Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Sach, Mrs Jeni WA  
Sales, Mr David TAS  
Saltau, Mrs Donna VIC  
Saltiel, Mr Graham NZ    
Salvestrin, Ms Janelle NSW    
Sandford, Mr Scott NZ      
Santas, Ms Katrina NSW
Santas, Mr Brad NSW   
Sawley, Mrs Maureen SA   
Sayers, Ms Jenny WA  
Scales, Mrs Patricia NSW  
Scales, Ms Tanya NSW  
Scarcella, Mrs Suzanne VIC  
Schelbach, Ms Mandy QLD
Schelfhorst, Ms Erica VIC   
Schilling, Mr Duncan NZ     
Schipp, Mr Roger VIC        
Schmidt, Mrs Sylvia NZ    
Schneider, Mrs Vicki QLD
Schnitzer, Mr Wolfgang SA   
Scholes, Mrs Sue VIC   
Schuck, Mrs Ray NSW        
Schwerdt, Miss Lauren SA    
Schwerdt, Mr Stephen SA
Scott, Mr Wayne QLD         
Scott, Miss Kelly NSW         
Scott, Miss Naomi QLD         
Scott, Mr Glenn NSW         
Scott, Mrs Elizabeth VIC          
Scott, Mr Craig NZ    
Scott, Ms Jacinta VIC         
Scotton, Mrs Catherine VIC
Scrivens, Ms Amanda QLD          
Sculac, Ms Jennifer VIC  
Seare, Mrs Roslyn QLD
Seary, Miss Jan NSW
Seeber, Mrs Cherri WA
Selby, Miss Madeleine WA   
Sewell, Miss Stacey WA
Sewell, Mrs Joanne WA
Seymour, Rev Colin NSW
Shackleford, Mrs Diane VIC  
Shah, Ms Charlotte VIC    
Sharp, Mr Wayne VIC      
Sharpe, Ms Sylvia VIC   
Sharpe, Mrs Marlene VIC         
Sharpe, Miss Caroline VIC         
Sharpe, Mrs Tracey QLD         
Sharrett, Ms Neridah WA  
Shaw, Mrs Elizabeth SA  
Shaw, Miss Rachel NSW         
Shellback, Mrs Sue WA         
Shepherdson, Mrs Berlinda SA     
Sheppard, Mrs Cheryl VIC      
Sheppard, Mr John NSW
Sheppard, Mr Kenneth NSW   
Sheppard, Mrs Marlene NSW  
Sherlock, Mrs K VIC      
Shrigley, Mrs Susan WA
Shugg, Mrs Anita NZ       
Shuttlewood, Mrs Megan QLD         
Sidebottom, Mr Douglas ACT
Silvester, Miss Mary-Anne TAS  
Simmons, Mrs C NZ    
Simmons, Mr Keith NZ
Sing, Mrs Jodie NSW          
Skiller, Mr Jon NSW     
Skilton, Mrs Barbara NSW
Slade, Mrs Raylene NSW         
Slatyer, Mrs Wendye NSW
Sleebs, Miss Janelle VIC         
Sloan, Ms Teena TAS
Sloan, Mrs Sonya NZ   
Sluga, Mr F VIC          
Smid, Ms Sandra QLD   
Smith, Ms Kathy VIC     
Smith, Mr William QLD
Smith, Mrs Denise QLD
Smith, Mrs Cathy NSW  
Smith, Mrs Patrice NSW    
Smith, Mr David NSW  
Smith, Mr Andre VIC    
Smith, Mr Donald NSW         
Smith, Mr Howard M VIC      
Smith, Ms Yanina TAS
Smith, Mrs Patricia QLD  
Smith, Mrs Carol SA   
Smith, Mrs Elizabeth VIC   
Smith, Mrs Stefanie NSW
Smith, Ms Ambre WA      
Smith, Mr Matthew SA    
Smith, Dr Lindsey SA         
Smith, Ms Carol NT         
Smith, Ms Yvonne NZ
Smith, Mrs Glenys NZ    
Smith, Mrs Bernadette VIC       
Sneath, Mrs Kay VIC  
Sneddon, Miss Angela NSW         
Somers, Ms Lauren NSW          
Sorensen, Mrs Denise NSW       
Sorraghan, Mrs Anne VIC  
Sorraghan, Mr Ron VIC   
Sorrell, Mrs Rachael QLD         
Soti, Mr Eric SA
Spagnolo, Mr Guy NSW
Spangler, Mr Ian SA  
Spanswick, Mrs Anna NSW
Spargo, Mrs Lynn WA  
Sparham, Mr Glenn NSW       
Spear, Mrs Christine SA         
Speed, Mrs Carol QLD
Spence, Mrs Valerie QLD
Spencer, Mrs Courtney NSW         
Spencer, Ms Robynne VIC  
Spicer, Mr Keith VIC   
Spiteri, Mrs Kathryn NSW  
Sproat, Mrs Kathy VIC    
Spry, Ms Christine SA       
St Lawrence, Mrs Marolyn NSW          
Staines, Mr David QLD
Stanton, Miss Ashlea WA  
Stanton, Mr John NZ
Starkey, Mrs Melissa QLD  
Starky, Mrs Judith NSW  
Starling, Ms Joanna VIC         
Stasytis, Ms Sally VIC  
Stembridge, Ms Jenny QLD  
Stephens, Miss Skye NSW         
Stephenson, Mr Lance VIC   
Stevens, Mrs Linda ACT
Stevenson, Mr Paul TAS   
Stevenson, Mr Graeme NSW          
Stevenson, Mr William NSW
Stewart, Mrs Moira QLD          
Stewart, Ms Jayne VIC    
Stoate, Mrs Colleen VIC  
Stock, Mrs Rachel NSW    
Stocks, Mrs Sandra NSW  
Stokes, Mrs Fay NSW          
Storrs, Mrs Catherine WA       
Strachan, Mr David NSW
Strang, Miss Sarah NSW    
Strathdee, Mr Norm NSW  
Stratton, Ms Diane SA     
Stretton, Mr Allan NZ       
Stringer, Mrs Esme VIC  
Strongman, Mrs Linda NZ
Stuart, Miss Caroline NSW
Stubbings, Mrs Debra NSW         
Suhr, Miss Pauline NSW
Sullivan, Mrs Joyce SA  
Sullivan, Mr John SA   
Sully, Mr Trevor QLD       
Summers, Mr Kevin J VIC  
Summers, Ms Felicity VIC       
Sunman, Ms Tina SA         
Sunn, Dr Kathryn NSW  
Surman, Mr Robert SA    
Sutherland, Mrs Sue VIC
Svaljek, Mr Mick VIC       
Swalling, Mrs Sue SA  
Sweeney, Mrs Jennifer QLD         
Swift, Mr D NZ    
Swift, Mrs S NZ    
Sykes, Mr Christopher J VIC