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Judge Name : Miss Anthea Adamopoulos (QLD)

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I am an ANKC approved Gundog, Terrier, Hound and Working dog Judge and working toward my Championship Licences Non Sporting and Utility groups.

Im 4th Generation in the dog world. My Grandfather being long time All Breeds International Judge, Mr. Victor Jones. I have decided to follow in his footsteps of judging and can you believe my first 2 shows I ever judged were with my grandfather doing General Specials. A lot of pressure for any person, trust me on that one!!

I originally only ever wanted to have the Gundog Group but my Grandfather talked me into considering taking on another group after I had my baby. It was good timing as my brother was also studying Terriers (his personal breeds being Jack Russell Terriers and Welsh Terriers) so it worked out well that I had someone to study with.

I passed this group and added it to my list of credits, even though my second choice actually would have been the Working Dog group.... Finally I’ve completed that.

I have owned a number of breeds throughout the years, the family breed was and still is Cocker Spaniels (English) and also English Setters which we have imported a number of both breeds throughout the years and owned/shown and bred many top award winners.
However I decided to break away from the family breeds and go into my own chosen breed (Golden Retrievers) after being introduced to them via handling one successfully as a Junior Handler.

This first Golden I chose myself and purchased was a grandson of the dog I used in handlers and he became a multiple BIS winner and Multiple Group winner. I then decided to go out on a limb and be the first person to introduce American Golden Retrievers to the Australian Show ring.
Going against the grain I’ve proven a good dog wins because he/she is a good dog, not where they come from or who has it. Which I hope follows through in my judging also. My dogs have taken many Top awards around Australia under local and International Judges.

I enjoy dog showing and I do try to make my judging just as fun and enjoyable for not just myself but for the exhibitors also. In 2010 I had the pleasure of judging the Cocker Spaniel Club of SA Inc . which was quite an honour with this being the family breed.

Judging Appointments (Australia and NZ Only)

Appointments are based on shows entered in our system since 2012. Please inform us of any errors.

Burnett Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 6, 7 & General Specials
8-Jul-18 Beenleigh & District Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 6
7-Jul-18 Dayboro Show Society (QLD) Group 3, 5
17-Jun-18 Queensland Kennel Council (QLD) Group 7
26-May-18 Maryborough Kennel Club Inc. (QLD) Group 6, 7 & General Specials
12-May-18 Brisbane Valley Kennel Club (QLD) Group 2
24-Feb-18 Rottweiler Club of Queensland (SHOW 2) (QLD) General Specials
28-Oct-17 Ipswich Kennel Club (SHOW 1) (QLD) Group 5
8-Oct-17 Western Suburbs Kennel Club (QLD) Group 6
29-Sep-17 Nanango Kennel Club (QLD) Group 4, 7
24-Sep-17 Basenji Breed Network (QLD) General Specials
23-Sep-17 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Inc (QLD) General Specials
13-Aug-17 Qld Bulldog Club (QLD) General Specials
18-Jun-17 Queensland Kennel Council (QLD) Group 7
21-May-17 Sunshine Coast Kennel Club (QLD) Group 4
18-Mar-17 Burnett Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 4
3-Mar-17 Goulburn A P & H Society Inc (NSW) Group 2, 3, 5
25-Feb-17 Queensland Afghan Hound Association (SHOW 2) (QLD) General Specials
25-Feb-17 Whippet Club of Queensland (SHOW 1) (QLD) General Specials
18-Feb-17 Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club (QLD) Group 7
28-Jan-17 Canine Fund Raisers (WA) Group 3
27-Jan-17 Canine Fund Raisers (WA) Group 5
26-Jan-17 Canine Fund Raisers (WA) Group 2
1-Jan-17 Dogs Victoria Amenities Show (VIC) Group 5
31-Dec-16 Dogs Victoria Amenities Show (VIC) Group 3
5-Nov-16 Bundaberg Canine Club (QLD) Group 4
22-Oct-16 Dog of the Year Support Show (QLD) Group 2
17-Sep-16 Hound Club of Qld (Show 1) (QLD) General Specials
24-Jul-16 Ladies Kennel Association of Qld (QLD) Group 7
11-Jun-16 Basset Hound Club of Qld (QLD) General Specials
11-Jun-16 Borzoi Club of Queensland (QLD) General Specials
10-Jun-16 Lowood Show Society Inc (QLD) Group 3
6-May-16 Marburg & District A & I Association (QLD) Group 5
9-Jan-16 Darling Downs Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 4
14-Nov-15 Children's Cancer Charity Dog Club (BLUE SHOW) (NSW) Group 3
13-Nov-15 Children's Cancer Charity Dog Club (NSW) Group 2
9-Aug-15 Collie Rough & Smooth Club of Qld (QLD) General Specials
21-Jun-15 Junior Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 3
20-Jun-15 Junior Kennel Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 2
16-May-15 Blackbutt Show Society Inc (QLD) Group 2, 3
28-Feb-15 Gundog and Heavy Breeds Club of Queensland (QLD) Group 5
21-Feb-15 German Shepherd Dog Club (QLD) General Specials
16-Nov-14 Sunshine Coast Kennel Club (QLD) Group 4
19-Oct-14 Working Dog Club of Queensland (QLD) General Specials
22-Jun-14 Amenities Committee of Dogs Qld (QLD) Group 3
26-Apr-14 Junior Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
1-Mar-14 Gundogs and Heavy Breeds Club of Qld (QLD) Group 2
23-Nov-13 Caboolture Kennel Club (QLD) Group 5
26-May-12 Huntly & District Kennel Assn (NZ) Group 3
2-Jan-12 Burnett Kennel Club Inc (QLD) Group 3