin, Mr Robert NSW
Harding, Mrs Pamela NSW  
Harding, Ms Kari SA  
Harding, Mrs Elizabeth VIC    
Hardwick, Mrs Kathleen NZ
Hardwicke, Mr Edward NSW  
Hargraves, Mrs Jean TAS
Harland, Mr Ian SA          
Harper, Mr Peter VIC         
Harris, Mrs Karenne NSW    
Harris, Mrs Vickie NSW    
Harris, Mrs Fay TAS
Harris, Ms Noreen VIC
Harris, Mr Brian NZ
Harris, Mrs Desne NZ     
Harris, Mrs Kim WA         
Harris, Mrs Louise R NZ
Harrison, Mrs Lynn SA
Harrison, Miss Karen NZ  
Harrison, Mrs Nicole NZ     
Harrison, Miss Jessica TAS         
Hartley, Mrs V NZ  
Hartnett, Mrs Margaret (Peggy) SA
Hartnett, Miss Renee SA   
Hartwell, Mrs Pauline NSW    
Harvey, Ms Kerryn SA
Harvey, Mrs Jane VIC  
Harwood, Mrs Lynne VIC
Harwood, Mr Ashley QLD  
Haseldine, Mr Paul SA   
Haseldine, Dr Chevaun SA  
Hatzikiriakos, Mr Craig NSW         
Hawkins, Ms Rosemary VIC  
Hayes, Miss Louise NSW          
Hayes, Ms Rita WA   
Haynes, Miss Tori SA         
Hayward, Mrs D VIC  
Heard, Mrs Joanne SA  
Hearn, Mrs Anne-Marie VIC  
Hearn, Mr Leigh G VIC    
Hedberg, Dr Karen NSW  
Heidenreich, Mrs Susan SA  
Heilmann, Mr Lancelot SA
Hellsten, Ms Kerry VIC   
Henderson, Mr Alistair A VIC      
Henderson, Mr William VIC  
Henley, Mr Don WA  
Hesketh, Ms Glenda WA      
Hession, Mr Frederick NSW    
Hession, Mrs Beryl NSW
Hewinson, Mrs Susan QLD
Hewitt, Mr Martin NZ    
Hewitt, Mrs Pauline QLD    
Hewitt, Dr Paul QLD     
Heyden, Mr Gary QLD  
Heynen, Ms Jacqui SA         
Heys, Miss Tennille QLD         
Hickey, Mr Philip QLD     
Hickey, Mrs Anne NSW      
Hickey, Mrs Michelle QLD      
Hickey, Miss Bianca QLD         
Hickie, Miss Louise NSW  
Hickie, Mrs Mary NSW
Hickie, Mr James NSW    
Hicks, Mrs Wendy NZ   
Higgins, Mr Michael VIC       
Hill, Ms Tanya QLD  
Hill, Ms Sarah VIC   
Hill, Mrs Helen VIC    
Hill, Mr David NSW   
Hill, Ms Paula QLD   
Hinde, Mr Iain QLD
Hindley, Ms Elizabeth ACT  
Hinks, Miss Teegan SA         
Hobbs, Mrs Angela QLD   
Hobday, Mrs Carol VIC  
Hobday, Ms Diane VIC  
Hobson, Mrs Maxeen QLD  
Hockey, Mrs Jean NSW  
Hocking, Mrs Jill VIC
Hodge, Mr Kenneth NSW
Hofman, Mrs Tracy NSW  
Holland, Mrs Heidi NZ   
Holloway, Miss Rachael TAS         
Holman, Mrs Ann Charlotte QLD  
Holtkamp, Mrs Fiona NSW         
Holtkamp, Mr Royce NSW         
Homer, Mrs Ida WA
Honnery, Mr Stan WA   
Hopkins, Miss Paige VIC  
Horchner, Mr Theo VIC
Horn, Mrs Margaret VIC  
Horne, Ms Liane QLD  
Horne, Ms Catherine QLD  
Horne, Miss Laureen QLD         
Horton, Mrs Judy VIC
Houghton, Ms Lyn ACT  
Hovey-Jacobs, Mrs Gwendoline QLD
Howard, Mr Kevin NSW   
Howden, Mrs Jennifer VIC  
Howell, Mrs Anne WA  
Howell, Ms Debra NSW  
Howes, Miss Paige NSW         
Howlett-Trahar, Mrs Lou VIC         
Hoy, Miss Marilyn NSW
Huggins, Ms Amanda NSW  
Hughes, Miss Kellie VIC       
Hugo, Mr John NSW          
Huitema, Ms Tania SA   
Hull, Mrs Debbie NZ    
Humphries, Ms Natalie WA          
Hunt, Mr Alan NSW  
Hunter, Mr Mark NSW         
Hunter, Mr Don NSW  
Hunter, Mrs Joy WA         
Huon, Ms Debra VIC     
Hupfeld, Miss Stephanie SA         
Hurst, Mr Tim NSW          
Hurst, Mr Morgan ACT         
Hutchcraft, Miss Lyndell ACT  
Hutcheson, Mrs Sue VIC     
Hutchings, Mrs Kerin SA
Hutchings, Ms Rachel SA  
Hutchison, Mr John VIC  
Hutchison, Mrs Wendy VIC  
Hutton, Mrs Valerie NSW
Hyde, Mr Derek ACT
Hyde, Mrs Dee ACT
Hyde, Mrs Barbara NZ
Hyman, Ms Jane VIC