Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Bacich, Mrs Ros NSW     
Bailey, Miss Teresa ACT         
Baillie, Mrs Diane VIC
Baird, Ms Susie VIC       
Baker, Miss Carol NSW  
Baker, Mrs Wendy SA
Baker, Ms Jennifer VIC      
Balaam, Mrs Barbara QLD
Baldwin, Mrs Janice NSW         
Baldwin, Ms Sarah WA    
Ball, Mr Greg WA       
Ballantyne-Gordon, Mrs Sharon QLD          
Bam, Mr Jonathan VIC     
Banks, Mrs Diane NSW  
Banks, Mrs E NZ     
Barclay, Mrs Dianne VIC  
Barclay, Dr D R VIC    
Barclay, Mrs Pauline F VIC  
Barden, Mr Shannon NSW         
Barden, Mrs Ros NSW  
Barr, Mrs Alexa NSW    
Barrand, Mr Reg VIC   
Barratt, Mr Raymond NSW  
Barrs, Miss Beverley QLD         
Barter, Mr Ray NSW     
Bateup, Mrs Shelley L VIC  
Batty, Mrs Patricia VIC     
Bawden, Mrs Racheal WA   
Baxter, Ms Annette VIC  
Baxter, Mrs Sally WA
Beaman, Miss Sarah-Jade VIC       
Beasley, Mrs Helen NSW
Beattie, Mr Robert WA
Beattie, Mr Andrew WA
Beavis, Mrs Tanya SA         
Beavis, Miss Amber SA         
Beckett, Mr Geoff J VIC  
Beckett, Mr James NT
Beckett, Mrs Carol NT
Bedford-Pope, Mrs Julie NZ    
Beer, Dr Linda VIC  
Beinke, Ms Suzanne SA  
Bell, Mr Robert VIC
Bellingham, Mrs Maxine TAS  
Bendixen, Ms Shaneen QLD
Bennet, Miss Ashley NSW         
Bennett, Miss S L VIC     
Bennett, Mr Peter SA
Bennett, Mrs Karleen NSW          
Bennett, Mrs Denise NSW        
Bennett, Mr Chris SA   
Bennett, Mrs Lyn SA  
Bennett, Mr James QLD         
Bennetts, Mr Rodney J VIC  
Benson, Mrs Esther NSW
Benson-Lidholm, Mrs Jan WA    
Benton, Mrs Melody VIC  
Berman, Mr Paul NSW   
Berrill, Ms Lisa VIC    
Berwick, Mrs Kathryn WA  
Berwick, Mr Rick WA
Besoff, Mr Ronald NSW
Besoff JP, Mrs Dianne NSW
Bettison, Mrs Liana NSW      
Beves, Miss Belinda NSW         
Bexton, Miss Vanessa NSW       
Bexton, Miss Jacquelyn NSW         
Binding, Mr Jeffrey SA         
Bink, Mr John ACT  
Birch, Miss Carryn VIC  
Bird, Miss Chelsea NSW         
Bird, Miss Jessica NSW         
Black, Mrs Lyndall ACT
Black, Mr Jim ACT
Black OAM, Mrs Olive NSW  
Blake-Watts, Mrs M E NZ  
Bleakley, Mr Lionel VIC       
Blyth, Mr Geoffrey TAS
Boce, Mrs Wendy VIC    
Bockman-Chato, Mrs Paula NSW  
Boekelman, Mrs Natalie WA     
Bolden, Miss L J VIC  
Bond, Ms Sue WA       
Booth, Ms Lesley WA    
Boreham, Ms Justine WA         
Borg, Miss Amanda NSW    
Borg, Ms Donna NSW       
Boulton, Miss Carol NSW          
Bourn, Mrs Margaret SA    
Bourne, Mr Damian SA  
Bover, Ms Sharon VIC   
Bowe, Mrs Annette NSW
Bowe, Mr Douglas WA
Bower, Mr John R NSW          
Bowey, Mr Darren VIC
Bowler, Miss Claire VIC         
Bownds, Mrs Sue NSW
Boxhall, Mr Ern VIC
Boyle, Ms Diane VIC   
Brabham, Mrs Jan SA      
Brace, Mr David VIC  
Brace, Mrs Rosina VIC       
Bracken, Mr Alan NSW          
Brackman, Mrs Sylvia NSW
Bradney, Mr Les NSW
Bradshaw, Mr A NZ
Brand, Mrs Lyn NSW
Brandt, Mrs Lynda NSW  
Brault, Mr Peter QLD         
Bray, Mrs Joan NSW
Bray, Mrs Amanda NSW    
Brazier, Mrs Sue NSW         
Brazier, Miss Michelle NSW         
Brennan, Ms Dianna NSW  
Brennan-Lim, Mrs Pauline SA  
Bridgford, Mr Roger VIC
Briggs, Miss Michelle WA         
Briggs, Mrs Shirley WA         
Briggs, Ms Cynthia NSW         
Briggs, Mr Simon VIC    
Britten, Mr Russell NSW  
Britza, Mr Paul NSW  
Brockie, Mrs Dawn NZ    
Brodie, Ms Louise VIC    
Brooker, Mrs J NZ     
Brookes, Mr Daryl QLD  
Broomhall, Mr Raphael TAS  
Broughton, Mrs Margaret QLD  
Brown, Miss Erin QLD
Brown, Mr Andrew QLD
Brown, Mrs Susan NSW
Brown, Mrs Jessica M WA  
Brown, Mrs Lynette NSW
Brown, Mr Phillip NSW  
Brown, Mrs Virginia NSW         
Brown, Mrs Elizabeth NSW         
Brown, Mrs Pamela QLD
Brown, Mrs Robyn NSW  
Brown, Mr M SA  
Brown, Mrs Davida NZ
Brown, Mr Keith NZ
Brown, Mr Benjamin NSW  
Browne, Mr G B VIC  
Brownlee, Mrs Janet VIC   
Brownlie, Mrs Jan NZ  
Bruno, Mrs Susan QLD
Bryant, Mrs Jean SA   
Bryson, Mr John NSW  
Bryson, Miss Brigette NSW         
Buckley, Mr John SA         
Buckley, Mrs Linda ACT
Buckley, Ms Gail VIC   
Buckley, Mrs Tracie NSW    
Buckley, Miss Jessica ACT   
Buckley, Mrs Patricia SA  
Buckley, Ms Tabatha ACT
Buda, Mrs Joan NSW          
Budd, Ms Heather SA         
Budd, Mr Stewart VIC  
Bugges, Ms Michaela NSW     
Bullen, Ms Kirstin VIC         
Bungey, Mr Mel WA
Burgess, Mr John QLD
Burrell, Mrs Marie VIC        
Burrows, Mr Brett QLD         
Burt, Mr Andrew J VIC
Burton, Mr Wayne NSW
Burton, Miss Cynthia QLD     
Burton, Mrs Melissa NSW  
Burton, Mrs Alanna NSW  
Burton, Ms Natasha-Maree NSW         
Butcher, Mrs Martina NSW  
Butler, Miss Susan NSW  
Butler, Mrs Carolyn NSW
Butler, Mr Lynn NSW
Butterfield, Mrs Jean SA
Byrne, Mrs Rebecca NSW  
Byrne, Mrs Georgina WA
Byrne, Mr David NSW         
Byster-Graham, Mrs Dee QLD