Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Wailes, Mr Stephen VIC  
Waite, Mrs Jan VIC    
Walker, Mr Colin NZ    
Walker, Mrs Catherine QLD  
Walker, Mrs Kim NSW         
Walker, Miss Crystal NSW         
Walker, Miss Tracey TAS  
Walker, Mr Jason NSW     
Walker, Mrs H A (Anne) SA         
Walker, Mrs Shelley NZ
Wall, Mrs Janet QLD   
Wall, Mr David VIC         
Wall, Mr Raymond TAS  
Wall, Mrs Denise VIC         
Wallace, Mrs Cathy NZ  
Wallis, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Wallis, Mr Joel VIC         
Walmsley, Mrs Elizabeth WA   
Walmsley, Mr Adrian NSW  
Walsh, Mrs Linda VIC  
Walsh, Miss Kaye NSW         
Walton, Ms Lynne VIC  
Warby, Mr Peter NSW
Ward, Ms Fiona VIC  
Ward, Mrs Karen QLD         
Ward, Miss Kimberley QLD         
Ward-Buckley, Ms Karen VIC  
Wardle, Mrs Kim VIC       
Waring, Mr Frank WA
Warman, Miss Beth NZ
Warner, Mrs Eunice VIC  
Warren-Powell, Ms Lorraine NSW     
Warry, Mr Steven WA
Waters, Miss Tymeeka QLD         
Watkiss, Mr Jamie M WA   
Watling, Mr Simon TAS         
Watson, Mrs Lyn VIC
Watson, Mrs Marion WA
Watson, Mr Richard TAS
Watt, Mr Michael QLD  
Watt, Mrs Jennifer QLD  
Watt, Miss Beverley VIC
Weaver, Mrs Rosemary NZ  
Webb, Mr Trevor SA   
Webber, Mrs Margaret QLD
Weber, Mrs Peta NSW   
Webster, Mr Keiran VIC         
Wedgwood, Ms Margaret QLD   
Weekes, Ms Jacqui VIC
Weil, Mrs Helen QLD
Weil, Mr Anton QLD
Wells, Mrs Elizabeth NSW  
Wells, Mrs Delia WA  
West, Miss Belinda QLD      
Wheatley, Miss Sarah QLD   
Wheeler, Mr Lawrence NSW      
Wheeler, Mrs Maria NSW          
Whillock, Mrs Donna NSW         
Whincop, Mrs Patricia QLD          
White, Ms Vicki WA   
White, Mrs Sue QLD   
Whiteford, Mr H VIC      
Whitehead, Mr John QLD   
Whiteley, Ms Katherine VIC    
Whitfield, Mr Geoff NZ
Whitney, Mrs Jenny NSW  
Whyte, Ms Nichole WA          
Wilcock, Mrs Gael VIC          
Wilcox, Mrs Ada A VIC     
Wilcox, Mr Terry VIC     
Wildman, Mrs Shelley WA      
Wilkes, Mrs Debbie R WA    
Wilkes, Mr Paul WA
Wilkinson, Mr Mick VIC  
Wilkinson, Mrs Maureen WA    
Wilkinson, Mr Dale NZ   
Willcock, Mrs H NZ        
Williams, Mrs Robyn NSW
Williams, Mrs Katherine WA   
Williams, Mrs Lucy NSW  
Williams, Mr Brian QLD      
Williams, Mrs Janine NSW         
Williams, Mrs Robyn NZ
Willmott, Ms Shirley SA     
Wilshier, Mr Glenn QLD  
Wilshier, Mrs Jodie QLD
Wilson, Mrs D NZ
Wilson, Ms Kylie VIC   
Wilson, Mrs Nancy VIC  
Wiltshire, Miss Lacey TAS         
Winch, Mr Gordon (Max) VIC
Winter, Mr Ken WA          
Winter, Mrs Diane NSW         
Wiseman, Mr Tony NSW          
Wishart, Ms Katherine VIC    
Wishart, Mr John VIC  
Wistuba, Mr Blake NSW   
Withers, Mr Gary NZ        
Wittenberg, Mr Ashley SA         
Wong, Mr David NSW    
Wood, Ms Cathy SA    
Wood, Mr Stephen NSW          
Woodburn, Mr Barry NSW  
Woodrow, Mr Christopher QLD
Woods, Ms Dianna ACT       
Woolcock, Miss Carole NSW    
Woolley, Ms Judith ACT     
Woolley, Ms Lisa VIC  
Wouters, Ms Wendy NSW   
Wraith, Mr Stephen VIC    
Wright, Mrs Anita SA  
Wright, Mrs Carol VIC    
Wright, Ms Tayla VIC         
Wright, Mr Lance QLD  
Wright, Ms Cheryl VIC    
Wright, Mrs Dianne NSW  
Wright, Mrs Donna NZ       
Wyatt, Mrs Judy VIC