Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Abraham, Mr Brett QLD  
Adamopoulos, Miss Anthea QLD  
Adamopoulos, Ms Alicia QLD         
Adams, Mr Adrian QLD   
Addicott, Mr Alan QLD  
Akers, Miss Julana QLD         
Armatys, Mrs Jane QLD
Attridge, Mr Jason QLD
Attridge, Mrs Nadia QLD  
Attridge, Miss Melaine QLD   
Avery, Mr Shane QLD         
Balaam, Mrs Barbara QLD
Ballantyne-Gordon, Mrs Sharon QLD          
Barrs, Miss Beverley QLD         
Bendixen, Ms Shaneen QLD
Bennett, Mr James QLD         
Brault, Mr Peter QLD         
Brookes, Mr Daryl QLD  
Broughton, Mrs Margaret QLD  
Brown, Miss Erin QLD
Brown, Mr Andrew QLD
Brown, Mrs Pamela QLD
Bruno, Mrs Susan QLD
Burgess, Mr John QLD
Burrows, Mr Brett QLD         
Burton, Miss Cynthia QLD     
Byster-Graham, Mrs Dee QLD  
Cameron, Mrs Patricia QLD   
Campbell, Mr Ian QLD         
Cantlon, Mrs Jane QLD         
Carius, Miss Ainslie QLD    
Carpenter, Miss Lisa QLD      
Carter, Mr Wayne QLD         
Cassidy, Mrs Liza QLD  
Cave, Mr Michael QLD   
Collins, Mr Robert QLD         
Collins, Ms Noosha QLD         
Cooney, Ms Amanda QLD    
Costa, Mrs Linda QLD          
Costelloe, Mrs Joanne QLD  
Cousins, Mr Peter QLD
Cowpar, Miss Margaret QLD  
Cripps, Mr Kenneth QLD  
Croad, Mrs Jocelyn QLD
Darling, Ms Frances QLD
Darragh, Mrs Melody QLD  
Davies, Ms Terri QLD         
Davis, Miss Margaret QLD
Dawes, Mrs Ines QLD   
Dennis, Mrs Toni QLD  
Dickson, Mrs Bronwen QLD  
Donald, Mr Louis QLD      
Donaldson, Mrs Carol QLD
Dorr, Ms Louise QLD
Dunne, Miss Amanda QLD  
Eales, Mr Anthony QLD  
Easton, Mr Patrick QLD          
Elliott, Miss Cindy QLD        
Elliott-Dixon, Miss Tianna QLD  
Everson, Mr Garrett QLD         
Everson, Mrs Amanda QLD
Fazey, Mrs Ruth QLD    
Ferguson, Mrs Sara QLD         
Field, Mrs Linda QLD    
Field, Mrs Kathleen QLD       
Finlay, Mr Dominic QLD         
Fitzgerald, Mr Robert QLD
Fleming, Ms Jo QLD    
Fornasier, Miss Cristina QLD         
Fry, Mr Reece QLD  
Glenn, Mrs Jenine QLD         
Goller, Miss Glenda QLD
Goller, Mrs Aileen QLD  
Gowen, Miss Kirsten QLD         
Grant, Mr Joshua QLD         
Grant, Mrs Melissa QLD         
Green, Miss Rosemary QLD
Greensill, Mr Harold QLD         
Greenwood, Mrs Ulla QLD
Greer, Mr Colin QLD    
Greig, Ms Terri QLD         
Grendon, Miss Jasmyn QLD         
Guilfoyle, Ms Stacy QLD  
Gunn, Ms Carol QLD
Haddon, Mrs Kim QLD
Hammond, Mrs Michelle QLD  
Harwood, Mr Ashley QLD  
Hewinson, Mrs Susan QLD
Hewitt, Mrs Pauline QLD    
Hewitt, Dr Paul QLD     
Heyden, Mr Gary QLD  
Heys, Miss Tennille QLD         
Hickey, Mr Philip QLD     
Hickey, Mrs Michelle QLD      
Hickey, Miss Bianca QLD         
Hill, Ms Tanya QLD  
Hill, Ms Paula QLD   
Hinde, Mr Iain QLD
Hobbs, Mrs Angela QLD   
Hobson, Mrs Maxeen QLD  
Holman, Mrs Ann Charlotte QLD  
Horne, Ms Liane QLD  
Horne, Ms Catherine QLD  
Horne, Miss Laureen QLD         
Hovey-Jacobs, Mrs Gwendoline QLD
Iggleden, Mr Kenneth QLD
Ioannidis, Mr George QLD          
Ireland, Mrs Julie QLD
Jackson, Mr Neville QLD
Jacobson, Ms Kirri-Lee QLD         
Jacques, Mrs Debra QLD  
James, Mr Bernard QLD  
James, Mr Francis QLD
Jenkins, Miss Karen QLD  
Jermey, Mr Peter QLD
Jewell, Mrs Sherry QLD   
Johansen, Mrs Patrice QLD
Johnson, Mr Dan QLD       
Jones, Mr Victor QLD
Jovanovic, Mrs Dianne QLD
Kay, Mrs Maureen QLD      
Kay, Mr Noel QLD      
Keong, Mrs Carol QLD
Kerr, Mr Graham QLD
Kill, Mr Geoffrey QLD
Kill, Mr David QLD  
Kinlyside, Mr Gavin QLD         
Kuhn, Mrs Kylie QLD         
Lacey, Miss Karla QLD         
Lancey, Miss Breanne QLD  
Lawrence, Mr Gordon QLD          
Lee, Ms Maxine QLD  
Leslie, Mrs Kylie QLD         
Leyden, Mr Craig QLD   
MacAndie, Mr Alan QLD      
Maguire, Miss Kerry QLD  
Mahoney, Miss Ashlee QLD         
Major, Mrs Donna QLD         
Mangan, Ms Karen QLD    
Mangin, Mrs Benita QLD  
Mangin, Miss Olivia QLD         
Mannell, Mrs Janelle QLD  
Marker, Mrs Bente QLD
Marshall, Miss Emma QLD         
Maxwell, Mrs Wendy QLD  
Mayer, Mr Maximillian QLD         
McAllister, Mr Duncan QLD  
McCann, Mrs Joanne QLD   
McDonald, Mrs Tanya QLD
McGhie, Ms Kaye QLD
McGinn, Mrs Annemaria QLD    
McGinn, Mr Keith QLD    
McGreevy, Mr Dennis QLD
McGreevy, Mrs Chris QLD
McGreevy, Mr Nathan QLD  
McGregor, Mrs Janet QLD  
Mckay, Ms Jodie QLD         
McKeown, Mr David QLD          
McLaughlin, Miss Liza QLD         
McLennan, Mrs Myra (Mickey) QLD  
McLeod, Mrs Patricia QLD
McNeill, Mrs Gay QLD  
Meyer, Mr Jacobus QLD  
Mitchell, Mr John QLD  
Moes, Mr Christoper QLD          
Moore, Miss Alishia QLD         
Morphet, Mrs Marilyn QLD  
Morrison-Teirney, Mrs Deborah QLD        
Munro, Mrs Sharon QLD         
Myers, Ms Geraldine QLD         
Nan-Kivell, Mrs Ellen QLD  
Ness, Mr George QLD
Ness, Mr Andrew QLD         
Newick, Mrs Glenda QLD     
Nichols, Mrs Keri QLD  
Nicholson, Ms Robyn QLD
Nielsen, Mrs Lynn QLD  
Norman, Miss Diana QLD
O'Brien, Mrs Shelly QLD         
O'Brien, Mrs Aileen QLD         
Ogden, Mr Russell QLD
Paton, Miss Fionna QLD       
Paull, Miss Olivia QLD         
Payne, Miss Tara QLD         
Pearen, Miss Carolyn QLD
Phillips, Miss Sharyn QLD  
Pleydell-Fry, Mrs Wendy QLD   
Randell, Mr Howard QLD          
Rasmussen, Mr Ian QLD
Reilly, Mrs Jessica QLD   
Roebig, Mrs Lesley QLD  
Royston, Mrs Veronica QLD      
Ryan, Miss Carolyn QLD
Ryder, Mr Edward QLD
Schelbach, Ms Mandy QLD
Schneider, Mrs Vicki QLD
Scott, Mr Wayne QLD         
Scott, Miss Naomi QLD         
Scrivens, Ms Amanda QLD          
Seare, Mrs Roslyn QLD
Sharpe, Mrs Tracey QLD         
Shuttlewood, Mrs Megan QLD         
Siemon, Miss Nadine QLD         
Smid, Ms Sandra QLD   
Smith, Mr William QLD
Smith, Mrs Denise QLD
Smith, Mrs Patricia QLD  
Smith, Ms Sonia QLD      
Sorrell, Mrs Rachael QLD         
Speed, Mrs Carol QLD
Spence, Mrs Valerie QLD
Staines, Mr David QLD
Starkey, Mrs Melissa QLD  
Stembridge, Ms Jenny QLD  
Stewart, Mrs Moira QLD          
Sully, Mr Trevor QLD       
Sweeney, Mrs Jennifer QLD         
Tassan, Mrs Silvana QLD
Tassan, Mr Serge QLD
Taylor, Mrs Sharron QLD
Thomas, Mr Shane QLD
Thomas, Mr Tim QLD
Thompson, Mr Brett QLD
Tjerkstra, Mr Pieter QLD
Toohey, Mr Joshua QLD         
Tosi, Ms Kim QLD
Trotter, Mrs Lynda QLD  
Van Der Walle, Ms Nicole QLD         
Vardy, Mrs Kellie QLD         
Vecchio, Mrs Fiona QLD         
Vernon, Mr Rodney QLD      
Vowell, Mrs Karen QLD    
Walker, Mrs Catherine QLD  
Wall, Mrs Janet QLD   
Ward, Mrs Karen QLD         
Ward, Miss Kimberley QLD         
Waters, Miss Tymeeka QLD         
Watt, Mr Michael QLD  
Watt, Mrs Jennifer QLD  
Webber, Mrs Margaret QLD
Wedgwood, Ms Margaret QLD   
Weil, Mrs Helen QLD
Weil, Mr Anton QLD
West, Miss Belinda QLD  
Wheatley, Miss Sarah QLD   
Whincop, Mrs Patricia QLD          
White, Mrs Sue QLD   
Whitehead, Mr John QLD   
Williams, Mr Brian QLD      
Wilshier, Mr Glenn QLD  
Wilshier, Mrs Jodie QLD
Woodrow, Mr Christopher QLD
Wright, Mr Lance QLD
Yardley, Mrs Joanne QLD         
Yardley, Mrs Justine QLD  
Yates, Mr Michael QLD
Yates, Mrs Vicki QLD      
Yiannou, Mr Steve QLD