Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Packer, Ms Susan SA
Paine, Ms Carrie NSW
Paintain, Bear NSW         
Palmer, Mr John NSW
Palmer, Mr Carl NSW          
Pandelis, Ms Rebecca NSW         
Parekowhai, Mrs Lyn NZ    
Parke, Miss Victoria WA        
Parker, Ms Debbie VIC      
Parker, Ms Emma ACT
Parker, Miss Tracey NSW  
Parker, Ms E SA
Parker, Mrs E (Betty) NZ   
Parker, Mrs Lee VIC
Parker O'Sullivan, Mrs Claire NSW  
Parker-Brien, Mrs Michelle NSW  
Parr, Mrs Carla NSW  
Patchett, Mr James VIC    
Paterson, Mr Raymond SA          
Paterson, Mrs Deirdre SA
Paton, Miss Fionna QLD       
Patten, Ms Marie NSW
Patterson, Mrs Sandra NSW
Paul, Mrs Karen NSW  
Paule, Mrs Judy NSW          
Paull, Miss Olivia QLD         
Payne, Miss Tara QLD         
Payne, Mr Lyall NZ     
Pearce, Ms Kerrie WA         
Pearen, Miss Carolyn QLD
Pearson, Ms Kerryn SA   
Pearson, Mrs Jill VIC    
Pearson, Miss Nicole NSW    
Pearson, Mrs Lynette NSW         
Peck, Mrs Carla NZ        
Pedersen, Mrs Hilary NSW
Peel, Mr S NZ    
Pemberton, Miss Laura SA         
Pendon, Mr Joseph NSW   
Pepperell, Mr L VIC     
Perkins, Mrs Shannon SA    
Perkins, Ms Vicki VIC       
Perkiss, Miss Tiarne NSW         
Perrett, Mrs Melinda NSW         
Petersen, Miss Aimee VIC         
Phegan, Ms Sharon NSW
Phelps, Mr Peter NSW      
Phillips, Miss Sharyn QLD  
Phillips, Mr Craig VIC       
Phillips, Ms Sue VIC  
Phillips, Mr G VIC          
Pickering, Mr Edward NSW
Pike, Ms Jane SA      
Pike, Mrs Sheryle SA  
Piket, Ms Monica NSW  
Pittelli, Mr Salvo SA          
Plackett, Mrs Susane NSW  
Pleydell-Fry, Mrs Wendy QLD   
Potts, Ms Carolyn SA     
Poulton, Mr Phillip NSW  
Poulton, Mrs Judith NSW          
Powell, Mr Trever VIC  
Powell, Miss Tracey VIC         
Powell, Mrs Elaine VIC         
Powell, Mr James NSW     
Power, Ms Sylvia VIC    
Powley, Mrs Merle NZ     
Pozerski, Mrs Anna WA  
Preece-Pickering, Mrs Rebecca NSW
Prendergast, Mrs Kym WA  
Price, Ms Kirsten NZ   
Price, Mr Anthony VIC  
Price, Mr Gerard NZ  
Price-Killeen, Ms Robyn VIC  
Prideaux, Mrs Felicity NSW  
Primrose, Mr Peter WA
Primrose, Mrs Rita WA       
Primrose, Miss Chelsey WA         
Prior, Mr Keith VIC     
Privett, Mrs Rosemary NSW         
Probert, Ms Melita SA         
Prouse, Ms Mel TAS         
Puklowski, Mrs Sigrid NZ   
Purches, Mrs Rachel NSW  
Puttock, Ms Donna NSW