Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
MacAndie, Mr Alan QLD      
MacDonald, Mrs Patricia NSW
MacDonald, Mr John VIC          
MacDonald, Mrs Margaret Jean TAS     
MacKender, Mr Jim NSW  
MacKenzie-Goodwin, Mrs Lavinia NZ    
Mackintosh, Mrs Robin NSW  
Mackness, Ms F SA         
Madden, Mrs Vicky NSW          
Madigan, Mrs Marilyn NSW  
Mae, Mr Allen VIC  
Maguire, Miss Kerry QLD  
Mahoney, Mr Don NSW
Mahoney, Mrs Diana (Carol) NSW         
Mahoney, Miss Ashlee QLD         
Maitland, Mrs Eleanor (Elle) VIC
Mallia, Mr Tony WA         
Mallia, Mrs Sue J WA
Malloy, Mr Vern VIC    
Malseed, Mrs Rebecca VIC    
Mangan, Ms Karen QLD    
Mangelsdorf, Mr Bryan VIC     
Mangin, Mrs Benita QLD  
Mangin, Miss Olivia QLD         
Mangos, Mr Peter VIC    
Manley-Smith, Mrs Mandy WA  
Mannell, Mrs Janelle QLD  
Manners, Mr L NZ  
Mansell, Ms Kerrie WA  
Marciano, Mrs Selina WA         
Marion, Mr Barry SA          
Marion, Mrs Kath SA          
Marker, Mrs Bente QLD
Markotany, Mr Gabor NSW     
Markotany, Mrs Megan NSW
Marr, Mr Ian WA         
Marsh, Ms Katrina VIC   
Marsh, Mrs Barbara VIC
Marshall, Mrs Shellie VIC
Marshall, Miss Emma NSW         
Marshall, Mrs Delma NSW    
Marshall, Miss Emma QLD         
Marshall, Miss Kay WA         
Marshall, Mr Jonathan D F VIC  
Marshall, Ms Julie-Anne NSW         
Marshall, Mrs Bernadette VIC          
Marshall, Ms Emily VIC         
Martin, Mrs Libby SA    
Martin, Mrs Linda NSW  
Martin, Miss Abbey SA         
Martin, Mrs Marlene VIC  
Martin, Mrs Agnes ACT    
Martin, Mrs Bernie SA    
Martin, Mr Max ACT  
Martin, Mr Peter SA
Martin, Miss Kelly NZ
Martin, Ms Tammy VIC       
Mashford, Mrs Sandra VIC
Massey, Miss Rose NSW  
Matheson, Mrs Caroline NZ  
Matthews, Mrs Debbie NSW    
Matthews, Mrs Tina SA    
Matthews, Mrs Lyn VIC  
Matwijow, Mrs Michelle NSW         
Maudlen, Mr Geoffrey SA
Maxwell, Mrs Wendy QLD  
Mayer, Mr Maximillian QLD         
Mayne, Mrs Jules NSW  
McAdam, Ms Marcia NSW          
McAllister, Mr Duncan QLD  
McArthur, Mrs Lyn SA  
Mcbride, Ms Fiona VIC          
McCaffery, Ms Monica SA
McCambridge, Mrs Vivienne NZ    
McCann, Mrs Joanne QLD   
McCarthy, Mr Keith VIC
McClure, Mrs Glenice M WA          
McDermott, Ms Nichola VIC          
McDonald, Miss Jill R VIC
McDonald, Mrs Tanya QLD
McDowell, Ms Sally NSW       
McElhone, Mr Stephen NSW     
McErlane, Mrs Jean NZ
Mcevoy, Dr Francis SA
Mcevoy, Mrs Anne SA    
McFadden, Ms Sue NSW    
McGhie, Ms Kaye QLD
McGinn, Mrs Annemaria QLD    
McGinn, Mr Keith QLD    
Mcgivney-Harper, Miss Alice VIC         
McGrath, Mr Wayne NSW    
McGreevy, Mr Dennis QLD
McGreevy, Mrs Chris QLD
McGreevy, Mr Nathan QLD  
McGregor, Mrs Janet QLD    
McInerney, Miss Diane NSW         
McInerney, Miss Janet NSW         
McInnes, Mrs Angela VIC        
McIntyre, Miss Kelly NSW         
McIntyre, Ms Karen NZ
McIver, Mrs Frances NSW    
McKay, Ms Kerry SA         
Mckay, Miss Emma SA         
McKenzie, Mrs Maree NZ
McKeown, Mr David QLD          
McKie, Mr Brian J WA       
Mckinnon, Mrs Kerry VIC        
McLaren, Mr Noel SA    
McLaughlin, Miss Liza QLD         
McLaughlin, Ms Vivienne VIC    
McLennan, Mrs Myra (Mickey) QLD  
McLeod, Mrs Patricia QLD
McMahon, Mrs Sandra NSW
McMahon, Mr Ron NSW  
McMahon, Mrs Kerrie VIC   
McMillan, Mrs Carolyn NSW         
McMillan, Mr Ken NSW
McNamara, Mr Peter QLD  
McNeill, Miss Jenna NSW         
McNeill, Mrs Toni NSW  
McNeill, Mrs Gay QLD  
Mcphee, Mr Vincent VIC    
McRae, Ms Leonie VIC  
McRae, Ms Deidre VIC    
McVicker, Mrs Lenore NZ    
Mcvilly, Miss Leigh VIC         
Mead, Dr Penelope NSW         
Meagher, Mrs Deborah NSW    
Meagher, Miss Laura NSW         
Meehan, Mrs Alice NSW         
Meekings, Mrs Sylvia VIC    
Meier, Ms Celeste VIC   
Meier, Ms T VIC   
Meintjes, Ms Yvonne NSW
Merchant, Mrs Marie SA
Meredith, Mr Stephen NZ
Metzger, Mrs Yvonne TAS  
Meyer, Mrs Olga WA  
Meyer, Mr Kim NSW    
Meyer, Mr Jacobus QLD        
Meyn, Ms Anne NSW  
Micklem, Mrs Philippa TAS  
Middleton, Mrs E NZ
Miles, Mrs Veronica VIC      
Millar, Mrs Jane VIC     
Miller, Mr Ian NSW        
Miller, Mr Peter ACT  
Mills, Mr Simon ACT  
Mills, Miss Brooke ACT         
Milne, Miss Amy VIC         
Milne, Ms Carmen SA   
Minchinton, Mr George QLD
Mineif, Mrs Linley NSW  
Missen, Mr Graeme VIC
Mitchell, Mrs Colleen NSW
Mitchell, Ms Genevieve SA   
Mitchell, Dr Iain VIC  
Mitchell, Mr John QLD  
Moes, Mr Christoper QLD          
Mol, Ms Tracey WA  
Monagle, Miss Jessica NSW         
Monckton, Ms Bronywn NSW     
Money, Ms Sherel VIC    
Monk, Mrs Susette WA
Monk, Ms Karen VIC      
Montford, Mrs Jeanie NSW
Montford, Mr Denis VIC  
Montgomery, Dr John ACT    
Montgomery, Dr Suzanne NSW  
Mooney, Mr William VIC
Mooney, Ms Ellen WA       
Moore, Miss Alishia QLD         
Moore, Mr Glenn VIC      
Moore, Mr Jason VIC    
Moore, Mr Christopher VIC
Moore, Mr Earnest ACT
Moreland, Mrs Eileen SA   
Morphet, Mrs Marilyn QLD  
Morris, Ms Donna NSW   
Morris, Mrs Caryl NSW         
Morris, Mrs Lyndy NSW  
Morrison, Mrs Heather QLD
Morrison-Teirney, Mrs Deborah QLD        
Morrow, Mrs Valma NSW
Morse, Mr Mathew VIC
Morse-Roberts, Miss Jade NSW         
Mortimer, Ms J VIC   
Morton, Mr Kurt NSW      
Mundy, Mrs Angela ACT       
Munro, Mrs Sharon QLD         
Munro, Mr Kevin NSW    
Munro, Mr Gerald VIC       
Murdoch, Mrs Lucy NZ   
Murray, Mr James NSW         
Musolino, Mrs Julie SA