Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Ackland, Ms Michelle VIC         
Adams, Mrs Linda VIC    
Alexander, Ms Glenys VIC
Alexander, Ms Annette VIC    
Allcock, Mrs Alison VIC        
Allnutt, Mrs Camilla VIC      
Anderson, Mr William VIC      
Anderson, Ms Jane VIC       
Armstrong, Mr Shane VIC      
Aspinall, Miss Julie VIC
Atkinson, Mr Tyron VIC   
Azzopardi, Ms Kimberley VIC         
Baillie, Mrs Diane VIC
Baird, Ms Susie VIC       
Baker, Ms Jennifer VIC      
Bam, Mr Jonathan VIC     
Barclay, Mrs Dianne VIC  
Barclay, Dr D R VIC    
Barclay, Mrs Pauline F VIC  
Barrand, Mr Reg VIC   
Bateup, Mrs Shelley L VIC  
Batty, Mrs Patricia VIC     
Baxter, Ms Annette VIC  
Beaman, Miss Sarah-Jade VIC       
Beckett, Mr Geoff J VIC  
Beer, Dr Linda VIC  
Bell, Mr Robert VIC
Bennett, Miss S L VIC     
Bennetts, Mr Rodney J VIC  
Benton, Mrs Melody VIC  
Berrill, Ms Lisa VIC    
Birch, Miss Carryn VIC  
Bleakley, Mr Lionel VIC       
Boce, Mrs Wendy VIC    
Bolden, Miss L J VIC  
Bover, Ms Sharon VIC   
Bowey, Mr Darren VIC
Bowler, Miss Claire VIC         
Boxhall, Mr Ern VIC
Boyle, Ms Diane VIC   
Brace, Mr David VIC  
Brace, Mrs Rosina VIC       
Bridgford, Mr Roger VIC
Briggs, Mr Simon VIC    
Brodie, Ms Louise VIC    
Browne, Mr G B VIC  
Brownlee, Mrs Janet VIC   
Buckley, Ms Gail VIC   
Budd, Mr Stewart VIC  
Bullen, Ms Kirstin VIC         
Burrell, Mrs Marie VIC        
Burt, Mr Andrew J VIC
Camac, Ms Cathy VIC
Camac, Mr James VIC
Cameron-Codognotto, Ms Sue VIC    
Campbell, Mr Ken VIC  
Campbell, Mrs Janice VIC
Carter, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Cassar, Mrs Leanne VIC     
Cassingena, Mr Sylvano E VIC   
Cavallo, Mr Cameron VIC    
Cave, Mr Peter VIC    
Cave, Mrs Maria VIC    
Cheney, Mrs Glenda VIC  
Clark, Mr Ian VIC       
Clark, Mrs Phillipa VIC      
Clarke, Mr Mark VIC  
Clegg, Ms Meredith VIC
Clifton, Mrs Frieda VIC  
Colbourne, Mr Peter L VIC  
Collyer, Ms Anne VIC
Connor, Mrs Pat VIC  
Cook, Miss Janice VIC      
Cook, Mrs Glenda VIC
Cooke, Ms Jan VIC  
Cooper, Mr Roy VIC         
Coralluzzo, Mrs Kris VIC  
Coyle, Miss T VIC        
Cronchey, Mrs M Gill VIC  
Crooks, Mrs S Faye VIC    
Davidson, Mr John VIC   
Davidson, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Davies, Mrs Sheila VIC         
Davis, Ms Vivian VIC    
Daws, Mr Graham VIC  
Day, Dr Carla VIC   
Debono, Ms Taylah VIC         
Dickinson-Franks, Ms Julie VIC
Douglas OAM, Mr Wayne VIC
Douglass, Ms Samantha VIC   
Doyle, Mr John J VIC  
Doyle, Mrs Barbara VIC
Druce, Mr Adam VIC  
Edwards, Mr R VIC      
Edwards, Miss Elise VIC         
Ellis, Ms Fiona VIC  
Evans, Mr Christopher VIC      
Evans, Miss Cathryn VIC      
Fairhall, Ms Lesley VIC  
Farley, Mrs F VIC          
Filipovic, Mr Daniel VIC     
Findlay, Mrs Denise VIC          
Fleming, Mrs Gwen VIC      
Fleming, Mr Wayne VIC      
Ford, Mrs Gwen VIC  
Ford, Mr Doug Q VIC    
Frost, Mr Peter VIC
Fry, Mr Arthur VIC
Gard, Mrs Judith L VIC  
Gaut, Mr George VIC   
Glover, Mrs Michel A VIC  
Goodchild, Ms Suzanne VIC  
Gostelow, Mrs Maureen VIC  
Greasley, Mr Warren VIC  
Green, Mr Greg VIC          
Greenall, Mr Les VIC   
Greenway, Dr Emma VIC   
Griffiths, Mr Peter VIC     
Grutzner, Ms Pauline VIC
Guthrie, Mrs Elizabeth VIC          
Hadley, Mrs Sue VIC          
Hall, Ms Kate VIC         
Hamilton, Mr Colin L VIC  
Harding, Mrs Elizabeth VIC    
Harper, Mr Peter VIC         
Harris, Ms Noreen VIC
Harvey, Mrs Jane VIC  
Harwood, Mrs Lynne VIC
Hawkins, Ms Rosemary VIC  
Hayward, Mrs D VIC  
Hearn, Mrs Anne-Marie VIC  
Hearn, Mr Leigh G VIC    
Hellsten, Ms Kerry VIC   
Henderson, Mr Alistair A VIC      
Henderson, Mr William VIC  
Higgins, Mr Michael VIC       
Hill, Ms Sarah VIC   
Hill, Mrs Helen VIC    
Hobday, Mrs Carol VIC  
Hobday, Ms Diane VIC  
Hocking, Mrs Jill VIC
Hopkins, Miss Paige VIC  
Horchner, Mr Theo VIC
Horn, Mrs Margaret VIC  
Horton, Mrs Judy VIC
Howden, Mrs Jennifer VIC  
Howlett-Trahar, Mrs Lou VIC         
Hughes, Miss Kellie VIC       
Huon, Ms Debra VIC     
Hutcheson, Mrs Sue VIC     
Hutchison, Mr John VIC  
Hutchison, Mrs Wendy VIC  
Hyman, Ms Jane VIC   
John, Ms Christina VIC  
Jolly, Miss Jessica VIC   
Jones, Mr Andrew VIC          
Jones, Mrs Leeanne VIC    
Jones, Ms Julia VIC    
Joseph, Ms Esther VIC
Joyce, Miss Margaret VIC
Karena, Ms Jillian VIC       
Keenan, Mrs Julie VIC
Kennedy, Mrs Renee VIC         
King, Mrs Lyn VIC  
Kirke, Ms Pia VIC  
Kirkland, Ms Tania VIC  
Kyman, Mr Tony VIC  
Lane, Mrs Anna VIC
Langford, Mrs Sue VIC  
Larkin, Ms Catherine VIC    
Lassam, Mr David VIC    
Lawton, Mrs Bernadette M VIC       
Lay, Miss Sarah VIC         
Lay, Mrs Anne VIC  
Lee, Mr Kerry A VIC
Lee, Mrs Dianne VIC  
Lees, Dr R VIC    
Lees, Mrs Kerrie VIC          
Lees, Ms Jeanette VIC
Lenne, Ms Anne VIC  
Lewis, Miss Krystal VIC     
Lishman, Mrs Sue VIC  
Lomax, Ms Katherine VIC         
Looby, Mr Michael VIC  
Lovell, Mr Keith VIC   
Luke, Mr Nicholas VIC         
MacDonald, Mr John VIC          
Mae, Mr Allen VIC  
Maitland, Mrs Eleanor (Elle) VIC
Malloy, Mr Vern VIC    
Malseed, Mrs Rebecca VIC    
Mangelsdorf, Mr Bryan VIC    
Mangos, Mr Peter VIC    
Marsh, Ms Katrina VIC   
Marsh, Mrs Barbara VIC
Marshall, Mrs Shellie VIC
Marshall, Mr Jonathan D F VIC
Marshall, Mrs Bernadette VIC          
Marshall, Ms Emily VIC         
Martin, Mrs Marlene VIC  
Martin, Ms Tammy VIC       
Mashford, Mrs Sandra VIC
Matthews, Mrs Lyn VIC  
Mcbride, Ms Fiona VIC   
McCarthy, Mr Keith VIC
McDermott, Ms Nichola VIC          
McDonald, Miss Jill R VIC
Mcgivney-Harper, Miss Alice VIC         
McInnes, Mrs Angela VIC        
McKinnon, Mrs Kerry VIC        
McLaughlin, Ms Vivienne VIC  
McMahon, Mrs Kerrie VIC  
Mcphee, Mr Vincent VIC    
McRae, Ms Leonie VIC  
McRae, Ms Deidre VIC    
Mcvilly, Miss Leigh VIC         
Meekings, Mrs Sylvia VIC    
Meier, Ms Celeste VIC   
Meier, Ms T VIC   
Miles, Mrs Veronica VIC      
Milne, Miss Amy VIC         
Missen, Mr Graeme VIC
Mitchell, Dr Iain VIC  
Money, Ms Sherel VIC    
Monk, Ms Karen VIC      
Montford, Mr Denis VIC  
Mooney, Mr William VIC
Moore, Mr Glenn VIC      
Moore, Mr Jason VIC    
Moore, Mr Christopher VIC
Morse, Mr Mathew VIC
Mortimer, Ms J VIC   
Munro, Mr Gerald VIC       
Neale, Ms Edwina VIC          
Neilson, Ms Lorraine VIC    
Nichols, Mr Paul VIC  
Nimmons-Marvin, Ms Daphne VIC    
Norman, Ms Lyn VIC
O'Neill, Mrs Lyn VIC      
Oates, Ms Julie VIC  
Odar, Mrs K VIC     
Oliver, Ms Judith VIC
Parker, Ms Debbie VIC      
Parker, Mrs Lee VIC
Patchett, Mr James VIC    
Pearson, Mrs Jill VIC    
Pepperell, Mr L VIC     
Perkins, Ms Vicki VIC       
Petersen, Miss Aimee VIC         
Phillips, Mr Craig VIC       
Phillips, Ms Sue VIC  
Phillips, Mr G VIC          
Powell, Mr Trever VIC  
Powell, Miss Tracey VIC         
Powell, Mrs Elaine VIC         
Power, Ms Sylvia VIC    
Price, Mr Anthony VIC  
Price-Killeen, Ms Robyn VIC  
Prior, Mr Keith VIC     
Quinn, Ms Sharne VIC         
Raftis, Mrs Alison R VIC       
Raven, Mrs Cathy VIC  
Raven, Miss Robyn VIC         
Reid, Mr Ashley VIC
Reid, Mr Craig VIC  
Renwood, Mrs Nicola VIC    
Rhodes, Mrs Allison VIC  
Richardson, Mr Ben VIC      
Rickard, Mrs Stephanie VIC
Robertson, Ms Judith-Ann VIC        
Rodger, Mr James VIC          
Russell, Ms L VIC       
Ryan, Ms Caitlin VIC    
Saltau, Mrs Donna VIC  
Scarcella, Mrs Suzanne VIC  
Schelfhorst, Ms Erica VIC   
Schipp, Mr Roger VIC        
Scholes, Mrs Sue VIC   
Scott, Mrs Elizabeth VIC          
Scott, Ms Jacinta VIC         
Scotton, Mrs Catherine VIC
Sculac, Ms Jennifer VIC  
Shackleford, Mrs Diane VIC  
Shah, Ms Charlotte VIC    
Sharp, Mr Wayne VIC      
Sharpe, Ms Sylvia VIC   
Sharpe, Mrs Marlene VIC         
Sharpe, Miss Caroline VIC         
Sheppard, Mrs Cheryl VIC      
Sherlock, Mrs K VIC      
Sleebs, Miss Janelle VIC         
Sluga, Mr F VIC          
Smith, Ms Kathy VIC     
Smith, Mr Andre VIC    
Smith, Mr Howard M VIC      
Smith, Mrs Elizabeth VIC   
Smith, Mrs Bernadette VIC       
Sneath, Mrs Kay VIC  
Sorraghan, Mrs Anne VIC  
Sorraghan, Mr Ron VIC   
Spencer, Ms Robynne VIC  
Spicer, Mr Keith VIC   
Sproat, Mrs Kathy VIC    
Starling, Ms Joanna VIC         
Stasytis, Ms Sally VIC  
Stephenson, Mr Lance VIC   
Stewart, Ms Jayne VIC    
Stoate, Mrs Colleen VIC  
Strachan, Mr David VIC
Stringer, Mrs Esme VIC  
Summers, Mr Kevin J VIC  
Summers, Ms Felicity VIC       
Sutherland, Mrs Sue VIC
Svaljek, Mr Mick VIC       
Sykes, Mr Christopher J VIC  
Talbot, Mr Christopher J VIC  
Tan, Dr Arnold M VIC     
Tantaro, Mr Vincenzo VIC          
Taylor, Mrs Karen VIC  
Tennant, Mrs Suzanne VIC   
Thompson, Mr John W VIC
Thorne, Ms Leonie J VIC  
Tolley, Ms Gaela VIC         
Tophill, Mrs Beverley VIC  
Trask, Mrs Margaret VIC    
Treacey, Mr Graham VIC       
Trenwith, Mrs Leanne VIC  
Trotter, Mrs Leanne VIC  
Turner, Mrs Shelley VIC      
Turner, Ms Helen VIC        
Tyler, Ms Clare VIC         
Tyler, Mr Jarrod VIC         
Urie, Mr Ian VIC          
Vemer, Ms Susan VIC  
Wailes, Mr Stephen VIC  
Waite, Mrs Jan VIC    
Wall, Mrs Denise VIC         
Wall, Mr David VIC        
Wallis, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Wallis, Mr Joel VIC         
Walsh, Mrs Linda VIC  
Walton, Ms Lynne VIC  
Ward, Ms Fiona VIC  
Ward-Buckley, Ms Karen VIC  
Wardle, Mrs Kim VIC       
Warner, Mrs Eunice VIC  
Watson, Mrs Lyn VIC
Watt, Miss Beverley VIC
Webster, Mr Keiran VIC         
Weekes, Ms Jacqui VIC
Whiteford, Mr H VIC      
Whiteley, Ms Katherine VIC    
Wilcock, Mrs Gael VIC          
Wilcox, Mrs Ada A VIC     
Wilcox, Mr Terry VIC     
Wilkinson, Mr Mick VIC  
Wilson, Ms Kylie VIC   
Wilson, Mrs Nancy VIC  
Winch, Mr Gordon (Max) VIC
Wishart, Ms Katherine VIC    
Wishart, Mr John VIC  
Woolley, Ms Lisa VIC  
Wraith, Mr Stephen VIC    
Wright, Mrs Carol VIC    
Wright, Ms Tayla VIC         
Wright, Ms Cheryl VIC    
Wyatt, Mrs Judy VIC    
Yuen, Mrs Jenny VIC