Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Raftis, Mrs Alison R VIC       
Rafton, Ms Rebecca NSW  
Rafton, Mrs Christina NSW
Rainey, Ms Janet SA          
Ralphs, Mrs Rhonda NSW
Rampant, Mr Ken NSW   
Randell, Mr Howard QLD          
Ranie, Mr William ACT
Rasche, Mrs Joanne SA  
Rasmussen, Mr Ian QLD
Raven, Mrs Cathy VIC  
Raven, Miss Robyn VIC         
Raymond, Mrs Anne SA  
Rea, Ms Cheryl NSW         
Reading, Mr Albert SA
Redhead, Mr Robert SA
Redhead, Mrs Connie SA
Redman, Mrs Dawn SA     
Reeder, Mrs Kim NSW   
Reeve, Mrs Sandra NSW
Reichmuth, Mrs Michele NZ    
Reid, Mrs Peta NSW  
Reid, Mr Ashley VIC
Reid, Mr Craig VIC  
Reidy, Mr M NZ     
Reilly, Mrs Jessica QLD   
Rennie, Ms Sharon NZ  
Renwood, Mrs Nicola VIC    
Rhodes, Mrs Allison VIC  
Rice, Mr John SA
Richardson, Mr Ben VIC      
Richardson, Ms Karen WA         
Richter, Mrs Lois SA   
Rickard, Mrs Stephanie VIC
Riddell, Mr Bruce NSW  
Riley, Mrs Diane NZ   
Risk, Miss Julie NSW  
Ritchie, Mrs Susan NSW         
Robert, Ms Ann WA     
Roberts, Mrs Colleen NSW
Roberts, Ms Michelle WA
Roberts, Miss Alarnah NSW         
Robertson, Mrs Robin NSW
Robertson, Dr Bruce NSW    
Robertson, Ms Judith-Ann VIC        
Robinson, Mr Keith NSW    
Robinson, Ms Maureen TAS      
Robinson, Mrs Gloria WA         
Robinson BEM, Mr Paul NZ    
Rodger, Mr James VIC          
Roebig, Mrs Lesley QLD  
Rolfe, Mrs Kerry NSW  
Rolfe, Mrs Yvette NSW  
Rose, Mrs Vicky NSW  
Rose, Miss Susan NSW
Ross, Mrs Julie SA          
Rowles, Mrs Lianne NSW
Rowles, Mr John NSW
Royston, Mrs Veronica QLD      
Rule-Steele, Mrs Nolene NSW     
Rumpler, Mr R G NZ
Russell, Ms L VIC       
Russell, Mrs Patricia NSW  
Ryan, Ms Caitlin VIC    
Ryan, Ms Natasha WA  
Ryan, Mrs Leah NSW   
Ryder, Mr Edward QLD